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  1. Hello to my dearest chinggus here..i really miss you all and i also miss posting my thoughts and feelings about our lovely couple. But i keep on updating myself about them and always check all your posts. MOST OF them gives me a joyful feeling and boost up my hope that they will end up together for sure. I will never get tired on waiting because i know that there is a perfect time for everything.. You JO IN SUNG AND SONG HYE KYO are deserve to be happy.. NO NEED TO WORRY because if you have a 10% bashers, please try to see those 90% supporters of yours..we are just here for both of you. AJA! ;)

  2. Merry Christmas to all of my dearest chinggus! Though most of you or most of us are being quiet these days, i know that you're just there waiting for a good news about our lovely couple.. But since it's CHRISTmas season, i would love to leave/share a message for all of you chinggus: An Excerpt from one of my favorite books; "Many people spend the month of December buying, wrapping, decorating, and preparing for the festivities of the holidays but are not ready for a transforming Christmas, nor free to experience its real impact for all of life.

    My greatest concern is that it won't make any difference, that we will go back to the same old life as the same people as we were when it all began. It's possible to celebrate Christmas and miss Christmas!

    Imagine a time around the Chrismas tree in which you opened all your presents except those from one particular person. Feel the hurt of that rejection. Look at it from God's point of view. What do u think He wants to give you? Picture Him waiting for you to open and enjoy His gift.

    The gift i want to share with u during the day leading up to Christmas is marked a bit differently. The tag has your name on it. It says, "To be opened in preparation for Christmas and enjoyed all through the year!" THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS IS THE HEART. GOD'S HEART IN CHRIST OFFERED TO YOU AND ME."

  3. 74fffc039245d68825cfa17aa5c27d1ed31b2425shy_zps5734ea70.jpgeye_zps06af6fe4.jpghappy_zps6415be75.jpghold_zpse8031e5a.jpgseriousface_zps9866cc09.jpg0b335c6034a85edf3074e2fd48540923dc547572shine_zps0aed5bdd.jpglaugh_zps17a8a085.jpg
    Can you feel the love between these two people here!!! They are very shy, and their gestures shows the love and happiness whenever they were together...and by looking at their eyes you can see that their love for each other was already there... as we all know, "Eyes are the windows to the soul"....They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that if you look deep within you can see the persons sincerity and truth!  This is the space where your true identity dwells and allows others to see your light shining dim or bright. They can't deny/hide it..

  4. Hi chinggus! I can't say more about our O2 because you said it all already..kekeke..I'm happy that we still holding on to this ship. I love the spirit of every shippers here and even I, (myself) can't believe that I ship them that much even though I don't know what will happen on the future..But I have a strong faith that God will make them as a real/lovely couple! I'm patiently waiting here...Love you all chinggus!!! ;)

  5. i have this feeling that KDW and SHK are good friends only. there is no intimate/romantic feelings between them. maybe this is part of JIS and SHK's game plan and make us believe that there's nothing going on between them..that way, they can maintain their privacy while most of the fans are starting to believe and put their focus on KDW SHK tandem.. kekeke..our O2 couple are very smart isn't it?

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