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  1. gotta check your page if you already posted something new about Goblin. Your post is so addictive, I'm kinda waiting every the day it aired (Fri-Sat, weekend to be exactly). I hope you are not feel disturbed by me though:sweatingbullets: I miss you:)

    1. packmule3


      Sure. I'll post something on Goblin today. :) I can do one every day when I'm not crazily busy with work because, like you, I really enjoyed this Kdrama. 

      I must give you fair warning, though: DON'T FALL IN LOVE with my thoughts and comments. :ph34r: There are only 26 letters in the alphabet, and right now, I'm combining them into words, and into posts that you love and find "addictive". But one of these days, in another one of these kdramas, you may meet me again, and these same 26 letters of the alphabet, I'll combine into words and posts that YOU may find cruel and hateful, just because they're trenchant, blunt, cold, harsh, and above all, CONTRARY to your opinions. :) Just look at how many thin-skinned antis, including mods, got on my case for daring to write and think differently from the herd. 

      So, don't fall in love with MY opinions and writing style. @phikyl, @nearsea, @angelangie, and all my old friends here know this rule.

      Rather, fall in love with the ideas and the creative processes displayed by this writer-director tandem. I'm simply reflecting on them, and to borrow Shin's cheesy description of ET, they're "blindingly beautiful".  B)

      See you in ~ 12 hours. 

    2. CatchMine_ID


      And I think my question is already answered btw. That blurry vision tho.

      Lemme catch that warning but I got that already, remember that I always say to you that I love to read your perspective? I don't really agree with all of that but sure I'm fallin' in love with how the story can be reflected to those sides (hehe)^_^


    3. packmule3


      The blurry vision? Oh! Was it already answered? How? 

      @CatchMine_ID. I'm not schizophrenic (lol) but I'm trained to think both ways, or triple, quadruple...multiple ways to defend a client. I have made a gangster look like a choirboy. So don't fall in love with me.

      If you knew how much I initially ranted about KES for her cruddy finale, you'd cry tears, too. @nearsea and @phikyl knew because we were originally PM'ing each other. But I had to revise my thoughts so other posters would have their satisfactory "happy-ever-after" closure. :)

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