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  1. same here! i miss our OTP so much! i’ve re-watched twice and replayed the mortal realm storyline like 3 times alrdy! their love story was so good! i kept re-watching the BTS and interview w Denglun and Yangzi! I’m so glad yángzi i recommended denglun for this role! this is what good friends are for! please take your time @cpy95... we’ll patiently watch for you
  2. @cpy95 Please count me in! i would love to read those translated fanfics! Really love to read about Jin-mi and Xufeng’s reconciliation in the mortal realm!
  3. Hi everyone! I know I’m very late but I just wanna say how much I love this drama! I enjoyed every part of it (except for certain dragging scenes) I binged-watched all 63 eps within a week and I’m so proud of myself. Afterwhich, I re-watch the scene with Jin-mi and Xufeng the following week. The withdrawal symptoms was so strong, I keep re-watching the couple’s scene over and over again. I went to watch all their interview and BTS and I loved every bit of it. It made it fall in love with Yang Zi & Deng Lun so much. I really love their friendship and would want to see them act together again. My favorite part of the drama was in the Mortal Realm – King Yi and Saint Girl. I love their love story so much, it was a tragic and forbidden love but so endearing to see Xufeng wooing Jin-mi. While I know that it was for Jin-mi to experience hardship so she can be promoted to be an Immortal, I like how their life in the Mortal was without revenge and envy and misunderstanding and the Yun Pill. It was just King Yi and Saint Girl and their true feelings towards each other. While it was tragic to see Jin-mi die early, it was heartbreaking to see Xufeng losing his love one but we see how much he loved her when he decide to give up his life to stay with her forever. That scene broke me. He really can do anything for her. Back to the Heavenly realm, I really disliked Runyu sly and cunning antics. I hate how much he wanted to win over Xufeng and make Jin-mi stay by his side. So what if Runyu is the legally engaged to be married to Water God and Wind God first daughter, Jin-mi is Water God and Flower Goddess daughter and not Wind God. So rightfully, Jin-mi is not the person Runyu is engaged to. Runyu is the outsider to the relationship of Jin-mi and Xufeng. After Jin-mi kills Xufeng and spits out the Yun Pill, we see Jin-mi so torn and devastated because she doesn’t know what she’s feeling. I cried with her. Finally when she realized how she wrongly kill FengHuang and that he is the one she loved the most, I rooted for her to make right the wrong that she done. While it was sad to see Xufeng pushing away Jin-mi because she betrayed him, we can see that he was in pain too. Like that scene in the Demon Realm where Jin-mi has a fight off with Sui-he, he was hurting Jin-mi and I can see the pain in his eyes, because he still love her so much and he is hurting the woman he loved. I wish they could just kiss and make-up LOL. That scene when he returned her Frost Flower petal was so sad. Both of them was in pain. I wish the ending could have been more fulfilling, like having more scenes with Jin-mi and Xufeng reconciling. It was rather abrupt to pass forward to their first son. Like more hug scene and at least a kiss between them. HAHA. But I’m happy that our Jin-mi and Xufeng had their happy ever after.
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