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  1. What? Daniang too? SH was the emp? I didn't really pay attention oopsie. I need to watch them again XD She's seen around Lin Xi in S2, it's been so long but I think helps around with herbs and stuff while on the other hand she is on undercover.
  2. Sorry this can be off topic but... Omg, I felt like I had this connection with Auntie Kang somewhere like I've seen her before. Took me long enough to remember her from NIF 1+2 and in AoL as Jinmi's mother. I swear she's so pretty tho, she can be that cold hearted neutral character to a heartbroken one, or be a strong supportive person, and here we have a spoilt villainess. Oh yea, does anyone know if the grandmother will stay with Minglan or still the Sheng family afterwards like after the poison incident or when GTY and ML moves out of the capital?
  3. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/legend-of-concubines-daughter-minglan/ You might have to wait a year if the translator is being consistent, otherwise you can choose to kill some brain cells with MTL (machine translation).
  4. I wonder how Sheng Hong will treat or view ML afterwards. For him, seeing one too smart is not good, too dumb is also not good. Once seeing her true colours, I don't know if he will feel a sense of betrayal, or respect her on a whole new level. No matter what you say to him, it never goes through his ears like when Old Madam Sheng has given him countless clues, truths, and teachings. i also wonder, after MingLan deals with the poison incident and punish Da Niang will it affect her relationship with her siblings like RuLan? Just because a man is good with his career it does not mean that he knows how to handle his family. I think you can also apply this to QiHeng. You guys mentioned that in the future he named his kids after MingLan's name, doesn't that just show that he has no respect for either his kids or wife? I don't know who his wife is or what kind of person she is but wouldn't that make everyone laugh at her and her kids? This guy recklessly likes to wreck everybody's reputation.
  5. She just married over, and there's already a woman crying and wailing to death. Do we know the one crying? I tend to forget faces.
  6. The Dark Lord threw me back into depression. But I did love the MC's own sense of justice when he likes to decide who the bad guys should be. Perfect couple was nice, just a bit silly. Actually, both of these dramas got weird endings lol. I felt like I haven't seen normal historical dramas for a long time, recently it's based around the palace or mystery with detectives. Of course this excludes fantasy elements.
  7. Is it me or I find internal family dramas far more interesting than internal palace dramas? I've also read novels and I found Marquis families, merchant families, or a normal family's bickering quite funnier and more satisfying with the face slaps.
  8. I remember in the polo match, Madam Liang offered to partner with MingLan but QiHeng butted in to take over. Was Madam Liang really that bad that she was rejected like that? They all knew what would happen if MingLan partnered up with him but continued to let them do so. I just found this part a bit weird. QiHeng's somewhat smart in books but he doesn't know how to be in real life situations. I felt like he never once thought about MingLan's sake but for his own happiness. She gave him countless chances and a lot of "time" but the dude just sat idle and used Concubine Lin's act dead state to threaten others which he clearly didn't master in yet. MingLan did say that she won't be disloyal to him as long as he didn't disappoint her. She then continued countless times saying that if he strives forward then she will but if he gives up, so will she. I'm not even gonna count how many times he had disappointed her. Bruh, did you see his father? He's submissive to his princess wife, that's why we got a beta Qiheng not alpha. - He's clearly a mama's boy. No girls wants that (besides status?) because they know they won't be a priority. - Of course, I hope he can mature over the things he had to go through. (I still feel sorry for his personal servant - was it buwei?) This drama is quite weird for me, I kinda like it and dislike it at the same time because they could jump scenes very quickly by using a line of dialogue but in some areas they let a scene on and on for a bit. That's why I was like damn, the banquet was over already? Or damn Grandmother already hushed Madam Liang? It's just sometimes I wish there was closure on some unexplained or unseen stuff. Probably many scenes have been filmed but they had to cut it off I guess or they wanted to exclude the unnecessary stuff and let the story progress faster.
  9. You could be right but it seems normal to me because I see this all the time in Chinese dramas however it’s usually more focused on female characters, like girls looking similar or exactly like their deceased mother or grandmother.
  10. Omg I cringed so hard with S2 of Scarlet Heart lol. I’d rather them not make a sequel if the government had that much restrictions. Omg Heart of Greed, my childhood. I didn’t watch S3, its basically the same story they basically just change the food or swap some family members around. For TEL, I’m pretty sure S3 will be a continuation of S2 otherwise they would have to label it as The Eternal Love:(side story). Which I can give an example for is Lost Love In Times SP (Side Story). The actress who was MLC’s Modern business partner does not seem to be the Smurf Princess, they’re not the same person for sure because she looks older and more ordinary than the Princess. This entire season...hm idk what its focus was. I think it was romance and family drama whereas the villains weren’t so important. I’m not gonna keep my hopes high though. This season kinda ruined the drama for me even though it was good yet bad. It’s pretty much a fan service with fillers. It’s like the crew lost their passion for the drama. I definitely think S2 was a rush. I really thought they could finish the story in one season but they kinda left it in a completed way along with a cliffhanger. Well to me, the only thing that progressed was experiencing the same time frame again. They are similarly back to the same time as S1 which is where the real plot starts. They finished filming this drama in May or something. Not sure how long filming took along with other pre production planning. Because the actors did end year promotions for S1 on shows. People said that the original director did not do S2 because the scheduling clashed with his other drama. Or he simply didn’t want to do it because the storyline was somehow changed? You guys mentioned that he said it could go on for a few seasons, maybe the writers messed it up which turned him away. Idk why they tried to make this script, they travelled to many different worlds in the novel which I’m pretty sure they can choose what world they wanted and changed some parts for the story to continue smoothly even if they skipped an arc or something.
  11. You should continue, I mean it's still considered a happy ending. It won't be a heavy drama to take in, it's very lighthearted and fluffy. It's not as good as S1 but in those last 10 eps you will feel satisfied with the heartfelt moments between the interactions of the characters, it's actually done well. Yes, every production out there is profit driven but I want balance between quality content and profit. At least this drama is not 60 episodes long like every drama out there. Those dramas are even more profit driven when it should be a 30-40 ep drama instead. The setting and clothing are secondary factors to me in drama watching, I pay more attention to character development, plot development, chemistry of actors, and their acting ability. Damn this reminds me of school lol should businesses focus on profit or please its stakeholders? I mean this drama is a rom-com and yes it did satisfy me in this genre more than any other couples with their insecurities but I felt like it was such a waste to reuse the "history repeats itself" plot with changes from the butterfly effect. I'm not sure what the Chinese fans/market are wishing for but for us internationally it seems like we are more interested in the Modern world, Xuan Ling continent, and the backstory of Sir Lian Cheng, Qu Xiang Tan, and Mo Yi Feng. I don't mind if we have to wait for a year or two for them to create a better story. Someone said that during S1, it's been said that the story can go for a few seasons. But this S2 felt so rushed for me, I have a feeling they changed something or rewrote it. Now we're unsure if the writing for S3 was written long ago or they're gonna create something new again.
  12. I knew it! We all wanted these two together lol. I'm not lying but Chinese writers never put female leads on the equality scale. Their minds are still in the old generation. I read quite a lot of Chinese novels with females being the protagonist. No matter how smart or gifted they are, they're still somehow trampled over by a male. By this I mean that in terms of power (martial arts, intelligence , the male lead would surpass them. Plus, they always get saved by these men. I love how that in S1, everyone had to rely on XT's power to save everyone. From storytelling, we could tell that Xiang Tan was extremely talented with quite many misdeeds but it seems like in her later life being reincarnated as a dumb useless girl is the punishment she was given to revive Sir Lian Cheng. Since this drama is over, I'll continue to machine translate the novel and see where it goes. I have a love and hate relationship with S2 lol. In the novel, Xiao Tan occupies Tan Er's body and Tan Er occupies Xiao Tan's body. Therefore, Tan Er was quite famous in the modern world and was acquainted with a rich old man that respected her talent. I've always wanted to see how XT's parents will react to MLC if she brought him home to the modern world following the end of S1 but after I went through the novel it seems like Xiao Tan and Tan Er have different faces. I had 2 assumptions. They might look the same face but the age difference shows the changes. (It seems like XT's appearance was of 16-18 years old and Tan Er had the the appearance of a lady in her 20s.) OR They do not have the same face.
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