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  1. I hear you. Even though I read in earlier posts on this thread that she died in the novel epilogue, not for a moment did I think this show would have a sad ending. Another member also said that the novel author said the drama ending will be different so who knows how it will end. They already changed several things from what others have said on the thread like the storyline for A’wu’s former maid and Zitan.
  2. Not necessarily. Everybody have to die right? She didn’t die at the end of the story. She dies in the epilogue years after the story ends. Even so, I believe the drama might have changed the ending too. Personally I think it will be a happy ending for them.
  3. @gingerchews @Leila Essalih, As far as I know XQ only have two kids and they are born from A’Wu. Others who read the novel posted earlier on the thread that XQ only had two kids and even after A’Wu died he remained faithful to her. Only unless the drama changes that but I doubt it because I think he would have told A’Wu already. Only unless he fathered a child he didn’t know about.
  4. @Polly @UnniSarah, I was actually suspecting General Song in episode 14 regarding jailing the maids who leaked information about XQ leaving the military camp. When the housekeeper confessed and A’Wu turned her back to General Song to tell the other guards to let the rest of the maids go, General Song had a subtle diabolical smile on his face. I honestly believe he’s a mole already but he’s playing a long game. I hope he dies a traitor’s death in the future.
  5. @Polly A’Wu is so much better than her sister-in-law especially in morals. She didn’t love XQ when she married him but she wasn’t going to disrespect herself by having an affair with the third prince. I find the sister-in-law gross. She can refuse her husband but why is she out there constantly sleeping with the second prince? I want her to be found out so bad so that they can throw her out. Then she can sleep with the second prince all day if she so desires. About the Wang and Imperial families, that’s some drama right there. So nobody got to marry for love. I guess that’s why they
  6. @UnniSarah, I don’t know if we will see them again. I only saw up to episode 21. A’Wu is currently in the capital so maybe the story has moved on from those two women. There’s also A’wu’s ex-friend who is plotting revenge against her. I think the ex-maid will succeed in poisoning A’Wu. It was mentioned earlier in the thread that only Helen Zhen will have the antidote to the poison to cure A’Wu.
  7. As far as I know from earlier posts on this thread, A’Wu is the only woman XQ will have intimate relations with and they will have a son and a daughter. It was even mentioned that XQ will be strict with the son but spoil the daughter or go easier on her. @Catleya, it seems to me that the Wang son was forced by his father to marry the wife. It was also a political marriage like all the others in this drama. Remember that night when his father forced him to return from going to his concubine, he and his father argued and we find out this was an arranged marriage and the son and the w
  8. @Catleya, do A’wu’s parents love each other? I never got that impression. I do understand the kind of loyalty that comes from spending years together though. I also don’t think the empress and emperor love each other. I see these relationships more like the relationships I saw in Story of Minglan where a lot of them weren’t necessarily love but a loyalty and familiarity formed through duty to the husband and vice versa. The wife of A’wu’s older brother is something else. It seems that most of her scenes are spent in bed with the second prince or, to put it another way, with her cloth
  9. @UnniSarah, I believe General Song is the soldier we see with XQ from the beginning. He was the one teasing XQ about him getting the chance to marry A’Wu. He was with XQ when he first met A’Wu at the festival when she was with the third prince. @skibbies, I would prefer too that XQ and A’Wu live outside the court and travel the world like he promised but is there really someone solid that can lead the country? I don’t support any of the princes and I would hate to see any of them on the throne. Maybe a young prince who hasn’t been introduced yet, who was brought up sensibly, would be
  10. XQ ran away from the Wang family head on the night of his wedding. He plotted this with Advisor Wen. Doesn’t that therefore show that he’s wary of the Wang family who wanted to gain more military power through him? XQ is a smart man who doesn’t want to get caught up in court struggles if he could avoid it.
  11. In the drama, the family is a hoot. The father and the son can be silly but I like this brand of comedy. It’s not over the top. The mom and female lead seem more sensible.
  12. Too bad for the second prince because I honestly don’t think XQ will give them his loyalty. Even worse if and when he finds out that they schemed to withhold rations from his army thereby putting the protection of Ningshou, and therefore the country, at stake. XQ doesn’t seem to be interested in being loyal to anybody but the people of the country. The monarch may change but I get the impression he’s really for protecting the common man and his army.
  13. Yes, I understand that they will become the emperor and empress later on. It was mentioned on this thread in prior posts. That’s because the royal family will become very corrupt and because they won’t leave XQ and A’Wu alone. If people are always trying to kill them, there comes a point where they will say enough is enough and start fighting back to take back their freedom to live. I think A’Wu will ultimately choose her husband. It’s the same dilemma her mother have/had, being caught between her husband and her brother who is the emperor. XQ already told A’Wu that they will face
  14. Thanks for taking the time to summarize those episodes. I just finished watching the raw episodes up to 18. I noticed the annoying third prince trying to grab, distract and entice A’Wu away even while she’s tending to the people. I’m so glad XQ showed up in time to rescue them from the attack. Love how A’Wu ran to him and hugged him.
  15. @jacquelinetan, it was mentioned before on this thread that General Su will betray Xiao Qi in the future. I trust nobody but our OTP.
  16. I love this scene. Actually, what surprised me is that he told her that she has to be strong now as they face life and death together while he wiped her tears away. Another man might have wanted to keep her pampered and sheltered. After he tells her this, she nods and he hugs her again. I also like how he tells her not to hide behind her Wang family anymore. I think the Wang, Xie, Xu and other noble families are trouble. Let them kill each other fighting for power. I support none of them. The only people I support are Xiao Qi and A’Wu. I like A’wu’s mom and brother but unfortunatel
  17. @bomnie, I found Xiao Qi smoldering hot from the beginning. As a matter of fact, I don’t know any of these actors but just one look at this man with long hair that suits him, drew me to watch the show. lol The other guy who kidnaps her looks good too, objectively speaking, even if his character creeps me out in a real way because of his actions. @hush puppy, I’m so very curious to watch the subbed episode 12. I really want to hear all that Xiao Qi revealed to A’Wu about her dad’s schemes and basically the way he used her as a pawn to attempt to get his hands on Xiao Qi’s military pow
  18. @Rockman, I watched the first season of Kingdom a while ago and I absolutely loved it. I haven’t been able to watch the other seasons since I couldn’t find them on my anime services.
  19. @minglanfan2, Story of Ming Lan is a huge favorite of mines. I also believe that Xiao Qi probably values the peace of the people more than getting involved in deadly political intrigues for personal gain. Unfortunately, since he commands an army, it’s inescapable that he will be drawn into political intrigues. He has already started to be targeted too so he will most likely come to that point where he is forced to enter the political fight to preserve his life, family and men.
  20. I understand your feelings. As a female, I hate rape and sexual assault in any form. It really turns me off of a character. I hope that there aren’t any more scenes like those because I was honestly shocked when I saw that kind of stuff happening to the female lead. Usually women of her status are at home and/or surrounded by attendants. However, I suppose A’Wu will not be a normal woman of her times but she should at least have a female guard or something. @hush puppythanks for all the background information you provided. That almost-rapist guy seem to have more to him. Maybe my min
  21. @hush puppy, what was the emperor’s motivation to have A’Wu kidnapped? Was it his way of maneuvering Xiao Qi’s death? Does her father suspect the emperor was behind it? Does the mother realize her brother schemed against her precious daughter? Why does A’Wu’s brother seem to hate his wife? Is she a soy or something?
  22. @hush puppy, I wish I could discuss this show more with you but can you imagine that we only have four fully subbed episodes while you’re already on 17? Heh. So thank you so much for updating us on the story. I’m far behind. I didn’t understand why Wanru turned against A’Wu but your points make sense. I thought maybe she blamed A’Wu because the crown prince assaulted her instead of A’wu but turns out she has more reasons according to your points. So second prince is not the son of the emperor? I didn’t see that coming at all. Anyway, since episode 3 was finally subbed, I do understan
  23. Wait, are you saying that the former maid poisoned Wang Xuan and she can only be cured by the guy who tried to rape her? Sorry, all I can think of him is that he’s an attempted rapist. Don’t like men who force themselves on women.
  24. @hush puppy said: 7) The Emperor: He was the one who planned the Kidnapping of Princess Wang Xuan. To thwart the PM's plan. Frightening isn't it? The emperor loves the Princess so much. But will not hesitate to hurt/sacrifice her when needs arise. His Hatred for the PM outstriped his Love for Princess Wang Xuan. Again, the Princess became someone's else Pawn I am shocked! Wow! From the raw episodes I actually thought it was the second prince that got Awu kidnapped. I can’t believe it’s the emperor. Wow. Trust nobody. I hope Awu finds out. It seems the number of people sh
  25. Thank you for this. I love your explanation. It makes sense from what I can gather from watching the raw episodes. I didn’t want to think that the Father was after power and tried to do away with the king but your explanation confirmed it. I wasn’t sure though if Xiao Qi was going along with his plan or not. I’m very glad to hear that he didn’t allow the father to use him in an attempted coup. It shows he has a mind of his own.
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