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  1. Yes, let’s just believe in what we see. We will have some strange people who would impersonate either side to lure us to engage with them. Especially those account with 0 follower or just created, please don’t get upset over what they say or if they have ‘insider news’... Come back to this thread...I know we have each other’s backs.
  2. @Prerna You are right to say twitter is getting toxic. Shippers and OIM all jumping into the fray. So this thread is a god-sent. Though I tried checking the ig of the said Mingo Shipper who is talking trash on the stylist IG but apparently no such person. Just wondering if some of these so called evidence are fake. @AquariusMY Agreed with you totally, I don’t sense LMH being unhappy at all in his post...tried staring really hard and zooming in... As for the stylist, probably celebrity stylist turned friend and with most work in SK coming to stand still...probably got sometime to spare...
  3. @samantha12 You are talking about Tony Leung and Carina Lau (Award winning couple in HK). In fact Tony Leung has done another gay movie with explicit scenes as well. This couple has been through a lot and they are still together after a very very long time. I am not sure if compromise is the key of a long term relationship, cos that would mean giving up something to reach a certain decision or agreement. I would rather think for all these showbiz couples ( including LMH and KGE) - it is the unwavering support for the other half and understanding of what their craft means to each other. We could see the dedication to their roles and how they always want to ensure they presented the story how it should be interpreted. Like LMH is always using the monitor to see himself after a scene right, he could be happy with the way it is but he is constantly monitoring himself. I applaud him for that. I also think being who they are and if they are together will only rub of each other in the way they approach a script be it drama or movie. Anyway, you know what I mean...before I go off tangent.
  4. I also think she would have written with them in mind. She knew both of them from previous collaboration so likely she could and did imagine them as LG and JTE. honestly cannot imagine anyone else in the roles.
  5. @sriutami. myvid If they are indeed dating and ‘fans’ bring out this movie, I think LMH will be speaking up for KGE both as a partner and fellow actor. So I don’t think it will be an issue at all. Eungyo is an award winning art house movie with a lot more to offer than the sex scenes (if that is what you are referring to). KGE is proud about it so let’s not worry too much.
  6. Erm...my dear RCL, look at this talking about the hospital scene in TKEM, not sure how true though...anyone could translate?
  7. Sorry for this rant but why is negativity creeping onto my timeline on twitter about shippers of our happy pair? I am super selective what I search but yet my timeline is Seems like some only fans are taking the ‘moral’ high ground while some shipper fans are over delusional - In short, everyone is at fault? I am so Glad to have this thread and all you RCL.
  8. Articles from this site is not always kind to TKEM but now just an ig post from KGE is analysed and linked to LMH? Hmmm
  9. @Prerna The most important question now is who else got a bouquet from MYM? I remember Lady Noh and the Director got flowers too...
  10. So Swoon has heard the calls to have more TKEM content (but we have seen these countless times!) https://www.instagram.com/p/CB1yoW_J9ve/?igshid=75tt7cv0er32 I don’t believe for a moment that there isn’t more footage. How could you only film what you need... Something is just not right...hahahah
  11. Very interesting but I don’t buy it. You mean you allow the stars the Creative input to how they want to do the shoot? I really don’t buy their explanation. They could have filmed something when they were taking the photos of KGE resting her head on his lap. This is just their excuse. They are just lucky that the show promotes itself...with so little promotion.
  12. @Jaja Generally fans of both are alright and supportive but there are definitely toxic fans (again, I don’t know if you should call them fans) who believe that no one and absolutely no one is good enough for their fave. Wary of shipping is one thing but to call shippers delusional etc etc is not the way to go as well. To me, there is really no need to explain why certain stand are taken (because there will always be a reason) as long as all fans accept that there will be shippers and only fans and don’t cross the line.
  13. I think this has been dissected to death but since we are looking back at LMH words and actions, I still cannot wrap my head around his insta posts on the sunset pic and seaside pic with KGE. 100% promo intent? It is not his style. I have taken a look at a number of Korean actors ig...none has these sort of pictures for promo of their shows... So if not 100% intent, why then? An intro of things to come. What if nothing comes after these postings? Hmmm Does LMH have a habit of deleting posts from his IG after a show etc? Ugh. It is killing me. Need to stop analysing.
  14. 1. Minoz is his fan club name but they come from all over the world so taiwan Minoz are fans from Taiwan...like netflix korea, Netflix India etc etc 2. OIM club is what we term those fans who may be Minoz or not - Oppa is Mine club 3. Probably much thought has been put into this and they ordered early. So instead of flowers (which will have a short shelf life), Minoz group from Taiwan decides to do something meaningful. ( I know Sometimes Japan and SK fans will donate rice to needy Organizations on behalf of the stars) 4. Possibly best bet is to send to their management company.
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