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  1. TCCAsias100mostbeautiful #38 SONG JI HYO She is the highest ranking amongst the Korean Actresses who entered the 100. The others that's higher than her are mostly idols!
  2. Good Mownin' Y'all!!! Here's for good vibes for everyone © as indicated -- thank you for a lovely video!!!
  3. In one of old ep (can't remember ep#), it was when they went to thailand in nickhun house. In the airport scene, jk&js was team with fem guest. They were describing or asking smt from the guest (can't really remember the exact scenario) but jk just commented casually "she is like sung im" (jh name has been spelled as sung im/seong im) I think outside rm, jk most if the time call her by her real name, thats why it just came out from him casually.
  4. Bts are always the best! #throwback Nevermind what KS is doing but focus on the two people a far walking ahead of everyone. Guy in Red jacket and the girl in white shirt. This was the time of MC era (sorry to mention this) and the ep with MGY. I know you know them very well!
  5. I think you are refering to kwangsoo, Masijacoke850714. That's his ig acct.
  6. Sorry i can't find a clearer picture of jh with this shoes. But i think this is not the first time jh wore it. I can't remember what ep (just recent ep also) i think she wore this shoes.
  7. http://naver.me/xNOtGOax One of the vids uploaded in Naver by sbs-rm, the one when jk appeared and ripped jsj nametag. One of the hashtag is #kimjongkookjihyohusband ***note: thank you to the one who informed me abt this! Had to check it myself and found it!
  8. Re: SA funny moment Jk be like, "oh good my wife's here, she will help me!" ***expecting too much*** Jh be like "oh hubby, just stay there for a while, it's good for you to be silent at times!" ***laughing silently*** Sorry delulu mode
  9. @gnrbbns thank you so much for your analysis! Trully appreciated! I enjoyed reading it! Enjoy watching more of rm!
  10. This is why i think that SA LL is unnecessary if they are planning to be with other persons in the end. It doesn't make any sense at all. Jk has previous LL, so why drop it and make a new one if you are pursuing other woman. If the reason is bcoz jk previous LL is gaining many followers which could misinterpret, damn, how about SA fandom? Jk knows abt this fandom (im sure of it) what's the difference then? And besides SA dating rumor has been going on since few years ago, so why risk if in the end you know very well that you'll only get backlash and hate, right???
  11. @Francess00 welcome here!!! It's interesting, but yeah YJS says NO to MC, and recently to KWANGMIN and HJY-JK. So yes, i'll be watching YJS from now on!
  12. @tiglon from my own honest opinion. This actions actually, what separates SA from all their other LL. For a man like jk, who is a very well mannered man and a gentleman, who is always kind and respectful to woman, his hands are not well mannered when jh's around and same goes with jh. We saw him distant himself when other woman try to invade his personal space. But look how they invade each others personal space. I'm not gonna elaborate what is a "personal space" coz i know you all understand what it is (me being lazy ). KS is close to jh as well, but i haven't seen KS touch jh like how jk touch her at times.
  13. Just go to youtube, and search spartace, you will have loads of vids to choose from.
  14. This one, it really strike me that time. Like you said they need to have a very close relationship for jk to entrust his niece to jh. And also, as everyone knows, jk is a gentleman! But imagine, jk a gentleman, prioritized his gym over her niece and a female friend??? What kind of a gentleman is that right? But then if you look at it more deeply, you will realize, that for jk to do this it means, he trust jh so much for him to entrust his niece to jh, and jh accept the respinsibility, and is very fine with jk abandoning them for his gym, and she even drive him there (remember soya said the three of them only). Such a very close relationship they have right?!?! What kind of a woman who would do this kind of favor for a man??? For me actually it was like a gf dropping her bf on his gym and sending her niece-in-law home. I'm not concluding that they are together/couple, but if we try to forget for a while the fact that these two are celebrities and imagine them as ordinary person, and put our feet on their shoes, 1) as jh -- what do you think would be our relationship to that man if we do him that kind of favor? 2) as jk -- what do you think would be your relationship to that woman whom you trust so much for you to entrust your family to her? I let you answer it on your own!!!
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