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  1. Hey packmule3,

    I wanted to send you a message but Soompi said I couldn't. :crazy:


    Is the issue you? me? the combo?

    1. packmule3


      What do you mean you can't send me a message? You mean a private message? Huh? Why not? 

      Have I been banned again without my knowledge? lol. Or did you do something wrong again? We're such a funny pair: Forever Miscreants.  

      Just go to my blog and post there if you're trying to look for me and talk to me about that Ghost/Comatose Detective.  I don't come to soompi often anymore. 


      Edited to add this: I wrote you a PM just now and it went through. Go ahead and check your internet connection or soompi login. Maybe there was a system-wide update or something. Log in and out of your soompi account. 

    2. hushhh


      Comatose Detective is right!!

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