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  1. There were several Korean reviews stating that watching Joo Won with Ivy was like spying on a couple, whilst they were on a date. And after watching the press con videos, I have to agree with those reviews. The chemistry is outlandish and like in his dramas, his ability to have chemistry with all his co-stars is a gift that any actor would kill for. But from what I understand, the sex scene (in the press call) was toned down. In the show, the sex scenes are much steamier.
  2. Yea! Korean musicals use a lot of technology. Their special effects are on another level. The Korean musical scene is slowly getting more known to audiences around the world thanks to the technology used.
  3. In Korea, the musical scene is quite different. In recent years, the scene has not only gotten bigger, the shows they do are also very different from the shows on the West End and Broadway. The Korean musical scene is extremely creative with their original shows. One of the more famous works for these past 2 years has been Ben Hur the musical. They do shows like Aida, Chicago and Les Mis, which are considered to be the staples of every musical scene. But, then they also have shows like 'A better tomorrow,' 'Anna Karenina.'
  4. From 'Alice' → 'Ghost' Joo Won, unstoppable since his military discharge. When the actor Joo Won, was preparing for the premiere of the musical 'Ghost' 7 years ago, he was finishing up the drama 'Good Doctor' (2013). Whilst completing his drama schedule, he had started practicing for the musical, and had to juggle between practice and his filming schedules. Joo Won who was thankful and happy to have received much love and attention, is a bit regretful. As he looks back, it was a shame that he couldn't focus on each task more. So this time when he met with
  5. I have been binge-watching Alice, and am I the only one who doesn't see the loveline? I feel like people are seeing a loveline only due to the fact that Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun have amazing chemistry. From what I've seen, it's only the intl fans who see a "loveline" between them. The Korean viewers all don't and have been talking about how playing mother and son, is just a waste of their chemistry.
  6. "Prince of Ratings" "Good Actor" Graduated in Sungkyunkwan University, Theater Arts Major *photo credits to dduk* PROFILE Name: 주원 / Joo Won Real name: 문준원 / Moon Jun Won Profession: Actor Birthdate: 1987-Sep-30 Height: 185cm Weight: 68kg Star sign: Libra Blood Type: O Family: Father, Mother, Older Brother Talent agency: Sim Entertainment Education: School of Art (Theatre), Sungkyunkwan University (Film and Television) High School : Kaywon High School of Arts Twitter: @ Moonjunwon Cyworld : jun1moonWebsite : via Sim Official Homepage : Joo Won Homepage Instagr
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