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  1. Morning all! I just had a nice morning walk ! Loved it! Martin Luther King day, off main job but working due to side gig for holiday pay. @partyonI love Betty White! I watched Golden Girls & Mary Tyler Moore shows. +2
  2. @sadthe1st ramen sounds divine I had a Japanese sweet potato for dinner and a handful of grapes for myself. def make up for this simple lunch . You must be busy! Do take care my dear! Sleeping now so tired. +2
  3. @sadthe1st home safely & watching Mr Queen ep 12 now almost 1:30am Hope all have a good day! +2
  4. @sadthe1st Have a good lunch soon ! i get off in 30 min. Then another 1 hr to get home. Finished my manga is writing notes and listening to IU. @Min2206 Thanks for being so sweet. Aww thanks truly. Have a good day! +2
  5. Reading Bride’s Story #12 now

  6. @Min2206 Good morning! 9pm I am at work @mirmz First official weekend at second job I took on to tackle my goals. So get off at 11 and will be home midnight. Taking a break and reading manga. Hope you all are well & Hope you have a great week too! 342
  7. @mirmz How is the weekend turning out? Peeps here congrats to me left and right! aww I even got wafer cookies too to snack on. 342
  8. Enjoying the social networking Clubhouse while at work. 

  9. Hi from my job! i got WiFi signal for now. Stopping by to say hi. 342
  10. @Min2206 Mian he yo (not counting) @kokodus joining all as of now I like Mr Queen @4evrkdrama omg my emotions wants to go on after what happened to king and what will happen. I cannot wait @Sleepy Owl thanks I feel you about being behind me too 348
  11. @sadthe1st Aww thanks my friend! I needed that hwaiting! @4evrkdrama after ep 11 I watched spoiler clips Of 12 myself. @Sleepy Owl I hear you with this new job watching dramas to catch up is delayed. Not sure when I can start Tunnel. @MayanEcho stay safe my friend. +2
  12. @Min2206 Aww thanks my lovely friend! I am resting in bed just watched ep 11 Mr Queen. I agree overall nothing crazy good about the episode but it had few light hearted moments. windy , sunny & cold here. Brr. Good stay inside day but I guess not for me. Glad I went straight to sleep last night. Take care everyone!! Hope you all had good Sundays ‘ +2
  13. Good Sunday morning all! It is 9:30 am and in few hours I have to work. I have to keep my eyes on the prize goal to tackle my debt. Hi friends - good morning , good evening & good night all! +2
  14. Hi All ! 12 am here and I just got home. Going to sleep and wanted to stop by! @Thong Thin aww thanks my friend for the concern. I agree health is wealth. Good night, good morning & good afternoon! +2
  15. Congrats @Catleya congrats on reaching Idol! @joccu Love got chocolate, thanks a million! Getting ready to go to my new weekend job. Take care all! +2
  16. @partyon Hi hi ! I always wanted to watch Tunnel actually! I am interested! Thanks for the invite. I want to join. Now working a new part time job I might be not as diligent viewer but since rewatch parties are fun I am interested. Thanks chinggu! @Sleepy Owl Glad you are better & yes housework can work - hehe my motto. Then again no one here to nag me daily . btw thanks for the recipe @Catleya kind of you to share i didn’t know about CNY cookies so fascinating to me as in USA Chinatowns not a big thing. Plus lived far away from one growing up.
  17. Good morning everyone!! It is 9am. Rainy here boo! Or good afternoon , good evening , good night! Hi @Ameera Ali @sadthe1st @mirmz @Min2206 @corey @partyon @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @iksunijini @Ernie @larus @joccu @Jillia @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama @Catleya @cenching @GiaGiaand everyone else Caught up on few pages @Jillia Glad to see you my friend missed you! @cenching Yes major drool. Pastries are a fave and that looks amazing! @Thong Thin @sadthe1st Dang I should do thorough Deep cleaning myself but admit not as vigilant need to
  18. @4evrkdrama Nope I haven’t seen it yet! @Min2206 hope your cooking turns out well Excited to see Mr Queen later today but now almost 1am. Dang I want late night snack so bad. @sadthe1st thanks my friend +2
  19. @Min2206 That looks yummy! @twinkle_little_star aww you are too kind. @forme26 fi Good morning for me almost midnight. @sadthe1st I understand dropping the drama, I like the actors but the story has been drifting for me. Not as enthusiastic as as I was feeling initially. Hope you get the household chores done, I will too after I get up . Still Friday night here. +2
  20. Hi All! Tonight after dinner watching dramas at 9pm Hope all is well! +2
  21. Off work MAIN JOB but need to do an incident report so cannot leave just yet for other job Bye all! +2
  22. @Sleepy Owl I agree RUN ON is a good drama and I caught up. I agree it is cute. The second couple are cute. OTP just slow as molasses. Yeah I usually don't watch this much but but due to COVID I have no social life so BOOM Kdrama watching increased. +2
  23. @partyon never watched it before +2
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