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  1. Lee Sang Yoon Makes Big Transformation Into Villain For New Action Comedy Film Jul 7, 2020 by L. Kim Upcoming film “Okay Madam” (literal title) has unveiled new stills of Lee Sang Yoon! “Okay Madam” is a comedy action film about a couple (played by Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Sung Woong) who wins a trip to Hawaii. However, their plane gets overtaken by terrorists who use the passengers as hostages. Lee Sang Yoon plays Ri Cheol Seung, a terrorist who hijacks the plane to catch one target. In the newly unveiled stills, Lee Sang Yoon successfully transforms into the villain Ri Cheol Seung. He gives off a dark aura, and there’s a merciless look in his eyes. Not only did Lee Sang Yoon successfully transform for this entirely new role, but he also mastered high-level action and spoke in a dialect for the first time. Lee Sang Yoon commented, “I tried to sincerely portray both the comedy and action in the movie. The key point of the movie is that it has a variety of charming qualities and doesn’t just focus on one genre.” Director Lee Cheol Ha, who already worked with Lee Sang Yoon once for the movie “Insane,” shared, “Knowing his diligence, I asked him to play the role of Ri Cheol Seung without thinking twice. As expected, he paid close consideration to all aspects, from character analysis to dialect practice.” “Okay Madam” is slates to premiere in August.
  2. Actor Sang-yoon Lee expressed his impression of the theater challenge. Lee Sang-yoon said in an interview held at the Dream Art Center practice room in Dongsung-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th. The drama “Last Session,” starring Lee Sang-yoon, was introduced in the Second World War by the British proclaiming an all-out war against Germany. It is a two-person drama based on the imagination that Lewis meets and argues. Standing on stage with Lewis, Lee Sang-yoon said, "I started thinking that it would be difficult, but it wasn't easy. When I started practicing and talked about the work, I thought,'I think I was younger than I thought.'" He also explained, "I heard the question'Why do you make your first play with this work?' In addition, he expressed satisfaction with "The more I enter, the more I think about psychological warfare, relationships, etc., the more interesting it becomes. 'Last Session' will open on July 10 at Daehakro Yes 24 Stage 3 Photo = News 1 By Kim Jin-sun, staff
  3. Watch: Lee Sang Yoon Makes Brief Cameo Appearance In “Master In The House” Jun 14, 2020 by C. Hong Lee Sang Yoon returned to SBS’s “Master in the House” as the “hint fairy”! Lee Sang Yoon, one of the original members of “Master in the House” who departed the show earlier this year, appeared on a video call to give members a hint about the new “master.” Spoilers At first, Lee Sang Yoon put the camera close to his eye to hide his identity. However, Yang Se Hyung and Shin Sung Rok spotted who it was right away. When Lee Seung Gi expressed his confusion, Shin Sung Rok joked, “It’s the person who cries and gets annoyed a lot.” After unmasking himself, Lee Sang Yoon shared that he was currently getting treatment for his shoulder pain. He showed that the video call was happening in realtime when he was interrupted by a knock at the door and he went to explain that he was filming. He added that after the treatment, he was going to go rehearse for his new play. The “Master in the House” members asked him if he would visit their set, and Lee Sang Yoon said, “I could go in the evening.” Shin Sung Rok quipped, “But we can’t pay your appearance fee” and Lee Sang Yoon replied, “In that case… We’re all professionals, right?” Lee Sang Yoon then said, “I’ve been cast as the hint fairy, but the production staff made a mistake. In the past, the hint fairies were on the production staff’s side. But this time, as an alumni of the show, I’m on the members’ side.” The members rejoiced and he said, “I’ll give you a big hint to start off. This person is an actor.” However, the members were disappointed because they had already seen the “master’s” acting awards. Asked if he had ever worked with this actor, Lee Sang Yoon continued to tease by saying, “I’d like to work with them sometime.” The show further revealed that the “master” was the role model for many celebrities in the entertainment industry, including Lee Hyori, Son Dam Bi, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, Sandara Park, Rain, Uee, and more. Lee Sang Yoon warned, “This person is very attractive. Don’t fall in love with them.” He added that he thought Cha Eun Woo would get the most love from this master, but when asked by Lee Seung Gi who should be most careful around them, he said, “You. And the one who’s laughing [Yang Se Hyung].” In the end, the “master” this week was revealed to be veteran singer and actress Uhm Jung Hwa.