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  1. +2 heading home now YEAH! @Sleepy Owl Me too I am a "afoodaficionado" name of my IG handle as well. I DEF do not care about exercising. I should for health reasons though. LOL I too respect those with the will to look good as I love eating way too much .
  2. +2 @partyon Flower of Evil is def not one you think of abs and it was brief. So no wonder (if my mind is not failing me of course) I def recall the son who was bed bound having a ripped body. He looked so scary i did not recognize the actor. Or was I just thinking I saw abs. LOL. OMG my old mind is a puddle of cotton. LOL. @joccu OMG wow But truth I know some guys who were friends with my roomie, respect and alot of work to achieve that abs look. It is not easy to achieve and maintain. The discipline to do it and get them, major respect
  3. @partyon LOL thanks for the goodies LOL Yeah from "TRUE BEAUTY" I drama I am watching and going on now. I love him dancing in his boxers and being caught by the FL in it. LOL. Thanks for the info on the second clip -chinnggu ya! I forgot the listing of abs was Flower of Evil on it? (Knowing you, you DEF had it on there.) +2
  4. @partyon Chinggu ya, OMG where is second clip from? yeah RUN ON with Im Si Hwan was good. But that second one HUBBA HUBBA ome there is dramabs?! So appropriate! HEHEHEHE +2
  5. @partyon Chinggu how could I forget this from ONCE AGAIN, then again a darn long drama and abs were not seen often enough in it. LOL +2
  6. @agenth Thanks friend for the spoilers. Ok OMG LOVERS INS PARIS is a CLASSIC! I watched in VCD with bad Chinese dubbing. LOL. Anymore spoilers chinggu?
  7. @Sleepy Owl Great advice and tip. Yeah pretty and not cringe worthy GOSH at least that is a blessing. If her acting was horrific the drama KAIROS would not have been as good. Aww Yes I see now it is very fast paced. +2
  8. @Sleepy Owl Thanks for the correction. Then to make it easier for me I will just write (+2) LOL. +2 Awww never saw 49 days. True I see alot of idols turned actors. Some in beginning so cringy and have improved and are really well respected. She is a pretty face not that great actress (not horrific) but definitely pretty though.
  9. Last night saw more about Agent Ma. Oh so now we know a bit more about him with her pretty author. I KNEW it he was tied to her (marriage) and def has lingering feelings and cannot let go for sure it APPEARS to be that way. Poor wife of the cop, cannot blame her not trusting her hubby as he is not taking her jealousy and concerns seriously. But glad the partner said I have HIGH standards when inferred she was cheating with her partner. That handsome but scummy colleague --seriously you thinking touting yourself as hot and desired is going to make her want to date you? Jeez he
  10. Thank you @reddragon and @violet88 I am feeling your comments on Da In's character. I find that the ML is more worthy of the group than her. Granted she helps out but yeah her being startled too easil and not fighting but more damsel in distress doesn't match her being prepared for role as Damo. -L (ML) I am enjoying his acting career since my dear group INFINITE is not active. I did not care for his prior dramas acting as a cat (though the plot was meh). So cool to see him here as a feisty, smart and kind of rebellious character who is friendly with his servant is right.
  11. 578 @twinkle_little_star Thanks for the hello. I will use the default rules and be team "add" @sadthe1st Loved the True beauty spoiler , enjoying the drama and cannot wait to watch it tonight. I just read a recap and GLAD that the ML finally was able to confess. @Sleepy Owl Hi my friend, I agree Nam Gyuri did not change her expressions much in Kairos. Very pretty but not much a great actress for me in that drama. I agree "You Are My Spring" the cast looks solid.
  12. @kate-kane Bless you for the clips I have to watch during my lunch break for ep 8. Hi my friend @lebeaucouple Great to see your great post. I totally agree with you. This easy breezy drama was missed last week by me. I totally agreed on the points you mentioned. The big guys sucking in their gut--like that is going to reduce your weight. Our FL sitting on his shoulder but the panning to the chair by was epic EMBARRASSMENT I loved the her big sis hitting on the teacher and sending him flowers and being FIERCE and defying gender roles. I loved how the t
  13. @celebrianna HI My friend, good to see you here! Yup, I read an article or something about them. I am thinking then drop the drama if you disagree. So totally agree as well. She is NOT the first female lead to be obsessed with a boy. I mean look at "It Started with a Kiss" Korean Version. (Never watched the other versions) She is similar in her pursuit of her crush who is also COLD and Handsome and DUH Smart. (Oh these overused TROPES) I still WATCH it anyways. LOL. It is not reality to me and just escapism. Oh Found this KAKAOTALK Live of the cast main trio 12/28/2020 recordingo
  14. @raziela Thanks and ah true. He was trained a lot faster/stronger than before thanks to the Counter Team. I agree their accountant and knowing his back story. Yup in agreement on Wigen treating So Mun as an adult when HELLO he is a teenager. Missing our gang and looking forward to the new episodes.
  15. @kdramagrandma Hello My friend! YESH glad to see I am not the only one enjoying High School dramas. Hehe. Yes Choi Byung Chan's dimples are LIFE! I love seeing his smile every time he is on screen! So it ended this week (I think?) I haven't seen it yet but Hope to see you more around my friend! Now bunch of goodies of the drama LOL Is our ML jealous? More goodies shared about the drama and certain characters Bi BI OST song for Live ON
  16. 518 @joccu Wow I am two left feet when it comes to sports. Even though I did cross country and everyone can run, I was among the slowest runners. LOL. I can see it being hard to balance. Another thing, I am bad at balance so this prob not for me. @4evrkdrama Hello! I am watching RUN ON myself. I like it. Not your typical drama so far. I like that the ML stood up for the bullies. But he is so surreal in that he is so kind and doesn't look out for himself. He is too much of a 'saint' I cannot believe it. Also glad to see Soo Young of SNSD doing such a great job in her
  17. 516 @joccu LOL that is funny . Wow so cool! Well at least you won't get badly hurt playing. LOL. My boss acted in a Hollywood movie and was in a big bubble for his small role.
  18. 516 Hi all. Thanks friends @Sleepy Owl and @partyon and other kind welcoming folks. Since I will go by the official rules by default I am on team ADD due to my name starting with "N". Today is nice and I will leave my main job early today. YEAH! Helping my pal on my side gig celebrate her bday to not work today! Lunch time now for me, leftover steak. YUMMY.
  19. Ahhh chinggu @partyon DUH you are right, it is still going on. My brain. But the abs there LOL. Yeah in 2 categories I could have added 1-2 more. Then again I did not watch alot of the dramas on the list too. I watched alot this year for me due to the pandemic last year. But still did not watch alot that were listed.
  20. I voted and I realized there are lots dramas I did not watch and I was torn a little to be honest. LOL on the abs run down by my friend @partyon I can count on you to keep it real. Don't forget "Please Don't Date Him" when the firefighters did the shirtless calendar. LOL.
  21. @backstreetboysfan Hi Friend! Good to see you here. Exactly, why hide it? Then again he is tsundere then? I recall the first time I heard the term, I was like --what is this?! Looking forward to the next episode tomorrow, cute and easy breezy. Not reading too much into it. I read some comments in another website complaining the girl was one dimensional and should get a life beyond liking the ML. I was thinking, it is story and you have the right to not watch it. Sigh. Not all stories are going to be sending positive images and go getter goals etc. We are all different and motivat
  22. @raziela Awww thanks for the warm welcome. If this was posted already, not sure. Making videos (one of my faves is watching making videos) My apologies if this has been posted already. I want to listen again to Sejong singing a song on the OST.
  23. Ep 8 preview Ep 5-6 commentary from the other two -Cool! I will have to watch later as I am at work and almost lunch time. LOL.
  24. Thanks for the goodies on ep 5 as I am still at work to @agenth I like the chemistry between our OTP. @Ale _ida I haven't seen ep 5, but I agree just breaking up with the ML due to you lying about who you are. She could have come clean. She "married" him with her fake name. Of course our poor Jae Won won't find her as that was not her name in the first place. She admitted she knew how to find him. But those two months together were intense. I felt their chemistry was so natural and cool vibe. I am looking forward to the other relationships stories too.
  25. @agenth HI five in agreement! I totally agree. I keep watching and looking forward to it thought at times I want to do this But as long as I said earlier, I leave logic at the door I am fine. Yea DS totally did himself no favors by calling her "brother". Also he was not 100% in love with her as he was finding her interesting at first. He is starting to like her but as we all know she has EYES only for our ML Cha Heon. Yeah, Sol I def could not do the hurdles right is true. Funny still she pushes them down as she runs. Cute they won but DANG that guy saying the wr
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