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  1. @jocelyn yes we have a common thoughts regarding that...there are lots of things that they trying to hide from their audience but jis and shk cannot hide their intimate feelings 4 each other, we clearly see that through their laughs (their happy moments), the way they look at each other (its like, they are melting) and especially the CARE that they shown to each other (it is priceless!)..as a person, i can feel/see the sincerity of ds couple..It must have been LOVE! he he

  2. Thanks for the reminder @laquetahodge..I address and appreciate your concern. Yes maybe some of the comments here aren't sounds good or it's like were bashing anyone,..but no one here is really against anybody or what..shippers here are just being passionate and open to their opinion and i love that, but of course we should not go beyond the border. Thanks again! and nice meeting you! ^_^

  3. Haha, you're right! if you truly love someone, you must fight for her/him! but if you have a lot of things to consider b4 you shout out what's inside you..then i can say that these things are more important to you than her/him..but if the people can see the genuine love or your true feelings for each other, eventually they will accept you and support in everything that you do! Just be honest...;)

  4. hello! Everytime i hear this song, i can't help it, but the first thing that comes on my mind are them,,HYE KYO & IN SUNG..  :x Here's the lyrics of the song:
    Can't sleep tonight, 
    'Cause you're on my mind.
    I guess I'm in love once again.
    Gaze a star, 
    'Cause that's what you are.
    You light up my life once again.

    I'll take this chance for another romance in my life, 
    'Cause you're all that I need.

    I can't help myself, 
    From falling in love, 
    With somebody like you, 
    'Cause your feelings are true.
    Can't help myself, 
    From falling in love.
    For I can't help myself... 
    From falling for you.

    All day I pray, 
    That forever you'll stay, 
    And won't let our love fade away.
    Hear what I say, 
    Whatever comes away
    We'll be together come what may.

    ---again, I hope that their feelings for each are the same with the lyrics in real life.....


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