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  1. 2 hours ago, fromlepus said:


    @flybabyfly Hi! You're back! :kiss_wink:

    I'm a bit confused with the special album. I think we'll have to wait for more news. :pensive:

    Even the K-SHCJ themselves not sure what the album is about. I don't mind if it turned out to be an album with old songs of 2018 version. I just want to see happy and healthy Dongwan promoting with Shinhwa members. 



    Yep just 24days to go. A little more patience :P we can do it! I also don't mind if we have a 2018 version of od songs coz I don't have their albums that are pre-The Return aside from Brand New lol


    I'm just waiting for the album so I can get Move finally (and save on shipping B) have to be financially realistic ) Except my dilemma now is it seems it's not the only album waiting for release!!!


    I was never gone, btw, just too lazy to log on to Soompi! :phew: I read your updates on my email since loading time on mobile takes forever :joy:


  2. Time flies so fast! Last Sunday around this time (3pm), I was panicking really badly. I was lined up for my ticket, the fan party was to start in a couple of hours. Ticket lady kept thumbing the envelops and looking at my InterPark printout for minutes. Couldn't find my concert ticket! After an eternity has passed, told me to move to another lane. Her guess was correct. They used my first name as my family name! Whew! Crisis over! 


    Happy 20th (+ 1week) anniversary , Shinhw-san! :blush:

    I hope I can see you again at one of the 20th anniv concerts ^_^

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  3. On 12/13/2017 at 4:39 PM, fromlepus said:

    @flybabyfly I'm using android, for the time being I listen to his new song on Spotify. I would love to attend the 20th anniversary concert, but I can't afford to spend money for two trips next year. :frown:

    Friends>>>>Shinhwa. Already confirmed with my friends the trip will be in May and I'm gonna need money again in June too...


    I get it. Though you can’t persuade them to come to Korea for your trip ? :tongue: 


    Anyhow I’m going to be in big trouble if  they decide not to hold their anniv concerts on that weekend :wacko: and probably won’t be able to go to their other dates next year. If only I was a millionaire lol 


    So much negatives for that fujii mina/dw naver article. I don’t understand the translation just seems it’s totally misleading.



    I’ve been away for a while suddenly Dongwan released a new song? I’m not an iphone user I still haven’t found how to get it.



    Shinhwa stuff are really expensive. I’m trying to cut back on expenses so I can come and watch them next year in Korea. With exchange rates getting uglier *sigh* not sure how this will work out for me especially when they announce the dates so late. Airfares, hotels concert Tickets and goods:bawling::bawling:


  5. This is a tricky piece of wordings :lol: but you know based on your interpretation, if he doesn’t want a ceremony - he can look for me anytime :lol::lol::lol: I don’t like fuss and festivities :D:D 

    Dongwan oppa, your perfectly imperfect lady who matches you may just be round the corner!

    These birthday wishes makes me feel so warm! I hope for his best condition especially today with his live, celebrating with SHCJs :blush:

    Btw, @hkana wherever you are, I hope you are doing well!

  6. 42 minutes ago, fromlepus said:


    I was talking about Dongwan wanting to register his marriage only with no big ceremony.


    "I was envious (of Eric) but didn't want to get married quickly. What scared me the most is a wedding ceremony isn't simple. It felt like he was holding a big-scale concert. It made me sure I just want to register my marriage."


    Hence the future bride and her family probably not agreeing to it.



    Oh. I read that in a different way. What I read from that was that Dongwan felt so envious that he wanted to get married too but he is grounded and knows it isn’t just a piece of paper, not just a ceremony. He knows it’s only the feeling or idea of getting married that’s attractive to him (now).

  7. 3 hours ago, fromlepus said:







    Mmmm...Dongwan, you might want that, but I'm not so sure if your future bride and her family want the same thing. I hope Dongwan find the perfect person, someone who wants the quiet life, but at the same time adventurous just like him. 


    Sorry but what is the “that” you’re referring to?

  8. That is really one sad song, full of tormented feelings. :bawling: Hearing that the story flow is from his own experiences :bawling::bawling: Oppayam I hate you for making me tear up from the unsubbed mv and then again from the subbed! In the middle of the day too!


    Was that from official dingo? If it is, would be better if you can put the yt link so we can add to the views there too.

    Thanks as usual! ^_^

  9. 2 hours ago, aniliaz said:

    Always saw a sadness and loneliness in his face.. Thank God , he leave us with happiness.. all good thing one by one came.. its mixed feeling here ... this episode when this picture taken .. :bawling: oh noo.. i cant watched this episode.. 


    I have always thought he had this quiet dignity about him. A silent rock that may stay in the background but by his own choice, at the same time he has this air of authority. 

    I’m finding it a good thing they’re not filming new episodes at the moment. I think this is private time and not for public consumption. 

    28 minutes ago, blackberrypie said:

    Song Joong Ki attend Kim Joo Hyuk’s wake. Looks like the newlyweds did not go for their honeymoon... honestly, there were ppl who complained abt the couple having their wedding in the midst of JooHyuk’s passing, but i think its not their fault, and they had no choice also. 


    And I read some were annoyed JH died while some girlgroups were about to have their comebacks. Crazy, immature people. 

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  10. 22 hours ago I was skimming along twitter and noticed Joo Hyuk’s picture. I didn’t think any about it but when I used the translator, the word “death” just stood out. Death and Samseongdong. My heart just fell to my stomach. I thought no way. This could just be mistranslated by the app. Just wait for English articles but no, soon after more tweets came. :bawling: I knew then there was no way this was a hoax although I slept and woke this morning with the thought maybe this could all be just a dream. No dream. Not a dream. Stage of denial is over.  Our eldest brother is gone. He will be greatly missed. 

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