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  1. Waah, when I visit SHK's thread it breaks my heart because of KDW and SHK's photos..BUT I still believe that JIS is her destiny and my prayer is still for them..Have faith and continue praying for them chinggus.. Eventhough my own lovelife is not that good by now, just seeing these two together, it makes my heart beats fast, and I felt like I'm on a cloud nine and ready to fly..I feel complete and happy..that's how they affect me..have a good day everyone!!! AJA..:)

  2. hi chinggus! while watching some of the scenes of TWTWB i just noticed that in episode 12 (when Oh Soo kissed Oh Young)..there are two different angles in their kissing scene, you'll noticed that by looking at Hye Kyo's nose..when they showed the left side you can still see her nose, but when the camera is on the left side , it seems that In Sung's cheek cover her nose,.haha...am i right???kindly check it guys....i'm just wondering how many takes they did to shoot that scene..is it just two or more takes??he he

  3. Jo In Sung: " I felt really strange while at home the day after we had our wrap-up party. So I called the writer but I started crying. And I cried for over two hours, for no particular reason, while asking her for just a few more scenes and that I’d do a much better job with them. She listened to me the whole time and told me not to put too much into my roles, that it’d shorten my lifespan. So I don’t know why but I just cried then."

    -- In Sung felt really strange and he cried for two hours without knowing why??Wow! that's terrible and weird feelings, right chinggus?, i had that kind of feelings before, and i'm telling you that there are reasons behind those tears, maybe he just can't explain and tell it in public that time..and he just chose to keep it inside himself because it's hard to explain..have you also experienced that kind of feeling? hmmm..but as time passed by, i hope Jo In Sung got a clear answer on why did he cried a lot that time..(why oppa? is it because of our pretty Hye Kyo? i hope so..hehe..my delusional mind..) ;)

  4. ** "I Think Song Hye Kyo Has a Switch for Crying"

    Jo In Sung mentioned, "Hye Kyo told me she even thought about whether she had to retire after this drama" and "I actually thought about whether I will have to take a break for a few years after this".

    Jo In Sung continued, "I'm sure my chemistry with Hye Kyo was very easy to see. I am very grateful. I shined because of her. She turns the credit to me as well."

    Jo In Sung had known Song Hye Kyo for over 10 years. He described her as "very attractive" and stated, "I think every man in Korea feels the same way. How can one deny it?" and smiled. When people began to suspect their relationship, Jo In Sung added, "But that does not mean I am going to ask her to date me" and "Work should end as work." Regarding romantic interest, Jo In Sung added, "Once I start getting interested, I become weird right then. My actions included. Since I don't see her that way, I can be comfortable around her."

    Song Hye Kyo was interviewed before Jo In Sung, and when she was asked whether she had something to ask him, she said, "Were you happy that winter?"

    When the question was passed onto Jo In Sung, he smiled and said, "Of all the actresses I know, she cries the best. I think she has some type of switch. When she presses it she starts crying. Even when her tears fall, her tears fall slowly while mine just drip down. Please tell her that I was happy as she was."

    © 2013 KDramaStars.com All right reserved.

    ==just a flashback of one of their interviews..in all interviews they had, for me this one is the most interesting...Jo In Sung mentioned, "Hye Kyo told me she even thought about whether she had to retire after this drama" and "I actually thought about whether I will have to take a break for a few years after this".  we can see here that they are actually talking about their future plan....hmmm..

    :)>- ;)) :x

  5. ---When did you find Oh Soo cool?


    I got surprised from time to time watching the broadcast at home. I was obsessed with Oh Soo from a viewer’s point of view, not as my co-actor. I wondered whether there is such a man for real. (ha ha ha) The most regrettable thing when portraying a visually impaired person is not being able to see the co-star, In Sung because I acted only with his voice. As he is a great actor in terms of expressing emotions, I was able to feel his emotions by his tone of voice. I truly enjoyed working with him in this project.

    ---She was a bit defensive here..and i smell something fishy...hehehe..so cute of you SHK..

  6. Last April, In Sung Opens Up About Marriage: . .

    "The attractive star of That Winter, the Wind Blows revealed to local media outlets that he has been thinking about marriage lately. Jo In Sung wants a woman he can lean on because he believes "men are children to the end."

    Since his start in the entertainment industry in 1998, the 31 year old actor rarely spoke about marriage before. Jo In Sung said, "I want somebody that would adore me even if I am not mature, and someone whom I could lean on, rather than that who leans on me."

    With the conclusion of his come back drama, is marriage in the stars for Jo In Sung? Who do you think would be a good match for Jo In Sung?


    ( Source: www.koreajoongangdaily.joinmsn.com)

    ---well, for that question? the woman that really match 4 Jo In Sung in no other than Song Hye Kyo! - nobody else..right chinggus? ;)

  7. Hi guys! its been a while but i've missed you already..Good thing is, while reading all your posts here, i assessed myself, and it keeps on giving me a different feelings,.. feelings that i've never felt before..i can't explain it. Sometimes i'm asking myself why am i like this?after watching TWTWB, i really get hooked about the character and also to the actors of this drama. it's like i'm under their magic spell that i can't resist..i admire them so much..i'm also asking myself this, am i obssessed? and i realized that i'm not..it's just they were able to connect to their audience by being so natural and by showing who they really are..I really love our O2 couple, whether when they are portraying their characters (Oh Soo & Oh Young) but i love them most when they are in their real world but still showing same love and care 4 each other.. ;)

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