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  1. PMY is such a natural Youtuber hahahaha. I love how talkative she is. And how she is so generous with her photoshoot tips HAHAHA e.g. spread your fingers when cupping your face, look about 5cm away from the camera when posing, stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth Her personality and sense of humor is so lively while I think PSJ is alot more shy. But as we all know, opposites attract Waiting patiently for the day they collaborate and appear on each other's YT channel hahahahah (maybe them + PJJ and ABH?)
  2. I actually expected PSJ to win best actor for IC Could tell too that he was pretty disappointed.. but he immediately collected himself and looked so proud of his dongsaeng KHN. I love PSJ for his big heart!! Hopefully his neighbor cheers him up hahaha. Dont yall think PSJ looked sooo dashing yesterday? I missed seeing him in a black suit hahaha
  3. Do you guys know there’s an official Baeksang fan vote for most popular artists on Tiktok? For male artists, PSJ is currently 3rd at 62 276. First right now is Hyun Bin at 267 150 followed by Ong Seong Wu at 231 306. I really want PSJ to win but the CLOY fandom is hugeee lol. The other guy is a kpop star and he seems to have a huge fanbase too.
  4. This is from their viki interview in 2018, when they were promoting WWWSK. you can easily find the interview on youtube (it is actually even linked in the instagram post already...) PSJ was asked about the most memorable line in WWSK (but note this was when filming was still going on)
  5. I dreamt last night that PSJ won best actor at Baeksang and thanked a special someone in his speech. And that was how PPC celebrated his win- by revealing their relationship
  6. I like the rain scene BTS so much (the one where LYJ sheltered Miso with his jacket when they had a mild argument during the retreat haha) PSJ was so caring towards PMY even when they were not filming. There was a point where PSJ actually held her wrist. I’m pretty sure they cut the BTS though cause I saw his hand reach out to PMY’s head then the scene got cut LOL. I went to watch cut ice cream scene again and omoooo the scene PSJ was really not acting HAHAHA, his reactions were so not LYJ hehe
  7. Ahhh PSJ is so good-looking - really my favorite Korean actor. I want to share some interesting things I learnt from watching PSJ's interview in the WWWSK DVD. (Korean speakers, pls correct me if I am wrong! I watched with Chinese subtitles so I am translating for you guys): 1) PSJ was initially disappointed by the wedding venue in Ep 16 as he expected it to be more grand. However, during the wedding kiss scene, when the curtains behind opened to reveal the beautiful waterfall backdrop, he realized the actual beauty of the scene and found it unforgettable 2) He praised the montage of the kisses at the end and also called it unforgettable 3) He said he NG-ed about 9 times in the scene where LYJ interrupted President Park and his ex wife's making out because Kang Ki Young's expression was just too funny. Also said he really enjoyed working with Kang Ki Young. 4) He praised PMY's drunk-acting and called it cute . Said he couldnt help but smile when watching her. He also talked about the cut ice cream scene and said he was very sad it didnt make it to the final cut for he found it cute awwww. I also watched the wall kiss BTS and thought it was very interesting (!!!) how after director yelled cut, PSJ actually moved even closer to PMY and put his arms on the wall behind her, covering her. And i squealed even more when the director/staff asked PSJ to unbutton one more button and it was PMY who instantly reached for his shirt and helped him unbutton (!!!!) AND THAT'S NOT ALL. As the director/staff gave directions, her hands stayed on PSJ's shirt/chest (at one point, she even held PSJ's wrist!!) All the while, PSJ looked dazed hahahaha. Ah PPC please get married soon!
  8. Hello! I have been a longtime lurker here. Finally created my account today after rewatching WWWSK for the third time this week. I also spent the whole of yesterday afternoon watching the DVD commentaries (PPC, PPC with director and group commentary) without understanding anything (other than those moments which a few of you translated for us! Thank you so much!) Idk if its just me but i felt a bit of an awkward vibe in the DVD commentaries, like both of them spoke a lot and looked at the other cast members/directors often but they did not look at each other much. I think they are more guarded since this was filmed shortly after the dating rumors but as a PPC shipper, I still feel sad. PMY is particularly hard to read - I can't tell at all from her expressions if she likes him or not Sometimes when he teased her, she looked a bit exasperated though I would hope she's just acting haha. BUT I would have to say PSJ's behavior during the commentaries makes me pretty sure he at least has some interest in her (he would flinch a lot and like when he realizes he's looking at her, he would quickly turn away like "omg cannot look at her" LOL!) Body language wise though, PMY actually sat very close to PSJ in the group commentary (she was in between him and Chan Sung) and i think i saw PMY playfully hit PSJ a few times, once even under the table (if I interpreted correctly) It was cute how the cast seems to get along so well. Everyone seems to love the Secretary Yang actor and would cheer non-stop when his scenes (esp those with Hwang Bo Ra) come up . I also like how everyone became really quiet during YJ's crying scene with the parents - PSJ himself looked like he was holding back tears when watching. Wish I can understand Korean though I found subtitles on youtube for the couple commentary but it's cut But anyway hello to all of you! And hopefully we get the PPC dating/wedding announcement sooner rather than later hehe
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