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  1. I am totally with you on this. The letter in the MV also looks like a wedding card when I first watched it. It's very chilling how the lyrics fits to the T and the timing of when the MV was shot. I am not sure if hb is close to the lyricist of the song, but hb's act of regret and sorrow in this MV is more heart breaking than any of his other movies/dramas. I remember asking myself why does he look so sad when I first watched it. Now it makes perfect sense to me.
  2. The movie was also about two artists who bonded over their love for their craft and sharing their insecurities. When they sang shallow, it was only the start of a beautiful albeit tragic love. Myb it reminded hb of himself and kyo. How in love they were with each other when they first started dating as they relate to one another on a deeper level. It was not just a superficial love. And how he let go of her so that their r/s will not hinder her career anymore.
  3. I think for hb to be called the male version of shk, is an honour more than an insult. It reflects that hb lifts her up higher. Since hb once said that he wants to be that person who does that for his woman, I don't think hb sees it as an insult either. They're both good actors that people can't help but link them with their co-stars. Haha.
  4. Awww they not only look good together but they also think and act alike.
  5. We are already on a soundtrip when binnie has not left for Jordan?
  6. Can we expect more coincidences in the days or months to come?
  7. Yes and we all know if hb is pissed with media, he will start being sarcastic and curt with his answers (those months when media keep hounding binkyo about their r/s and rumours of their breakup). The most memorable one for me would be in Feb 2010 during one the movie press con in when he replied to a reporter that he is not sure if people are expecting a bad or happy ending to their r/s.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bel state that the wedding anniversary gifts were from hb, right?
  9. Just sharing this here on how professional the leads are in CLOY.
  10. She has a soft spot for ex lovers reuniting
  11. Binnie is one of Korea's highest paid actor. I think it's justified since viewers are always shipping him with his co-star.