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  1. Sorry to cut your post, yes songhwa advice him to get married, find nice woman and have kids,,but later on when they're talking about DLL and JeongWon leaving the hospital Song Hwa try to asked him if he's sure about his decision (leaving hospital or entering priesthood) but cut by JeongWon telling her that he will explain everything later,
  2. @nrllee i don't see/feel any romantic inkling towards those scenes as well, they are cute, you will love to see them on screen beckering and taking care of each other but there's something missing, what Ikjun and Shwa have is a type of love or close relationship that is non-romantic.
  3. Am I the only one whose anticipating jeong won and song hwa's scene together? I mean just the two of them, if am not mistaken until the last episode aside from eating and group practice they only shared two phone calls.
  4. Hi guys! Told myself not to watch any on going series/drama but here I am, patiently waiting for thursday to come. Love your theories and observation guys! Keep it coming!
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