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  1. i suspect th delay in release partly has got to do with the anti-hallyu/korean campaign previously (idk if it's still in force now) due to the THAAD deployment by SK hopefully they do release it soon!
  2. i dont remember seeing any press con either. The only event i remembered they had was a fan meeting at Guangzhou. All the leads except for YZ was there if i'm nt wrong.
  3. i rmb coming across some on yt too, but if you still can't any w subs, perhaps I could try putting up the subs here, as I translate the fanfics.
  4. It's my pleasure! It's has been great meeting you guys who also love this drama (though I only drop by at times ). Will take some time before completing another text, but you have my promise, I will definitely continue! Meanwhile, maybe y'all can check out the new variety show that Deng Lun is on if y'all are interested!
  5. Alas, I'm done with the first fanfic translation! Apologies for the delay, it took much longer than I expected. Some parts are hidden under the spoilers cause I don't want to make a single post too long. So remember to expand it to read the whole thing! @j15thcenturylit @kokodus @lynne22 @AshleyChia Just so happened that the first fanfic I selected to translate is about their imaginary mortal realm life Title: 4 Seasons Link to original text: http://huiyizhuanyongnvmajia.lofter.com/post/1fd9ea86_12d5ccbbb Author: Lofter——不见天地不思归 (http://huiyizhuanyongnvmajia.lofter.com/) Translation: soompi cpy95 Synopsis: If Saint Girl married King Yi, how would their married life be like? Spring/ when flowers bloom Green buds and branches sprouted from the willows planted along the embankment of the meandering river on the East side of Huai Wu after Li Chun*. Huai Wu was blessed with the absence of war for many decades, and was also free from diseases, that not even the raging plague in the last two years had affected the nation. A saying that ‘Huai Wu’s water is from the heavens; able to cure diseases and eliminate calamity’ spreaded like wild fire thereafter, and nobles who came from afar to fetch water from the said river could be seen everywhere on the embankment. Born romantic, the people of Huai Wu even planted a ten miles peach blossom forest at the downstream of the river. Just within a few years, these peach blossom trees bloomed gloriously every spring, turning the dull soil from winter into a sea of charming crimson. Rumour has it that, the peach blossom brew found here, which is sweeter, mellower, less strong and less acrid, was made according to the queen’s recipe. This recipe was formulated the year following her marriage with the king, when she personally picked the flowers and fermented it to make the brew. Thus, when visitors leave, getting a few jars of brew was a must. Not only does it satisfy one’s cravings, it was also good for health. ‘Huai Wu Peach Blossom Brew’ hence gained a good reputation and became popular. Everything in Feng Qi Palace** was taken care of by Jinmi personally. So there she stood, in a sea of pear blossoms, apricot flowers and peach blossoms, with the breeze blowing against her aqua blue silk dress, while drying pear blossoms in the courtyard when Xufeng came back from his morning assembly. Hearing footsteps, she turned around and asked, “You’re back, My Lord?”. The gentle gaze in her eyes resembled the sparkling starlight in this garden of spring sights. After asking the maids to leave, he strode towards her and took her in his arms. He asked, “What happened this year, for you to prepare pear blossom brew instead of the usual peach blossom brew?”. Dew drops were still clinging on the pear blossoms in this early morning when a heavy downpour had just stopped. “Recently I’ve heard from those elders who knew a little about the twenty-eight mansions that the orbit of the ‘Kang’ mansion seemed to be slightly oblique, and the autumn and winter seasons in Huai Wu the next few years might be dusty and dry. Peach blossom brew may taste well, however, pear blossom brew works way better in moistening lungs and relieving cough. Once I’ve got the proportions right, could you get Qin Tong to disseminate the brewage recipe and distribute the snow pear tree seeds to the people?” “Sure. Having a wife like you by my side, Huai Wu will be free of troubles.” Footnote: *One of the 24 solar terms, marking the beginning of spring. **Feng= Phoenix, Qi=perch; so Feng Qi means a phoenix perching on something P.S. Please credit the author and me when reposting the translations! Happy reading! while i continue translating the next one...
  6. wonder if you guys came across any fan art, found these really cute http://zhuaqianxiaoroushou.lofter.com/post/1fea4f80_12df30628 http://zhuaqianxiaoroushou.lofter.com/post/1fea4f80_12d43809a http://zhuaqianxiaoroushou.lofter.com/post/1fea4f80_12df2df27 PARTICULARLY TH LAST SET credit: lofter 抓钱小肉手/ weibo @抓钱小肉手 @xmfamily-纸凤凰
  7. Have started translating, would need a few days to a week to complete the first short fic. You guys gotta wait for a while! Am starting with 1. those I love and wanna share, 2. those that are short fic, usually single chapter (would work on longer fics with multiple chapters later on, as I get more used to translating)
  8. If I recall correctly, there are some fics on their time in the mortal world, but I would needa dig for it since I don't read those. I read more on their live after JinMi got revived HAHAHAHA I guess I would get the translations posted here, but first let me get permission from the writers! And, thanks for the support! @AshleyChia @j15thcenturylit @kokodus @lynne22
  9. So far, I've only read fanfics in Chinese as well, I once thought of translating those fanfics into English and share it here, but i wonder how many would be interested because i feel it may be a little pointless if there aren't many interested (cause translating ain't easy). But if you're really interested in reading them, I can try working on it since I have some time to spare now
  10. Yes, XF is as magnanimous as always. Apart from Baiwei and qiongqi, for me, him covering up for SH despite knowing that she is the murderer is also one of his tricks. Idk how many of you have read the novel, but when i first read it, my heart did ache for RY. BUT, it's only for the NOVEL RY, not the drama RY. I can't seem to feel the same heartache for RY in the drama even with his childhood being so detailedly shown to us as compared to the novel. Maybe I'm too furious over the screen time allocation and the weakening of XF's character to be aching for him LOL
  11. This is the line that quite some viewers were unhappy with and some gave their own interpretations to it. Initially for me, the one in the heart is XF, and the one far away is JM's dad, but then I saw a better interpretation, saying that the one in the heart is XF, while the one far away is the mortal realm king that XF cosplayed, cos mortal realm is considered a past for JM, whereas she could be with XF for the rest of their lives (I can't really recall the exact words that writer used, so if you're interested I can dig out the link for you, but it's in Chinese) I JUST REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT THE ONE FAR AWAY IS RY. IT CAN BE ANYONE BUT RY. Apologises if i've offend anyone!
  12. There was a period when the audience was being sarcastic by saying that the female and male lead exists only in the previews, and we don't get to see them in the proper episode. It was that bad. But then, XF's overall screen time is still more than RY's (cos someone tabulated it over at weibo or so). But XF's screen time mainly came from the first 20 eps, or like you said, before RY's birth secret is out. After that, it's mostly focus RY or other side characters, and some episode on JM. But just not on XF. Until the last few eps. sighpie. And YAS, DL's action scenes are pretty good! RY's too actually, his movements are pretty fluid imo, prolly cause he practices ballet.
  13. Ditto!!! For me, RY's backstory was so solid that it affected the other characters, mainly XF, my main gripe. (apparently the scriptwriter was still editing the script for RY's part while they were filming, which is a pretty rare thing in cdramas, if i'm not mistaken; can head to some chinese sites to check) For me, XF is supposed to be a God of war, or at least an expert when it comes to fighting wars, and presumably politics, but it seemed that the writers were so stingy in giving him and us scenes of him conquering the demon realm -.- and rising to power in the demon realm isn't as easy as the drama portrayed, even with LY and her father helping him. After all, the demon realm still have other kings who are eyeing the throne, and the power struggle seemed pretty serious in the demon realm for them to be so divided over the years. Also, certain lines supposedly belonged to XF in the novel but it became RY's lines in the drama -.- If scenes were distributed a little more proportionally, maybe we could see more of other characters like Tu Yao and Sui He as you've mentioned. Perhaps the writer could tell us a little more about SH's upbringing? I could sense that she yearns for love though she still prefers power imo, which kinda resulted in her persistent love for XF. And where are her parents? Seems like she never had much familial love, cause 1. she seemed so guilty of killing her father in the mortal world, 2. she appeared to be envious of JM and her father's interaction in one of the episode where Uncle Fox had his birthday bash, if my memory did not fail me. And also Muci and LY could play a bigger role in helping XF in the demon realm (I admit i'm just salty about not having scenes portraying that he has the capacity to live up to his name) instead of just playing hide and seek (which I feel is what they do for pretty much of their storyline) Do correct me if I've got some of the details wrongly, because I have been reading too much fan fiction, so I may have rmbed smth from the fiction instead of the drama. And do check out some fan fictions out there, cause some really tie up some loose ends or address some of your gripes and even heart warming alternate endings!
  14. I've read the book back in March hahahahaha LOVE IT TOO! If only the scriptwriter could bring the book version of XF into the drama, it would be perfect imo. At least he lived up to his name as a "War god" in the novel but not so much in the drama I feel. But then again, some adaptations made for the drama was good too! Like the part where JM understood dialects and helped XF during the selection of the soldiers HAHAHAHA Check out the fanfic if you like it!
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