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  1. I wonder if Encounter airing in Japan on this coming march.. Did we get to see continuous balcony kisseu maybe extra footage in any episode or in dvd director's cut any update for dvd chingu
  2. @stardustvoid yeahhhhh... Me too... I'm waiting for HD version for snowy kisseu.. Can someone upload the clear version plus with zoom in out above upper too @luv_jinsoo OK.. Done follow as long for my jinsoo
  3. @bebebisous33 as always love your post @jl08always love your post I wonder if Pd-nim can include all extended scene in director's cut including hottest bed scene we know there is bed scene in EC don't be stingy pd-nim I definitely buy it just for JINSOO AND EC
  4. @bebebisous33 thank you for tagging me.. I love itI always love your post chingu very2 insightsful I also enjoy reading your post my English so limited that I don't know how to replied your post with beautiful sentencesyou words already beautiful and wonderful to us as I said before.. your post bring all of us to kim Jin hyuk and cha soo hyun world.. We feel them.. Always support your post chingu.. Bring it on
  5. @bebebisous33thank you for tagging me your post always daebakk I wonder where I can find the video ep16 just for snowy kisseu in HD version Please2 chingu.. If you have the kisseu video.. Can you upload hereI keep staring at the gif onlybecause the gif is so clear searching in Tvn video in YouTube.. But I don't see any video for this snowy kisseu could it be it's so hot
  6. Aigooooo...this episode Where is my jinsoo kisseu and hugging pdnim ep15 early and ending only make me smile you better give all of us jinsoo lovey dovey moment in ep16 pdnim
  7. @lolly84 omo...count me to your pervy chingu fainted already the screen already burning
  8. Preview Ep15 omg!! My heart really can't take it.. Ep13 & 14 so heartbreaking bogum new pic with staff.. Please correct me..Saw Jinhyuk left hand got bandage? Or something wrong with my eyes Is that why got scene in hospital? Please2 pd-nim.. I'm still positive for jinsoo happy ending in ep16.. Please make this sad moment only 30 minutes in ep15 .after that happy moments for jinsoo
  9. @bebebisous33 where are you:bawling: really miss your post.. Ep13...14 and preview 15 so heartbreaking:bawling:

    1. bebebisous33


      I know... I am late but due to the evolution, I kept postponing to watch the last two episodes!:cold_sweat: I am doing it now...

  10. Omo.. I'm.crying buckets today episode waeyo JH Eomma...waeeeeee..... please let JH and SH together forever
  11. Wahhh.. Thanks @utkim... The new still I love soohyun hair jinsoo hwaiting can't wait for tonite episode burning
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