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  1. I gotta say, even if LJ reprises her role, if there is no XZL, I will not be watching EL3. MLC is what makes the show, his kisses are fiery and enthusiastic. They might as well not release a third season if he isn’t coming back. A pity it seems that it seems to be the case that he won’t be coming back.
  2. Hahah compared to western tv shows the kissing is nothing!!!!! I’m looking at you game of thrones! Haha! Omg this drama is also up there with me watching TMOPB! I gotta say I’m also a MLC convert from a Ye Hua fan too hahahaha! Definitely spoiled by the dog food this drama throws out!
  3. The video is basically saying in the third season, yang yang and Li Qing, the princess from princess agents, will take over as the main leads in eternal love 3. I doubt it is true. These vids with the auto voice overs usually give false info.
  4. Omg so it’s MLC who dies and gives over to the 8th prince! I can’t wait for the new episodes to be up!! And next week! I’m dying here!!! Monchoo have you watched today’s episodes yet? Please give us a rundown if you have omg! Waiting a full week for new episodes is a serious killer. My husband is sick of me always “dying” every Tuesday after I watch the episodes and cry for more!!!
  5. Omg I’m watching episode 19 and cried after the riverbank scene!!! I’m Such a wimp when it comes to this show!
  6. I’ve watched up to episode 18. There is a change in the constellations and there is a break in the universe and MLC has asked XT to meet him by the sea but she doesn’t make it as Jing Xin was taken to the Qu manor to me tortured and questioned and 14th prince had asked XT to help find her. The episode ends when XT is trying to leave Qu manor with Jing Xin and are stopped by guards. MLC hasn’t started his noble idiot stance by this episode so I’m supposing he begins it in episode 19 or 20.
  7. Y’all are definitely not alone being crazy over this drama I have one more out of two flights to catch today and I’ve been coming onto the forum when not on the plane to check for any new videos or content or just more fanfare for the drama
  8. Just wondering where everyone watches this drama? The site that I usually use isn’t loading the released episodes (I’ve already watched them, just wanted to rewatch hehe) please PM me the sites you use please. No subs needed as I understand raw.
  9. I’ve finally broken and joined soompi after watching Princess agents and falling in love with Xing Zhao Lin!! S1 MLC is soooo seductive with his kisses and I loved that wink he gave XT at the competition!! He hasn’t shot a bow in ages and still has so much confidence he would win over MYH! I honestly can’t wait till Tuesday where the site I usually view it on uploads the new episodes!!! I keep coming over to soompi to read the thread about any potential spoilers cause I’m a spoiler type of person hahaha!! Going to be so heartbreaking to watch the scene where MLC breaks up with XT! Really wonder when he and S2 MLC are going to merge. How many episodes are on this season? I’ve read somewhere that it’s only 24. I’ve also read somewhere that it’s 30???
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