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  1. For those wanting to discuss Kyo upcoming drama, here's Soompi thread https://forums.soompi.com/topic/459673-upcoming-drama-2021-untitled-song-hye-kyo-premieres-second-half-of-2021/?tab=comments#comment-22113315
  2. Do you think that KES write the script to suit Kyo preference? I feel she does
  3. The drama has no title yet, nor the plot, nor the male lead. And yet, Studio Dragon stocks increasing. What if the news release the name of the male lead? Will the website crashing? LOL Indeed, The Queen Is Back
  4. Me and some others have been discussing about the possible male leads for Kyo next drama Also wondering if it's possible to request the pairing for a drama, I'm afraid it will make us look like forcing opinions LOL But, personally, some of us wish Kyo can act alongside older generation actors, with great acting skills. The combo will be ah-mazing
  5. Oh, well, let us not discuss anymore about Bin and Kyo. People still come here to find fault at us, and many still try to blame us for everything we have wrongly assumed. Let's discuss somewhere else that public don't see so no one will say it's Binkyo soompi the source for misunderstanding. I read that many sites mock us even till today. Sigh. We are the outlier in the equation already.
  6. My dear fellow Binkyo supporters, please do not engage in further discussion with other shippers. No need to reply more to anyone else asking for clarification, because if it's our side who is real, we also won't ask theirs. Simple as that. Our lives should go on. Bin has his own life too, we don't have power over his. His choice, his life. Let's just support as usual.
  7. As usual, let's support Bin and Kyo, together or not, they deserve happiness. Let's have a new year with happiness!
  8. Let me add something to the parallelism: Bin: I prefer playing a villain Kyo: I like thriller genre (In working project I mean LOL)
  9. I don't know if anyone here realize, but I always find HJM looks like Kyo in some angles, and also HJM bff Han Hyo Joo, IMO they both really looking like Kyo. Maybe my eyes LOL
  10. Phoenix, you should post the highlight lyrics here too
  11. No wonder Kyo always posts and likes at night time, sometimes midnight
  12. This Binkyo thread is like the ost post by PSM IG... A long and tiring thread...
  13. Oh wow, why suddenly someone asking about the possibility of Bin with other women other than Kyo here? I thought we're done with discussion of non related BinKyo in this Binkyo thread. I don't know why some people keep asking that in this thread... Please do enlighten me. Whether we're shippers or supporters, we're done talking about this too... Aigoo
  14. There's a reason why a secret is called a secret Let the secret remain a secret
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