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  1. I remember finding out on that Japanese show he did before Cantabile. And I had a hard time associating that the cute boy from 2D1N smoked.
  2. Please please please can we not bring this up anymore?
  3. Why should you pity me when I know I haven't done anything wrong except post a Naver article? Sorry it has to end this way.
  4. If you don't believe me, you guys are free to ask Sam who runs onekjk. I have nothing to hide and I'm sorry you guys feel that my KJK translations offended you guys. You guys are also free to ask a fellow SA shipper https://instagram.com/d_n0112?igshid=delgli59awwk They are the 2 people who I always send all my translations to.
  5. Was this cause I put in my IG stories that I like the FRIENDSHIP between him and Somin? Lol. Amazing! I can't even properly stan Kim Jong Kook with anyone without people saying I've jumped ship. It was a Korean article that mentioned JK and I posted a translation of it on my IG story. People who have been following me for a long time knows I always either send my translations to onekjk or post it on teamspartace twitter. Teamspartace's twitter has been having some log in issues, so I've basically been posting my translations on my IG stories.
  6. I can't even believe that he's now 33. When I first saw him on Kim Takgu, he was only 22 or 23. I just can't believe how much time has passed since then. I hope he has a good birthday with his family and loved ones, and to see him back in dramaland soon-ish. I don't mind him taking his time to choose a role or to wait till the script is good enough.
  7. What has my IG likes got to do with anything? And lol? I don't ship JK with anyone else. Jihyo is/was the only person I ever shipped him with. The posts I like on my IG are mostly about KJK and other biases I have and my personal friends' post. Tell your friend to contact me on IG instead of talking about me based on my IG likes. Don't put words into my mouth. I have never said anything like that. I'm sorry that you feel the need to be so rude. I was just saying that JK is under JK Ent which is a registered Korean company. Whether I ship them anymore, how has that got to do with JK being a free agent or not. Because I like Kim Jong Kook and Song Jihyo as people. I can't even do that anymore? Also, not really don't ship them, I'm just tired. Been shipping them for a long time, and nothing really happened, so I'm just taking a break from shipping Jong Kook with anyone. I'm sorry that I can't even be a neutral Kim Jong Kook fan in this forum anymore.
  8. JK isn't a free agent though. He's under Turbo/JK company, which he is the CEO of.
  9. KJK has announced dates for his year-end solo concerts.
  10. I think it would be next year at best since KJK already announced that he will be doing another solo national tour in November or December. Plus, with Mikey using his Instagram account again, we are probably getting another Turbo comeback soon.
  11. Skip to the last 20 mins for the unaired footage. https://www.supervid.net/e/190914_135857&t=ETC Summary: 1) His dad overheard some Chinese fans talking about KJK, but didn't understand the language, so he wasn't sure if the fans were talking only good things about his son or did they mention some bad things also. 2) His dad had heart surgery and didn't tell his sons. He told his father that he should have told them incase anything happened. 3) He told his dad to stay healthy so he can see his grandkids. And his dad told him "just get married now!"
  12. I don't know which video he appeared in, but probably just wait for the broadcast to end before skimming through it to find Jong Kook during his Turbo days.
  13. The KJK pic was taken the day they returned from Jakarta after the fanmeeting. Probably taken on different days, but I think Tiny is like JK who has like 5 shirts with the same pattern.
  14. Everytime he does an interview, he pretty much talks about the same stuff over and over. Nothing in this interview is new at all. I just translated it cause it was the official press release for the show's 9th anniversary.
  15. I translated Chul Min PD's interview. As usual, he avoids the real issue and talks about things no one cares about.
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