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  1. Q: In the drama, which scene do you think had the sweetest moment between GYZ and XLC/XX? A: Actually, it's quite hard to say which was the sweetest but I can see that whenever they make a scene (bickering and fighting) looking like enemies but also like a pair of mandarin ducks... so it's actually very sweet. Q: Which scene do you like the most? A: I like...uh wait there's spoilers but it's okay I'll make it short. I like when GYZ did the birthday scene. MC: How sweet~ BL: It's not sweet at all, it's really just the "feeling" Q: This drama is your second collaboration with Xu Kai, is there anything different about it? A: What's different is that Kai ge's acting is better. Q: Describe GYZ in 3 words. A: Childish, overbearing and cute. Q: Who would you prefer in real life, GYZ or LCL (The Legends)? A: GYZ, because LCL will never exist. He's too perfect. GYZ is like...it's like he's beside us because he has flaws like having a temper, is childish and also has a sense of humour.
  2. If you can find something, I’ll try to translate it but yea I’ll try to look around as well. Kinda glad I understand viet but only like 70% of it lol. Seems like yuzheng will likely pair them back together since he loves doing what the public hates the more ppl hates this OTP the more he does it Have you seen the AMA crack vids? They’re hilarious there are 3 parts to it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=meN2cgAJshc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HUSWD963L2M https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf7M0OXPF0A
  3. MC: So in real life, does Bai Lu like someone like Gu Yan Zheng or Shen Jun Shan? BL: *checks XK out* XK: Gu Yan Zheng *smiles proudly* MC: Wait, I didn't get to say anything yet XK: Of course, it has to be Gu Yan Zheng MC: Okay, okay XK: I know you guys also like him *crowed cheers* MC: Bai Lu also likes Gu Yan Zheng? BL: I am a lively person so I also like people who are a bit mischievous. So chances are we would also be playful together MC: So you like somebody who is lively and an extrovert right? BL: Correct
  4. Can somebody help me move on? I think I'm gonna be stuck on this page for a while Q: What was Bai Lu's experience with trimming her hair to immerse into her role? BL: I've cut my hair for about 2 months now but still haven't gotten used to it. WYZ: But now we are not used to your long hair. BL: In real life, I bought a wig. XK: She wears it wherever she goes. WYZ: One day she appeared before us with her wig on, we were like "who's this?" BL: No no, in reality we would go have meals together. I would usually wear it to those places and they would pick on me once they see me. So I told them that I'm just afraid of them forgetting my appearance with long hair. Plus, I've always dreamed of trying a man's hairstyle for once since I was a child. I still remember the day I had my hair cut, I placed my phone on the side to record the entire process and said "Arsenal Military Academy, fighting!" I wore a hoodie after having my hair trimmed but did not dare take it off even after half an hour and also did not dare to take a look at myself. Note: I noticed how Li Cheng Bin (SJS) was so quiet lol it's kinda cute
  5. Wow I found a cute segment guys MC: 3, 2, .... Bai Lu: We're just starting like that? No scenes shown? MC: None, just improvise. Bai Lu: There's no scenario/hint? MC: You want GYZ to help you with something at the academy so you try to act cute, okay? 3, 2, 1 Begin! XX: Hey, GYZ XX: GYZ! XX: Help me get the rice (sorry can't tell if it's rice or food lol) GYZ: You don't have hands? XX: *hides hands* I don't GYZ: My arms are also broken *crowd laughs* XX: *pouts* Are you getting it or not? Are you? GYZ: Not getting XX: Not getting it? GYZ: Not getting XX: *nods* Then I'm going to ask Shen Jun Shan GYZ: Let's go! (I think this part meant let's go get it done together - So not to go to SJS) MC: Xu Kai, what do you think? Xu Kai: She considered Shen Jun Shan as the spare tyre (the back up guy), in the end I'm the true owner. Bai Lu: *gapes mouth in denial* *gives up*
  6. What? Daniang too? SH was the emp? I didn't really pay attention oopsie. I need to watch them again XD She's seen around Lin Xi in S2, it's been so long but I think helps around with herbs and stuff while on the other hand she is on undercover.
  7. Sorry this can be off topic but... Omg, I felt like I had this connection with Auntie Kang somewhere like I've seen her before. Took me long enough to remember her from NIF 1+2 and in AoL as Jinmi's mother. I swear she's so pretty tho, she can be that cold hearted neutral character to a heartbroken one, or be a strong supportive person, and here we have a spoilt villainess. Oh yea, does anyone know if the grandmother will stay with Minglan or still the Sheng family afterwards like after the poison incident or when GTY and ML moves out of the capital?
  8. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/legend-of-concubines-daughter-minglan/ You might have to wait a year if the translator is being consistent, otherwise you can choose to kill some brain cells with MTL (machine translation).
  9. I wonder how Sheng Hong will treat or view ML afterwards. For him, seeing one too smart is not good, too dumb is also not good. Once seeing her true colours, I don't know if he will feel a sense of betrayal, or respect her on a whole new level. No matter what you say to him, it never goes through his ears like when Old Madam Sheng has given him countless clues, truths, and teachings. i also wonder, after MingLan deals with the poison incident and punish Da Niang will it affect her relationship with her siblings like RuLan? Just because a man is good with his career it does not mean that he knows how to handle his family. I think you can also apply this to QiHeng. You guys mentioned that in the future he named his kids after MingLan's name, doesn't that just show that he has no respect for either his kids or wife? I don't know who his wife is or what kind of person she is but wouldn't that make everyone laugh at her and her kids? This guy recklessly likes to wreck everybody's reputation.
  10. She just married over, and there's already a woman crying and wailing to death. Do we know the one crying? I tend to forget faces.
  11. The Dark Lord threw me back into depression. But I did love the MC's own sense of justice when he likes to decide who the bad guys should be. Perfect couple was nice, just a bit silly. Actually, both of these dramas got weird endings lol. I felt like I haven't seen normal historical dramas for a long time, recently it's based around the palace or mystery with detectives. Of course this excludes fantasy elements.
  12. Is it me or I find internal family dramas far more interesting than internal palace dramas? I've also read novels and I found Marquis families, merchant families, or a normal family's bickering quite funnier and more satisfying with the face slaps.
  13. I remember in the polo match, Madam Liang offered to partner with MingLan but QiHeng butted in to take over. Was Madam Liang really that bad that she was rejected like that? They all knew what would happen if MingLan partnered up with him but continued to let them do so. I just found this part a bit weird. QiHeng's somewhat smart in books but he doesn't know how to be in real life situations. I felt like he never once thought about MingLan's sake but for his own happiness. She gave him countless chances and a lot of "time" but the dude just sat idle and used Concubine Lin's act dead state to threaten others which he clearly didn't master in yet. MingLan did say that she won't be disloyal to him as long as he didn't disappoint her. She then continued countless times saying that if he strives forward then she will but if he gives up, so will she. I'm not even gonna count how many times he had disappointed her. Bruh, did you see his father? He's submissive to his princess wife, that's why we got a beta Qiheng not alpha. - He's clearly a mama's boy. No girls wants that (besides status?) because they know they won't be a priority. - Of course, I hope he can mature over the things he had to go through. (I still feel sorry for his personal servant - was it buwei?) This drama is quite weird for me, I kinda like it and dislike it at the same time because they could jump scenes very quickly by using a line of dialogue but in some areas they let a scene on and on for a bit. That's why I was like damn, the banquet was over already? Or damn Grandmother already hushed Madam Liang? It's just sometimes I wish there was closure on some unexplained or unseen stuff. Probably many scenes have been filmed but they had to cut it off I guess or they wanted to exclude the unnecessary stuff and let the story progress faster.
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