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  1. These two people and Min Joo deserve one another. The man is a consummate con artist. Real two faced. I hope Gye Ok, Seol Ak and Mr. Boo witness it soon. He meets Wicked and pretends to be Chinese and does not know Korean. I wonder who he calls on the phone. It sounds like Min Joo. Come to think of it, didn’t he spend time in jail? @brooksmom, I’m waiting to find The Good Detective on a legal site. I used to have a subscription to ODK but I thought it wasn’t worth it because they didn’t have enough shows subbed in English. Their subscription price is the same as Kocowa and Kocowa have all their shows English subbed because it caters specifically to North America and South America.
  2. @UnniSarah, I also think Mr. Boo will object to Gye Ok but I don’t know why he should meddle in SA’s love life because I get the impression that his older sons made their own decisions about who they married. Otherwise, how could he have daughters in law like Min Joo and Ae Ri? It sounds like Min Joo came from a struggling family. Ae Ri’s family sounds like leeches. I know SA has top education but to me he should have the freedom to choose his wife just like his older brothers. And Mr. Boo should remember where he came from. What’s more important than a young sensible, filial, hard working and principled woman for his son? Min Joo and the chef suit each other. Their plans are coming along nicely. Soon they will get their reward if Mr. Boo continues to trust her and the chef implicitly. In tomorrow’s preview he is turning over the restaurant to her. Fortunately SA is looking into trademarking the restaurant so even if Min Joo and the chef almost succeed in stealing the secret to the soup room, legal charges may be brought against them. Regarding Min Joo and Gye Ok’s lousy stepsister, the best approach and outcome is for them to tear down each other. I can’t stand Wicked. She’s already plotting how she can spend Mr. Boo’s money. She’s even thinking of sending her son abroad to attend school. I can see why because Gye Ok behaves deathly afraid of her. No wonder she can work Gye Ok like a money tree. I have no idea why there was a closeup of the toilet. It implied something. I hope it turns out that way and Min Joo is exposed. I’m not sure if Wicked will meet Mr. Boo but it would be good if someone from that family put her in her place since Gye Ok enables her. It’s nice to see Gye Ok chipping away at Ga On’s fortitude. I like that it’s bit by bit so it doesn’t feel unnatural. I thought the ending scene today with SA indirectly confessing brought me right to romance. Most of the times I am so caught up with the family issues that the romance take a back seat for me. However, I liked this latest development because all of a sudden we got “Love is in the air”. I like it especially because SA shut himself down to romance since having Ga On and Gye Ok has been so busy working that she’s never dated anyone.
  3. Preview for tomorrow is giving issues so here’s the link. Which ever works. Maybe it’s something to do with forum changes. The previous videos that were posted don’t work either. https://youtu.be/TDIqAgp7RS4 Anyway, in the preview I see Min Joo thanking Mr. Boo. I hope he’s not giving her the branch. She needs to be exposed soon. @UnniSarah, I will respond to your post after watching today’s episode.
  4. The episode begins with HK and his assistant in the waiting room. The surgeons come out and apologizes. HK's mom passed away. HK reflects on his mother's last letter to him. He breaks down crying. Poor guy. The next scene shows JH's cousin's place empty and DH's place empty. Switches back to HK who holds his mother's letter in his hands and then he sees a pair of shoes. It's DH. She hugs him as he begins to cry again. DH comforts him. HK reflects that he almost missed what his mother wanted to say because he said "Next time" but his mother must have realized that now was the time to say those words. Outside the memorial, DH thanks HK's assistant for calling her. HK's assistant tells DH to go home and change because she's wearing sweats. She agrees and tells him she'll be back in an hour. JH's cousin calls her. He can't find HK. She tells him that HK's mom passed away. He called because he can't find JH. DH is home and she's now dressed in a black outfit. She goes outside her apartment to leave and JH is standing there. She asks him why is he there and she told him not to appear in front of her. He asks to talk for a second. She said she has to go and makes a move to leave but he steps in front of her and says just give him 30 minutes. No ten minutes. Let's talk. He said he just realized how terrified she must have been by everything he did. He said he realizes that he's not sane. The thought that it was over between them made him lose control of himself. He must have lost it. He said he's really going to get treated. He's not saying that to win her back because they're really over. But he doesn't want to be a bad memory to her. He asks her for a favor. Please don't hate him so much. She looks at him. The scene ends. JH's cousin goes to HK's mother memorial. He said he wants to talk to him. HK's assistant interrupts and HK asks where is DH. He said DH went home to change. HK asked the cousin where is JH. He hesitates then tells him JH is gone. HK shouts at him asking why didn't he tell him. I guess he's scared for DH's safety. HK gets ready to call someone but then he remembers his mother telling him not to lose DH. He gets ready to go off but then DH calls out to him. He drags DH outside and asks why didn't she answer her phone. He yells why does she make him worry. She tells him she went home to change her clothes and that JH came by. He said why didn't she call him and weren't she afraid. HK is very upset. What if something happened to her. DH tells him she sent JH away. She said she forgot her phone at home while rushing to return to the memorial place and that's why she didn't answer. He hugs her and apologize for yelling. He was just worried that something might have happened to her. He couldn't breathe. She said she felt the same way when his assistant called her earlier that morning. She was worried so much that she couldn't breathe. HK tells her not to go anywhere without him. He said from now on trust and stay with him. She said yes and that she has no other choice now. She apologizes for taking so long. They're still hugging. JH is back at his cousin's place. He takes out his mobile and looks at the photo of him and DH. He's contemplating deleting it. It doesn't show if he does. HK and DH are at the burial site. He said he would come often to visit. HK tells her that his mom wanted to see her. DH apologizes to mom and said she'll come often. HK and her are holding hands and her colleagues from work are standing in the back ground. The colleagues are walking back and talking. They ask about NE since she was the ex girlfriend. DH's friend says once you breakup you're technically strangers so why ask about her. Then the colleague who exercises at work ask why did HK and DH keep holding hands. lol His colleagues wonders how he could be so clueless. Back to JH and his mobile phone. He calls someone but the phone keeps ringing. HK tells DH to come with him. She said they can't go together all the time. She tells him to go home and get some sleep because he looks awful. She touches his cheek gently. He tells her to call him when she gets home. HK and his assistant leave the burial site. HK is home. He receives a call from Keanu. Kenau asks if he's okay. Keanu is outside HK's office. It looks like he'll conduct counseling sessions there. HK said he already spoke to his staff. HK is tired. He lies down to go to sleep. Keanu introduces himself to HK's assistant. The assistant gives Keanu JH's file and ask him if JH is really going to get treated at their clinic. Keanu says yes. The assistant asks if JH agreed. Keanu said yes. He said doctors shouldn't pick and choose their patients. The cousin comes home to find JH lying on his sofa. At DH's job, her colleagues talk briefly about when DH and HK started dating. DH goes to visit HK at his house. She finds him fast asleep. She touches his forehead. She touches his jaw. She touches his face. lol I guess she can't help it now that he's asleep. lol She stoops down and stares at his face. HK wakes up to a chopping noise in the kitchen. He looks and sees DH chopping vegetables. He asks what she's doing. She told him that she called his assistant for the passcode because he wasn't answering his door. He hugs her from behind while she's chopping. He starts to pull back her hair (because she's cooking) and she's sort of startled and pulls up her hair herself. As she turns to do this he hugs her waist. lol They're just staring at each other and then the pot boiling interrupts them. He asks what she's cooking. She said she asked his assistant what he likes. There's a flashback with the assistant urging HK to eat and he says he has no appetite. Long story short, DH cooks noodles for him. Turns out the noodle taste weird and bad but HK tells DH he likes it even though it tastes like that. The reason why he seems to like it is because there's a flashback of his dad telling him that his mom was a bad cook. lol I guess DH's noodles fit in that category. After the flashback, HK thanks DH. He said now he would have been truly left alone (both parents dead) but she's with him. DH tells him the noodles are really like a prescription while she stands over him and hugs him from the back while he's sitting eating the noodles. HK tears up crying. He tells her jokingly that she's really a bad cook and then said he's kidding. He put his arms around her waist and hugs her and tells her he'll remember this for a long time. DH teases him that he's such a crybaby. He said the kimchi is spicy. NE returns to the studio. She finds out that HK's mom dies. She leaves right away to go somewhere. At the clinic, HK and Keanu talk about his mom passing and his sorrow. DH is home sleeping in HK's bed. She wakes up to find a note from HK telling him that he went to the clinic for a moment and he'll be back. NE comes to HK's house. DH answers the door. She asks for HK. DH told her HK stepped out for a bit. DH invites her in and NE begins to leave but DH grabs her hand and tell her to wait inside. At the clinic, HK asks Keanu if he thinks JH can get better. Keanu said he will try. He put back on his gown to cure him. HK gives his personal opinion that he thinks JH should be hospitalized. Keanu said that they should give JH some time. He might get better sooner than they think. HK disagrees. He said what if that's not the case and the opposite happens. Keanu said if that happens he might have to quit being a doctor for good or JH should get hospitalized. If neither happens, JH could end up in prison. Keanu tells HK lets give JH another chance. HK says okay and leaves. However, before that, he asks Keanu if he's okay with JH considering his past tragedy. HK alludes to "that accident". Keanu stops him and says he's getting better. He said he's curing and healing himself with a loving heart. DH and NE are uncomfortably waiting at HK's house. NE asked DH if she told the others not to contact her about HK's mother's news. She said she just found out the news. DH tells her that all of them were so shocked and out of it that they didn't think to contact her. NE thought maybe HK didn't want her to know. NE talks about her hurt that HK didn't contact her about this because she really liked his mother. She thinks that HK didn't tell her because he thinks she's still hoping even after she told him she gave up. DH basically tells her some things and then told her that she's pretty and amazing and she was annoyed when NE hanged around HK. She tells NE to stop acting fine. None of them are completely fine after a breakup. NE says again that she really like HK's mom. DH gets up and hugs her and tells her she knows. She said Hk did wrong. Then she tells NE not to call HK's mom "Mother". She comforts NE as she cries. HK comes home. DH says she didn't make NE cry. lol DH is leaving them to chat privately but HK wants to take her home. DH deters him. She turns to NE and tells NE to punch HK once. HK asks what are they talking about. DH ignores him and tells him that he and NE should talk today. DH leaves and outside HK's door, she tells herself she's so outstanding. lol She makes to leave and then comes back to eavesdrop outside the apartment door. lol She says out loud to herself that she trusts HK. HK sits to talk to NE. He asks what's going on. NE says jerk. She said why didn't he tell her that his mom died. HK says because she's the mother of her ex-boyfriend. He didn't have to tell her. He said he appreciates her mourning for his mom and he's sure his mom appreciates it but there's nothing they can do for each other anymore. It's right that they don't do anything. NE asks him if they can't be friends just because they broke up. Why is he so uptight? They're not living in the Victorian era. HK says maybe they could be friends one day but not now. They're not comfortable with each other. Most importantly, he doesn't want to worry DH. She said he really changed a lot. He's become really mean. She gets up to leave and he says, he guess he really have [changed]. NE leaves his apartment. DH is still outside. lol She blows a sigh. HK pulls out his phone to call her. DH is outside the apartment door and answers the phone speaking very low. I guess she's afraid of her voice echoing and being found out. lol HK opens his apartment door and catches her right outside talking. LOL DH makes to leave after being caught but HK grabs her and pulls her into his apartment. HK has her against a wall and he's right in front of her. He asks her why didn't she leave. If she doesn't trust him. The scene is kind of sensual especially the way he asks her if she doesn't trust him. lol She's making excuses and he says, or is it that she didn't want to go home. It looks like he's moving nearer to kiss her. lol He asks her if she wants to stay. I guess he means spend the night. Her phone vibrates and interrupts the mood. Her mom is calling. DH's mom is at her apartment and the whole place is still ransacked. The mother asks her if a thief broke in. HK listens to her lie to her mom. He doesn't look too pleased. Anyway, he asks if she really needs to go home? Poor guy. lol He tells her he'll drive her home. DH laments her mom's timing. lol The mom said she'll stay the night. Keanu joins AY for breakfast at their spot. She gives Keanu a mobile phone. He takes out his own phone and shows it to AY. He tells her he just turned it on for the first time in years. She complains how much time they could have reach out to each other if only he had a mobile phone. She's cute. lol He asks her for her mobile number so that he can come running when she calls and vice versa. DH finally tells AY about the things JH did. She said she felt angry, upset and embarrassed but sorry for him. DH tells AY that HK found a doctor to treat JH. AY says something like what kind of nut will help a jerk like JH. lol If only she knew. Keanu is having a session with JH. He asks JH how was yesterday. JH basically said he's trying to accept reality. That the things he did were wrong and he's ill. Keanu said Delusional Disorder is a disease. He says once the delusions break, it hurts. It hurts bad. JH asks if living in delusions wouldn't make him happier. Keanu says maybe. However, if he wants to live in the real world, he needs to get out of that fake world. JH asks Keanu what does he think is his fake world? Keanu says the world where JH can't live without DH. The world where he is worthless without his father's approval. Keanu tells him that right now he's seeing in the real world a handsome, smart young man. Jh is silently crying. Keanu tells him there are many things he can do in the real world. JH asks Keanu if he thinks he can do it. Keanu says yes, let's give it a try. NE has an antagonistic conversation with trash reporter in a cafe. NE basically wins the argument and leaves. DH's mother set her up with a blind date. AY and Keanu has a cute moment on the phone. Shortly afterwards she goes to visit Keanu at the clinic. She's asking for a homeless man. lol Poor AY. She doesn't realize that Keanu is a doctor. lol Keanu hears her description of him as she talks to HK's assistant. lol He comes out and tells her if that's the way she thinks of him. He laughs. AY is surprised to find out he's a psychiatrist and finally finds out his real name. It's so funny how she has to adjusts her thinking of him because now she realizes he's more than a homeless man. She asks if there's more she needs to know about him. She tells him that he doesn't look good in a doctor's gown. He asks her if she preferred it when he was homeless, dirty, and didn't change his clothes. AY gets up and tells him she hates men who likes to show off. lol She hates them. She then leaves. Keanu laughs and says to himself, he guess something he said triggered her. He wonders what it is. DH meets the blind date. She explains she has a boyfriend. Suddenly HK shows up and ends her sentence. Apparently he went to work to pick her up and followed her. The situation is amusingly awkward. DH introduces her boyfriend to the blind date. They sit down to talk. The blind date said he has a girl friend too. lol HK and DH begins to argue over why she hasn't told her mother yet that she has a boyfriend. Meanwhile, the blind date guy took the opportunity to slip away. lol DH finally confesses to DH that her mother is the one who visited him before and said she would discourage her daughter from dating him. lol AY is drunk going home alone. Keanu shows up. He catches her when she's off balanced. He said he listens to stories and wants to know why she hates him. HK and DH are still discussing about her mother. He's upset that DH's mom thinks that way of him. She explains her father is a cheater and that's probably why her mother doesn't like men like him. HK said he wouldn't cheat and he'd die for DH. He would tell her mother that. DH asks him if he would really die for her. He said yes. She asks how could he just casually say he'd die for her. HK said he didn't just casually say it. They're walking together, walking and laughing and exchanging information about their favorite foods then they see JH standing in front of them. HK calls Keanu and tells him JH is there. Keanu tells HK that JH accepted reality and not to arouse him. He'll be right there. HK walks up to JH. DH stays distance away. We see HK saying something but can't hear the words. JH runs into the middle of the road and HK runs out after him and pushes him out of the way. HK gets hit real hard by a car. He's bloody and poor DH is holding him and asking for help. JH is passed out on the sidewalk. THE END
  5. I’m so glad it’s hinted at that the chef is a scammer. Did you guys see him in Baek Doo’s bedroom sizing up the place before concluding that Buruna Noodles won’t be enough? He’s a real con artist. He fit Wicked well although I suppose she’s more on the shameless side since she openly begs Gye Ok and her friends for money and openly sell fake bags. Min Joo thinks she’s on top of the world and the Boo Family is at her feet. She already thinks she’ll get the branch restaurant. As far as I know, Mr. Boo didn’t tell her that he would give her the branch. I just want Gye Ok and SA to find out what she and the fraud chef are plotting before anything too damaging happens. I also hope the terrible stepsister throws a wrench in Min Joo’s plans when she finds out that the chef is her ex husband whom she was married to for a short time. Mr. Boo looks like he doesn’t want SA and GO to associate with each other. I wonder if he’s also the kind of parent who wants a certain type for SA. He should know better than to trust his judgment because he doesn’t even realize the chef is a fraud.
  6. I love that line. People from the past had such a beautiful way of expressing themselves. That line is so true. Otherwise those threats will only be empty threats. Keanu is the one who will save us from more empty threats. He’ll probably help JH to come to his senses and move on with his life providing JH is willing to work on his treatment. The preview shows it might not be over but I ultimately expect JH will reach his turning point soon.
  7. True. I don’t wear makeup. I just use moisturizer and lip balm and that’s it. Makeup makes me feel like I have to scratch it off. I only wear it for important formal events which I attend occasionally. Next person bought new clothes this summer.
  8. @YuSanSeul, yep, I also think it would have been nice if this was a healing drama by using the psychiatric profession. I think Hospital Playlist and Chocolate did the healing drama type well. One was about doctors and their patients stories and the other was about a Hospice and their dying patient stories. In that vein, it might have been nice if a similar story telling was employed here with the romance as a nice complement. However, I guess the thing about a drama is that it’s a writer’s story to tell. I don’t think someone with JH’s issues should have been neglected this long. It would have been nice if his cousin as a family member could have intervened sooner. Well, the story is what it is now so all we can do is see what happens next.
  9. Kocowa Translation: SY: I should say hello to my in-laws and stay close. MJ: You came knowing everything, right? SY: I went to Buruna Noodles today. Mr. Boo: Whoever it is, someone needs to take charge. SA: Let’s prepare so that the restaurant doesn’t cause any problems. Mr. Boo: Hurry up. I want you to get married this year. SA: Then will you trust me if it’s someone I like? Mr. Boo: What?
  10. Thanks for the information. Netflix added a Coming Soon section for several months now. It's how I found out about several Kdrama that aired there while currently running in Korea. It's on the mobile phone App as well as the Roku App. I've never seen it on my iPad app though. Usually when there's a show in the Coming Soon, I can click on a bell that says "Remind Me" and it will alert me when the first episode is posted for that new show. I'll keep looking out for this one. Hopefully they will release the episodes according as they air in SK.
  11. @thistle, I thought of you during that scene where HK's mom died. It's a really heartbreaking scene. You kept saying that he needs to confront his problem with her instead of running away and I'm just really glad they reconciled because at least she got to tell him those important words. It's a really stirring scene. It just broke my heart when he cried so much for his mom. You guys were talking that HK loves more than DH. I think nothing has changed this episode. It's still him waiting for her and accommodating her. It's still him missing her and almost near tears. I don't know if you all will like today's episode.
  12. The episode begins with HK counseling JH. JH speaks of his father who he said never accepted him as a son. He said his mom wasn't strong enough to love him. He said he thought that no one would care if he died but then DH was with him. HK is turned off by this and suggests transferring his case to another therapist. JH refuses. He said only HK can understand what he's feeling. How important DH is to him and how much he loves DH. He told HK that night when he came to DH's house, the night she sent him back. He pauses and HK asks him what is he talking about. He told him that he was there that night when DH sent him back. HK takes some time to digest this information and he asks JH if he's saying he was there that night. JH notices HK thinking on this and he's kind of using this to his advantage and tells HK, she didn't tell you? Flashback to DH telling that lie to HK. HK is obviously bothered by what she did. JH, playing innocent, tells him not to get the wrong idea. He said it was nothing. JH tells HK he just went there because he really missed her. He said when he got there, he pressed the passcode wondering if it was the same one and it was the same. So he just went inside. He tells HK, DH will protect him (JH) with whatever he does just like that night. He yells because DH loves him. This guy is nuts! HK gets up and punches him and says, "You crazy jerk!" DH arrives in a taxi. Things pick back up now from the last scene of last episode. HK is extremely unprofessional here. This is terrible writing for his character. DH looks at HK. The reporter is taking a video of the scene. HK's assistant try to stop him. JH starts to talk to DH. HK tells him don't move. DH is just standing there. I don't know what to think about her. Really. Anyway, one of HK's patient starts to hyperventilate and he goes to get her to calm down. DH drags JH out of HK's office. Once again, HK is unprofessional, leaves the patient to his assistant and runs out after DH and her crazy ex. He's too late, they left in a taxi. In the taxi, the driver asks where to. JH responds but DH cuts him off and says to the police station. She repeats to the driver, to the nearest police station. The cousin is pacing feeling that something terrible is about to happen and he blames himself. He tells this to NE who came to work. The taxi drops DH and her ex off at the police station. He starts to apologize when he gets out of the cab. Outside the police station, DH stoops down and start to scream and cry. The psycho looking on watching her cry. I don't know if it's sunk in that he's driving her into a corner. DH calls the cousin and tells him that she's by the police station and that he must come by without telling anyone. Hk is driving and calling DH but she's not answering her phone. There's a flashback scene where the cousin went off on NE by telling her that she and JH are getting in the way of HK and DH. He tells her and she and JH has no conscience. They say they love the other person but they have no interest in that other person's happiness. NE says HK was happy when he was with her. The cousin tells her she's unbelievable. In the present, NE talks to the reporter that she was working with last episode and finally tells him that the article would be full of lies. I don't know if this is her finally facing reality after JH's cousin lambasted her. HK is in the office with AY. He's looking for DH and vaguely tells her that there was an incident at his office. He leaves after AY confirms that she doesn't know where DH is. It's night now and DH and her ex are still standing outside the police station. When the cousin arrives, she tells him that she came to report JH for stalking and trespassing. She doesn't report him but gives him another chance by telling his cousin to take care of him. She says if he shows up in front of her again she will report him. The cousin calls HK to tell him that DH was at the police station but left. She walks to the bridge where she and HK had met by fate. She reminisces on their memories there. She says in her thoughts that she's scared because she values her present too much and because she can't erase her past. HK goes to see Keanu. Meanwhile the two terrible exes are at the cousin's place no doubt drowning in pity for themselves after causing so much hurt and destruction. Back to Keanu and HK. HK tells his diagnosis of JH's condition. He regrets punching JH in the face. He said he should have cared for DH first. He said he shouldn't have let DH go like that. He said he was angry. He said he was mad that she lied to him. He was a bit mad about how she didn't tell him the truth to cover for that jerk. He said he understood why DH lied to cover for JH. He said he understands but then it seems to be a thing that therapist say because Keanu says he used to say the same thing. HK admits he's mad but he misses her. And then he hates her. By the way, all of this is said while he's drunk. DH finally appears there. HK is a little passed out drunk and she asks Keanu why is HK like this. I guess she means why is he drunk. She starts to say "I'm sorry" while he's there lying drunk. DH regrets telling HK about her past relationships and wonders how different things would have been if she hadn't told him so much. HK wakes up the next morning in a room with Keanu. Flashback to Keanu taking HK home on his back. lol Over at DH's place, she texts AY that she's taking the day off. She goes outside and HK is right in front of her door. He invites her to go to breakfast. Instead, they stay at her place to eat breakfast where she makes him instant meal. He thanks her for the breakfast. They talk about JH. Hk said he heard everything from the cousin and he says it's okay. DH says it's not okay. She said he doesn't deserve this. They're not Romeo and Juliet. Their relationship is not that special but everything is a complete mess. HK said it's not her fault. She agrees but said that nothing would have happened if they just went on their own ways without knowing each other's name. She said she's regretting, that's all. HK asks if she means it. She said yes. HK says to let him guess what's she's feeling right now. She said she feels uncomfortable eating with him right now. She's not sure if she can eat with him comfortably. AY and Keanu have breakfast. He tells her that HK is indeed his junior from medical school and not high school. Ms. DH is now home at the breakfast table alone and nursing her grief. JH is also at his cousin's place still lying in a daze on his sofa. The cousin calls HK who is sitting outside DH's apartment building lost in his thoughts. He tells HK about JH's condition and asks him if it's okay to leave him alone at home like that. HK says he will send someone over. It's Keanu. He arrives at the cousin's place. HK rescheduled all his patients. He keeps reflecting on what DH told him earlier that morning. His assistant warned him about the reporter and that his business might be in trouble. He ignores this and tells his assistant to shut the door after he leaves. DH goes home to visit her mom. They order fried chicken and they're basically hanging out. DH denies that something happened. The mother told her that she went to see HK. DH then realized that it was her mother who told HK that she would advise her daughter to dump him if she ever brought him home. lol DH is tickled by the fact that HK and her may be Romeo and Juliet after all with the disapproving parent and all. The guy who was a former patient brings his new Vietnamese wife to HK and they brought Vietnamese food for HK. While looking at the food HK remembers what DH told him about not being able to eat comfortably with him. He looks like his heart is breaking and the food reminds him of that painful memory. Nevertheless he takes a bite of what's looks to be a summer roll. The wife thanks him and they all begin to eat the food together. Poor HK. The guy looks like he's crying while eating. JH is still lying listless on the sofa. He notices Keanu and asks him why did he come. Keanu tells him to eat the food that's laid out on the table. NE is jogging and reflects on what HK told her at the paint ball site. Maybe it's finally sinking in that she needs to let go and move on. Keanu tells JH to eat the porridge. He said this might not have happened if he didn't arouse JH. JH denies this and says it has nothing to do with DH. Keanu says yes it does. JH says it's about his father. Keanu says yes and that's why JH was obsessed with DH and turned it into his illness. JH screams "Why?.....why is loving DH an illness?" Keanu tells him his love turned into poison and created an illness inside him. JH denies this. He said it's not true. He tells Keanu to get out. He's screaming and crying. He tells Keanu he thinks he's right. He has an illness in his heart but he can get better if he gets counseling and treatments, right? He said he really meant what he said. He really love DH. He's on his knees before Keanu, crying and saying he didn't mean to hurt her. He truly loves DH. He really does. It hurts so much. Keanu tells him let them not live like this anymore. DH is still at her mom's place. She said to let them go blow off some steam. They went to an arcade to play games. AY and DH's friend joins them. NE goes to HK's office. She came to tell HK that she gave up. Also, a flashback shows that she saw HK kissing DH at the paint ball site. Finally it's over with NE's persistence. She means it this time. She cries as she walks down the sidewalk alone. DH walks home to find HK outside her apartment waiting for her. She walks past him and he says to stay safe. He said that he'll make it comfortable for her to eat with him again so don't worry and wait for him. He tells her not to worry about anything and he pats her on the shoulder and turns to leave. Next day DH calls AY to take three more days off. She claims she's cleaning her apartment. HK goes to see his mom who asks for DH. HK's mom tells HK not to give up on DH and the next time he comes to bring her. She can see her son is sad. HK's mom goes into surgery. Thankfully HK's assistant is there with him. A nurse brings a note to HK that his mom left for him. She apologizes to him for not remembering that he's the most important person to her and she tells him she loves him. HIS MOM DIED. It's so heartbreaking. The surgeons came out and told him they're sorry. HK is stunned. He reflects on his memories of his mom. HK starts to cry now that it finally sank in. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm crying too. It's so sad. THE END.
  13. I just finished binge watching episodes 3 - 10 yesterday and I kept thinking this drama is a gem. It’s very interesting and excellent at engaging my emotions. I can’t say that I understand EJ as a character but I think her husband did her very wrong. It just wasn’t right to use those precious years of her life to hide his secret. And the way he left it for her to find out, wow. All of I can say is I hope she gets out of that situation soon. Another precious day wasted isn’t worth it. EH and CH, I just love them. @triplem, I feel proud of your oppa for choosing this gem of a drama. I hope this show is recognized by the awards this year or next year. Anyway, I love EH and CH’s storyline the most as well as the parents. I love the friendship between EH and CH and I certainly don’t mind them getting together because there are hints that these two might have liked each other but always buried their feelings for one reason or another. I just loved the way CH’s expression changed when EJ told him that EH once liked him. I think that was the moment that he realized that EH did see him as a man. I confess I was cautiously giddy inside because these two always back peddle and diminish their almost confessions. I hope my wish come true and they finally get together. What can I say about mom and dad. I love their story, the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope that they can reconcile because they seemed to have greatly misunderstood each other and that made their marriage almost unbearable. It’s sad how she made the decision to live only as a mother because she thought he was cheating and he made the decision to only live as a father because he misunderstood her. These two, really. Such wasted years too. I’m okay if they don’t reconcile too but seeing their story made me wish they could get a second chance even if it means just dating again while living separately.
  14. She’s not a pushover except maybe a little when she accommodated her lousy boyfriend. She has also firmly stood up to him so I think when she did behave accommodating, she was trying to be sweet with him. I think that’s pretty much out of the window now because she told him off as well. However, as @triplem said, the boyfriend will probably still be a factor because they didn’t exactly breakup. She does get into trouble but it’s for standing up for what she thinks is right. For example, while working temporarily as a stenographer for a government meeting, she heard a decision being discussed that was not opposed by anyone in the room and she stood up and opposed the decision and was fired for doing that. Since she was fired, she made a decision to enter the political ring. I would say give the first episode a try and see if you like it. @triplem, I think her target group is a good one too. I think one of the problems she has to overcome is actually getting people to go out and vote. It seems the voter turnout is not that promising for this particular election.
  15. @brooksmom, I looked under Netflix “Coming Soon” and I couldn’t find this drama. Did you see it under Netflix USA or an international Netflix service?
  16. I just finished this episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it except, as usual, for the chaebol part on the boat. I wish these two chaebols would just get together soon and ride off into the sunset so that I don’t have to be bored with their mundane scenes. Why are they so lifeless and boring? All the other characters are so full of life no matter how absurd they behave at times. I think Dae Hyun needed that brutal and condescending wake up call. I loathe the attitude of that chaebol mom but I think Dae Hyun needed to face reality. I was sorry for him because surely no one wants to feel inferior or be treated as such, but he needed to understand the type of supercilious world that his girlfriend occupy. He’s just not a good fit for that world. He was practically in tears on the bridge. I can imagine the way he felt because of that unpleasant experience especially from the mother of his girlfriend. Yeon Joo’s visit to Saet Byul’s hospital room really turned me off. However, I’m glad she did it because when Saet Byul is removed from the equation, she can’t be blamed for the failure that is inevitable in their relationship. I do hope that if Saet Byul continue to work at the convenience store or quit like she informed Dae Hyun, that she will be more “careful” of her interactions with Dae Hyun. In that way she won’t be blamed for further deterioration in Dae Hyun’s failing relationship. I was also disappointed with the way that Dae Hyun was ready to fire Saet Byul in order to preserve his relationship with Yeon Joo. Well, now he’s got his wish since Saet Byul told him her intention to quit. So Saet Byul’s friend is filthy rich? I wonder if she’s new generation rich because at least she has a lively personality unlike those pretentious rich people. I’m glad to see again that Saet Byul have friends who cherish her. I loved the moment Saet Byul shared with Dae Hyun’s mom when she washed her hair. It brought tears to my eyes. I wonder if the friend Dae Hyun’s mom spoke about will turn out to have a connection with Saet Byul. You never know with kdrama. Dimples is so sweet. It would have been nice if he really had a chance with Saet Byul.
  17. According to Global MBC website here, it’s still listed as 16 episodes. Does anyone has any confirmation that the drama was extended? My Drama List, Asian Wiki, and Koreandramaorg also have 16 episodes. Below image is from MBC Global Media: Dinner Mate Director Ko Jae-hyeon Writer Kim Ju Starring Song Seung-heon, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Ji-hoon, Son Na-eun Category Drama Year 2020 Episode 16Eps Running Time 70mins Genre Romance, Comedy Keyword #Monday #Tuesday Drama Homepage http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/dinnermate/
  18. @stroppyse, the Uber pin service was recently launched coinciding with the COVID shutdown. Users just need to sign up for it. The pin service is for evening hours. New York made the mace spray illegal so I don’t have one. If it wasn’t illegal I would definitely purchase one. My aunt had given me a device that would make a siren noise in emergency but I have never used it. I don’t really know if it’s a good idea to use something like that in any case. EDIT to add Uber Pin email message text. Now you can opt in to verify your ride with a PIN Because your safety is important to us, we created a PINverification feature to help you make sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver. You can choose to opt in to this feature for added peace of mind on every ride. See how it works How to opt in: Update your Uber app to the latest version. Open the app, go to Settings, and tap Verify your rides. Tap to toggle on Use PIN to verify rides and then select Every ride or Only at night. Tap Done.
  19. I live by these rules purely because I watched a lot of crime shows over the years. Here are some of the things I do: If I get home after it gets dark and someone is walking down the same sidewalk as me, I cross to the other side. I always have my keys easily accessible to me so that I can open the door as soon as possible. I’m also very much alert to my surroundings before I open the door as well. On sidewalks in the city, I’m also aware. There was an incident years ago where a homeless man struck a young woman in her head with a rock while she was waiting to cross the street in broad daylight in the city. Always be vigilant. I keep my bag close to my body and never behind me. In the trains too, it’s best to hug your handbag close to your body and preferably in front of your body. When working late at the office, I make sure if I go outside and come back inside that the door is firmly secured before I go back to my desk. If I go to the ladies room after hours, it must be in one of those that are secured with a passcode or key. Even so, having my cell phone with me is also important to call assistance if necessary. For those who use Uber, during certain hours they have a pin service that offers added protection or peace of mind. If memory serves me well, Uber sends you a PIN number and before you enter the car the driver is supposed to give you the PIN number to confirm that the driver is who Uber actually sent to pick you up.
  20. @heartslined, things would be much more enjoyable for us if Gye Ok had a different attitude with the step family. If she was truly serious about cutting ties with them, nothing the step sister does would be a threat to watch because they would cease to have any power over Gye Ok. The fact is, Mr. Boo knows about Gye Ok’s family and so does SA. Mr. Boo already gave Gye Ok permission to tell her family the truth. Of course the step sister will want to make trouble but I hope she’s quickly put in her place. Anyway, in today’s episode, I love that Gye Ok encouraged SA to tell his father not to give in to Min Joo’s demand about the noodle shop and advised him that they should wait until they hear Baek Doo’s side of the story. This is her stalling because she wants to find out exactly what’s going on between Min Joo and the chef. Min Joo and her chef boyfriend acting like they already win. She already worked out that the main branch would not be able to last beyond two years and her branch would end up being the main one. I can’t wait to see her plans go up in flames. What worries me is that anyone can break in to the soup room if they really mean to. It’s not like it’s fortified by great security.
  21. Yep, she didn’t apologize. Clearly she didn’t mean to anyway and SB knows it. Remember at the sales dinner SB said under her breath that she hoped DH found out about YJ’s terrible personality soon. Well, I found it rather telling how YJ was obviously embarrassed of both SB and DH in the lobby. I don’t even understand why when the convenience store is connected to her company. To me that translate to her fake support of the company’s mission/objective.
  22. DH is oblivious or pretend to be oblivious to several things. Maybe that’s his way. Remember when his mother was telling him to pay more attention to SB and her personal circumstances and he said he didn’t want to know more. That changed now but I wonder what else he “willfully” chooses to ignore.
  23. Anyone else find YJ and the director guy boring? I know he’s probably the one that she’ll end up with but when they’re together it’s a yawning experience for me. To be fair to the director, I haven’t seen that much of him except in the context of him wanting to interest YJ or talking about her personal life.