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  1. That confused me too but it’s Kim Da Yeon that she traveled to Spain with. I guess it’s their way of coping with their pain after JG died. Remember Tae Yi told DY about this when they were lying in the bed. Maybe there’s a mistake in the translation. It probably should have been “Ms.” instead of “Mr.”.
  2. Yes, the doctor did say that JG’s DNA would be affected by the radiation from the worm hole but I don’t think it matters that he won’t match Tae Yi’s or Min Hyuk’s DNA. I guess the only person that it would matter to is Min Hyuk and I think he pretty much realized that JG’s is his son and not the son of Tae Yi’s fictional husband according to Oh Si Young’s story. At the ossuary Min Hyuk remembered Tae Yi’s words about the little heart that’s beating inside her. I think he realizes now that JG is that child because he also caressed JG’s image in the photo with his mom. However, I don’
  3. Well, as I speculated previously, the missing page with the time traveling future scientist was noticed by the detectives and they casually realized that Detective Ko was the last person who had the files. JG heard it so he’s also getting a bit suspicious of Detective Ko. Since TY also has the USB file showing that JG or someone else was surveilling Detective Ko, she probably suspect Ko’s involvement, I hope. Detective Ko had an almost hard look in his eyes at Tae Yi’s memorial scene in his house when the camera focused on him for several seconds. I guess we will be finding out mor
  4. @tas82, I think if we insist on continuing to watch daily shows we should realize they are about cheap thrills rather than substance. The plot is also more important than the characters. If we go in with that mindset, maybe it would be less irritating to watch if we insist on continuing to watch daily shows. I’m not sure why writers think that they shouldn’t balance out evil. They are always heavy handed with it until one or two episodes before the end where they then tack on some equally lame redemption.
  5. @tas82, sadly the only person I see getting any punishment is the conman. He’s a real piece of work too. The moment he walked up behind Mr. Boo to hit him in the back of the head, anybody should be able to see he’s capable of murder. The fact that he thinks his own son is clingy was also a clue. I have to laugh that he’s the person that GGO is defending. I confess I can’t wait to see her face when she finds out what he’s capable of. As to Min Joo, I don’t expect this lame writer to punish her or reveal her past schemes. I have to say though that she probably can’t do a thing about th
  6. I finally took a look at the latest episode and it’s sad to say that I won’t feel a bit sorry for Gong Gye Ok when the conman succeed in his plot together with her stepsister. Ms. Gong Gye Ok actually got offended on behalf of her wonderful brother-in-law when both Seol Ak and Min Joo told her of their suspicions about the chef on separate occasions. Seol Ak is rightly beginning to suspect the conman and shared his thoughts with GGO in a careful conversation and it was obvious that she was offended. She wasn’t as blatantly vocal as she was when Min Joo voiced her suspicions though. S
  7. @tas82 indeed since Min Joo is always scheming to see what she can get, I suppose it’s much easier for her to suspect others. At this rate nobody will be punished for their bad deeds in this drama. I don’t know what kind of message they’re sending because punishment deters people from doing bad things.
  8. @tas82, so now the idiotic stepsister will collude with Conman to further delude GGO? I can’t say that I feel sorry for GGO. At this rate Min Joo really has the right to tell her off. I bet it’s Min Joo who will figure out Conman’s plot. As much as I hate her I can’t deny that she’s the only one who seem to have a brains. I wonder if Mr. Boo will wake up penniless.
  9. Well, he does have pictures of them flirting and embracing. He also have an audio recording of her plotting with him. Granted, I don’t expect these things will see the light of day but they do indeed show she plotted against the business and Mr. Boo. However, the lame writer will most likely let her off without so much of a stain on her high and mighty personality.
  10. I honestly hate Min Joo more than the evil Conman. I hate them both. And notice she’s never been put down by anyone in this show. Her husband is afraid of her. GGO acts like a goody two shoes with her regardless of what hogwash she spews at her. Her brothers in law all put up with her bossiness. Ae Ri can’t handle her. Actually, it’s only the stupid idiot brainless stepsister who once butted heads with her. Now watch how this lame writer is going to let Min Joo off. It should be no surprise though since evil is never punished. It’s the same way the Nutcase mother came in like a hurri
  11. I feel so sorry for Joon Young. As if his financial issues weren’t already strangling him, now he will most likely fall into the hands of that unscrupulous guy who will take over his management rights in SK. It’s like Joon Young has no power over his life and definitely not over his career. The guy is already telling him to ditch Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung and I’m sure that’s just the beginning of his schemes and demands. Then there’s the music professor who basically advised him that accompanying Song Ah in her violin sonata is a double edge sword which will bring down his grade or cast doubt on
  12. @Manora, I honestly don’t know if I would feel sorry for GGO. She could have told Mr. Boo the truth and tell him the circumstances as she heard it from her “eternally” trouble-making idiot of a stepsister. All I know is that Ms.Min Joo is probably sitting happy right now. I can imagine her throwing all of this in GGO’s face and boy is she good at it.
  13. I guess rather than running from her maybe Joon Young wants to face JK. Or, maybe he thinks it’s the last thing he can do for her as an old friend. I suppose the subbed episode will shed more light on his thinking.
  14. She spent many years with him and I’m sure she remembered his kindness and the way he treated her. She hurt him and she came face to face with that last night when he was practically holding back his tears to finally say his piece before telling her not to show up at his home again. It’s their final goodbye as a couple so I can see how that would make both of them cry. Her father’s admonition to her was also spot on. Before, she treated him callously but now I think she regrets hurting him with her angry words. I honestly hope there’s no second chance for them. Maybe it’s time for Hyun Ho to e
  15. That’s because Song Ah is having a private lesson with her. I really hope Song Ah gets another teacher who is attentive to her practice, constructively critiques her playing and gives her good instruction. If she keeps up with this professor, I can’t see her improving significantly. The Professor makes it blatantly obvious that she’s disinterested, bored and unwilling to make any effort to give instruction. For the violin sonata, it would be nice if Joon Young accompanies her on the piano. Apparently the pianist has to be in sync and compatible with her. It would be a nice
  16. @Jillia @vangsweetie637 You’re absolute right! I forgot to comment on HH telling JK not to show up in front of him again. I know that HH acted like a coward in telling JY to leave and in essence sort of blamed JY for the breakdown in his relationship with JK. However, I still felt sorry for him when JK callously and coldly told him to buzz off in front of Director Cha and unbeknownst to her, Song Ah. I had thought that maybe that needed to happen in order for HH to finally accept the breakup but really, that was a very cruel method. Thankfully he gets it now and I hope he truly means
  17. @Jillia, it is refreshing that Joon Yoon and Song Ah speak honestly. Really, it’s in direct contrast to the other two failed relationships between HH/JK, JY/JK and DY/MS. I love the translated conversation that you provided above where Song Ah spoke honestly about her feelings when JY denied he was dating her. I hope they continue with their honest exchange. In that way they would understand each other even if they don’t agree with each other. It minimizes misunderstandings and secret hurt feelings.
  18. @Jillia, thanks for the updates. It’s kind of sad that in all of this Song Ah is cause in between the baggage of two broken relationships/love triangles. There’s the baggage of HH/JK/JY and CEO Yoon/Min Sung. It looks like in the preview Song Ah is crying while speaking to CEO Yoon.
  19. That’s why I’m saying he needs to go to his white board to sort out the different players. He has enough knowledge to be able to attempt to divide them. As I said before, Min Hyuk fought against the assassin and even took a stabbing for Tae Yi. Alice people also dresses in black suits with white shirts. They carry a certain type of gun which I have yet to see anyone else carry. The drone also precedes their presence. The other time travelers he encountered had different weapons. The rogue handler had a knife. I know he had a high powered rifle as well but when he had the confrontatio
  20. Yes, it’s true that betrayal is a valid explanation of LSH’s attitude towards his mother. I feel JG needs to really get to work on his white board. There are so many players involved and he needs to sort them out. He should recognize by now that when he sees the drone, Alice is in the vicinity. The other time travelers are a different story. They just show up. Then there’s Seol Oh Wan that can turn out to be a duplicitous ally. He’s either sincere in the mission that Tae Yi brought to him or he has his own agenda. I think he was the one behind the hit and run but maybe he instigated that to de
  21. Well somebody need to tell writers of their crime shows because recently in Team Bulldog: Off Duty Investigations, the main police officer took their chaebol suspect’s drinking glass (without his knowledge) to get his fingerprints and send it off to forensics while they kept him in the questioning room. While there they got the results and arrested him on the spot. It’s not the first time I have seen this kind of thing in their crime show. Another one was they went in to a restaurant to grab the glass the suspect used right after he left. Heh. @flutterby06, indeed JG probably suspects the wo
  22. To me the mere fact that several Tae Yi exists across timelines also means that there are other versions of the characters too across timelines. That means Min Hyuk exists somewhere else too and maybe even here. Director Gi was troubled when he found out a Tae Yi exists here “and” she’s a scientist as well. I guess they don’t really go looking for their counterparts. Heh. I think Min Hyuk didn’t look for Tae Yi because he was mad at her. She also basically abandoned him because he ordered her to get an abortion and she wanted her child. I honestly think that he’s regretted the way he
  23. About all the universes unifying, I wonder about that. We will have to wait and see. Of course Do Yeon could exist in the story without having feelings for JG. She could have been his best friend still without romantic feelings. She could have had a boyfriend that we never see. She could be a helpful reporter who acts as a resource to JG. Kind of like detectives who have female friends in crime labs, tech areas, or reporters. @Sleepy Owl, I kind of find it weird too that JG’s killer is said to be his mom’s killer. I can believe Detective Ko killed JG but I kind of think his
  24. The only reason JG had a low EQ is because his mother time traveled while pregnant. If another Tae Yi realized she was pregnant before she time traveled, then she will have a JG that does not have that issue. Or if time travel is really ended sometime in the future, another JG could be born in a timeline where he was never exposed to radiation. Of course he can only exists again if a Tae Yi and Min Hyuk gets together. Yes, I just realized the picture from the preview is JG and the Professor. However, if after talking to SOW, Tae Yi decides to visit the mother’s grave/memorial, Tae Yi
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