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  1. Yes, we already got some reasons why she left him. Ahri told her father yesterday that he never complimented her mother. He never cooked for them like he cooks for their current family. Hae Shim also looked in Ahri’s photo album and saw that Joong Han was missing from the photo albums. When Hae Shim asked him why he got defensive and said he was always working. And he even let it slip that his wife took his money and give to another man. also either during his conversation with Ahri or Hae Shim, he mentioned that the ex-wife left him for another man. So yes, some things are slowly em
  2. It’s good that you’re not a petty person. I think most people are petty. They probably won’t admit it but it’s true. I see and hear it in my work place, in my family, among my friends and generally, in humanity. I think Joong Han is acting very flawed as most humans do who see only their pain and who hold grudges against others for hurting them. Yes, even adults and parents lash out at those who hurt them. Quite frankly, in these circumstances I don’t find Joong Han’s point of view and behavior uncommon. I don’t like how angry he gets even when Hae Shim brings up the issue but that’s mainly be
  3. @lysanderayumi, as far as I remember, Joong Han referred to his circumstances when he said he’s not foolish to raise another man’s child. Please look at the context. He wasn’t making a general statement. Context is very important in interpreting his meaning. Regarding SK, through their shows I do realize that divorced parents and single mothers are discriminated against. I don’t think it was only the case in SK though. Even in the West those things used to be frowned upon. It’s just that things changed long time ago in the West so that single parents and divorced parents are more acc
  4. Indeed you might not like SK’s value of blood ties but it’s their culture. I find them rather harsh about several things but I acknowledge that cultures think differently on family matters. Who am I to tell them that blood isn’t important when most people of all cultures indeed value their biological family? In the West people are simply more open to adoption because of our compassion, moral teachings and/or our desire to do good or feel good about ourselves. Regarding Joong Han, I don’t disagree with his refusal to raise his ex-wife’s child. It’s his right. Even here in the West I be
  5. @lysanderayumi, why wouldn’t Joong Han raise Bora? Bora’s mother is raising Ahri. I don’t get your point at all. Both parents brought a kid to the marriage. Hae Shim acts like a mom to Ahri and Joong Han acts like a dad to Bora. In fact, right now Joong Han takes care of Bora and Hae Shim is looking out for Ahri. With Byeori it’s entirely different. She is not Hae Shim’s child and she is not a Joong Han’s child. Neither of them are obligated towards Byeori. As far as Joong Han treating Bora better, it might be the case but that’s probably because she’s his wife’s child. He
  6. @arcchidus, thanks for the information. I’m watching the raw episodes somewhere else so I can only guess at times what’s happening. I already watched up to episode 34. The last two episodes should be released tomorrow I'm assuming.
  7. @Nodame, I also think SJ’s actions are inexcusable. It’s clear more than ever now that she has changed her mind again and refuse to let go of CW. At the fashion show she was upset that CW was helped by JW and became determined not to let go of CW. It makes me wonder who will reveal the truth? Jae Hee? I also wondered if NR will reveal the truth but I don’t know if he would if he fails in wooing CW. I hope he gives up his ambition of marrying CW for money and instead choose to use his own talent to earn his place in society. I previously had a thought that maybe he will hook up with J
  8. Yeah, it’s clear that there are two because the NK mutant is wearing plain green like the NK troops and the other mutant is wearing the army uniform of an SK soldiers. I don’t think either him or the original mutant changed clothes. Heh. The one DJ and team hunted to the water is the SK mutant. I certainly believe what happened in 1997 is somehow linked to this on the SK side as well. Besides the coverup, I think there’s more to what happened.
  9. @tas82, I think it was mentioned by either Sun Han’s (Sunny?) aunt or maybe it was Joon Soo’s mom that he used to date a producer name Sunny in America. That was around episode 1 or 2. I can’t remember exactly. Since Ahri’s producer showed up at Won Tae’s home as the niece, it’s clear that it’s her they meant. Also she basically hinted to Ahri yesterday that she knows Joon Soo and he would probably refuse her pitch so she instead wants Ahri to pitch the idea to him about the show. She also told Ahri not to mention her name as the producer. For today’s episode, maybe I’m missing somet
  10. @nohamahamoud2002, there’s a lot of baggage there with Joong Han. He’s also not obligated to like Byeori just because she’s a child. I don’t think it’s Byeori that bothers him but rather the fact that she’s his ex-wife’s child. I honestly have no problem with him slapping Ahri. Mothers-in-law do it all the time in these shows. A parent can do it as well. I don’t necessarily think he slapped her because of her honesty. I think he slapped her because he felt she was ungrateful to say that. Later he told Hae Shim, “how dare she say that to me after all the care I put into raising her?” So maybe h
  11. I somehow think there is a spy from North Korea in the ranks since 1997 during the “accidental” shootout. In current time we know that someone else besides the commander who Song reports to wants to know what’s happening in the mission. That person is the one Lee is reporting to. I wonder if it’s the politician or someone else. Although Ye Rim has the name, I’m wondering if like someone commented last week if the actual baby from the north is Dong Jin. Someone showed up at his mother’s restaurant whom the camera didn’t reveal but the mother greeted him and after the person left
  12. Previously I didn’t realize that it’s the actress that played Kang Sena in Love Until The End is the female lead in this show. I kept thinking her voice sounds like Sena and I finally looked her up on MDL and sure enough it’s her. The first episode was okay. They’re introducing the characters and their connections to one another. I read up on the plot of the 2004 drama version to get a general idea of the story and I know this will get crazy. I think I will enjoy these calm episodes in the meantime.
  13. Preview 12: Ahri: You know how startled I was? Byeori: I want to go home soon. Ahri: That inn is not our home. Joong Han: Don’t call or get Ahri’s calls from now on. Hae Shim: I happened to run into her. Hae Shim’s father: What is this? Is it a ghost? Cross-dresser: It’s so noisy. Dae Ro: Where are you? I’ll go. Bora: Why is it so dark over here? Dae Ro: Chan Sung-ah! I’m glad Dae Ro refused to collaborate with Joon Soo. I think he would lose his business concept if he did. I don’t think their target market is the same either since Joon Soo pro
  14. Again, ITA with all of your post. I highlighted the part that really bugged me the most in terms of character development and relationships. Everybody became an accessory to TY/JG. Even DY who should have a connection to JG just as much as Detective Ko had was sacrificed to TY/JG. They didn’t do much with Min Hyuk after he no longer acted as an antagonist to JG. I feel he should have been used to uncover the Alice side of the story. Right to the end he didn’t suspect Gi until SY told him not to trust Gi. I mean seriously they could have made an interesting side of the story with Alic
  15. You might be right. I don’t think everybody bought into it though because I have read a lot of comments on Viki, YouTube and MDL that showed that some viewers were turned off by the borderline romantic vibe between JG and TY. Others simply denied that there was any hint of romance. For me, no matter what, she is another version of the person who is his mother. When I was uncomfortable I just fast forward through their borderline romantic scenes. @40somethingahjumma, I indeed watched 365 and Train and enjoyed both. I’m looking forward to Kairos tomorrow which has a similar concept t
  16. Ahri is in for a rough ride with her loveline. It is blatantly clear that Ae Sook, Joon Soo’s mother doesn’t like Ahri much. Plus the mom already have it in her head that Joon Soo should marry into a prestigious family especially considering the success of his company and bright future. I am looking forward to their romance though.
  17. Hopefully the company sued her if her money laundering involved company funds. And then hopefully the government collect their share from fines and lawsuits. Most of all, I hope she rots in prison. These shows never deliver justice quite the way I want especially when their victims usually lost everything.
  18. @Sleepy Owl, did they say what will happen to the company? To me since KHR killed for the company and her son, it’s important that she at least lost the company entirely. I don’t care if the board appoint a managing director...just as long as KHR has completely lost any right to the company. I’m still waiting for subs so I don’t know all that happened.
  19. This. You echo my thoughts about this series so well. I gave up trying to figure this stuff out mid-series. I thought I would just stop guessing and let the show tell me instead. Nevertheless I held on to the rule that was introduced around the time that the future mother killed her past self and it was said by Seol Oh Wan that changing the past doesn’t change the current dimension but creates a new dimension and so basically there are many parallel dimensions currently. So then I wanted to know how is JG going to put an end to time travel and how will all the dimensions disappear when Seol Oh
  20. @mjmartinez, I think right now Byeori needs a stable home and I’m not sure that Ahri can provide that. They’re living in a motel right now where unsavory characters appear. That’s not a good environment for both Ahri and Byeori. Regarding Byeori living with Ahri’s father and stepmother, I think it would be unrealistic to have the father’s feelings towards the ex-wife resolve anytime soon. He’s been hating the ex-wife for years now. That’s why Ahri told Byeori to lie in the first place. I can’t see those feelings of bitterness disappearing soon. Only unless he gives in purely to get
  21. @maribella I expect anything in daily drama shows, like Fatal Promise. They’re so over the top that I don’t expect them to adhere to common sense and rules. Come to think of it, I suppose this show has its makjang elements too so having JM interrogate is just another one of those unrealistic moments.
  22. I saw this scene in the raw episode and I inwardly rolled my eyes. A reporter shouldn’t be watching an interrogation like that. It felt so odd to me. And did he enter the interrogation room too? That’s highly unusual. I thought only police, prosecutors, defense attorneys and in some cases witnesses are allowed to do this. @maribella By her protecting Kim, I guess her last useless act is to have him deal with ES. What a loyal dog to actually involve himself in killing people for his owner. There must be more to this relationship. Why is he so loyal to go as far as committing murder?
  23. Glad to see lots of people hate Rachel too. I’m not into hating characters maybe except certain villains, and of course as I mentioned I ended up disliking Light Yagami, but Rachel I disliked even before she betrayed Bam. It didn’t take me long to like Anaak and Endorsi. I was always suspicious of Khun though because he’s the type who seemed like a manipulator and a betrayer for his own goals but his back story quickly shed light on why he operates that way and I understood him better. Indeed it’s nice to see a character grow and become stronger. Look how Tanjirou evolves in battles
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