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  1. Waiting to watch EP 13 with subs. I am hopeful for a happy ending and I am fine with DHS being innocent and a nice man underneath it all, but I hope they don't try to make DHS "normal". I would really hate that. I know people who have anti-social personality disorder can feel emotions (they are not emotionless), but with DHS, it has been established that he can only feel extreme emotions. I understand him having this breakdown as he is learning to process his emotions - they crying and showing emotion is understandable in extreme situations. But I REALLY, REALLY down go down the route of makin
  2. @Jillia If I were to guess, I think the mother will find out soon that she was being manipulated by her son and will turn on him in the ending. She seems half-way decent underneath all that crazy. I think the ending will consist of BMW, BHS going to jail and the mother being left behind. Yes! That was super confusing to me as well! The way BHS said had he met this woman, it would have changed all of their lives, does that mean had the accident not happened it would have changed all their lives or does he mean the actual woman would have changed all the
  3. Do we know who the real BSH was supposed to meet? The woman that would have changed their lives? Still feel like it might be CJW.
  4. Not sure about being the accomplice, we will have to wait and see with that one. But I have a theory that the real BSH was going to meet Ji Won on the day of the accident. The way he told his mother that he was going to see someone and it was a woman, and had he met that woman, it would have changed all their lives, I had a sneaking suspicion that it may have been Ji Won. Ji Won has also jokingly said a few times that she is a woman with a past type thing. Ever since Detective Choi found the recording, I feel like nothing in this drama is being said or done without a purpose. How
  5. I am super confused why BHS would save DHS if he was really the accomplice? BMW would have left DHS to die. His actions don't seem like a killer to me. I think it is highly possible that his family is involved with all of this, but being the accomplice doesn't make sense to me unless I missed something.
  6. Spoilers ahead for those who are yet to watch EP 11!
  7. I don't this is a case of terminal illness. I think it is sever panic attacks as he is processing his emotions. For the first time in his life, he is at serious risk of losing the person he loves and his life, so it is natural that he is panicking. As of the Beak family - I still feel that the accomplice is Beak Man Won or it will be a new person in a last minute twist, although Beak Man Won might be the best explanation. Do Min Seok and Beak Man Won team up makes sense - one is killing for the thrill and one is organ harvesting from the killings. If Beak Hee Sung was
  8. Just watched EP 9, what a roller coaster ride! So there are two different arches here: Beak Man Won and the accomplice. I don't think Beak Man Won is the accomplice, but I do think he is related to the gangster/job agency cause he seems like a shady and power hungry man. From what I can tell, either him or his wife did something to the real Beak Hee Sung when he brought DHS home after the accident. They were afraid to be caught so they enticed DHS to pretend to be BHS for the past 14 years so that they can save themselves. As for the real BHS, he was saying he was in
  9. Was it confirmed that he went out and faced her as DHS? I thought he would makeup another lie in EP 9 and say he was just meeting up with his friend or something.
  10. I really just want it to be out that CJW knows. I am DYING to see the angst part of the relationship already! It is about time that he is forced to accept his feelings or risk losing the life he is so desperate to keep! I mean even if he is not found guilty, unless he accepts his feelings for her and proves he loves her, she won't accept him back. BHS has had it easy with CJW falling for him first and chasing after her. It's about time the tables turn.
  11. Just watched EP 8 subbed, and can I just say I LOVE CJW! She knows that DHS is not a killer and now she knows that DHS is not the accomplice of a killer either, so she is letting him go and ensuring that the investigation doesn't lead back to him. I think her plan is to keep up this charade until she can break up with BHS in a way that doesn't hurt Eun Ha. But she took of her wedding ring! I think both DHS and CJW's investigations will lead back to the same person, the real accomplice. I am sure that this accomplice is the one that killed DHS's father. I also the Hosp
  12. Anyone who can understand Korean want to translate or summarize the EP 9 preview for us?
  13. Awww CJW still cares about him. She is trying so hard understand just what the hell happened all those years ago. I am very hopeful now that CJW will forgive him once get understands the full picture.
  14. I definitely think she has a dark side to her personality - we got a glimpse of it when she dealt with that granny killer (I forget her name) in the 2nd episode. She really did look like she could kill that girl and have no regrets about it. I think that's also why she was drawn to BHS and his personality. Now both CJW and BHS are fronting their sickly sweet personas. Regarding her investigation, I think she is suspending her judgement until she discovers DHS's full story. Her punishment will depend on what she discovers. But she definitely doesn't believe he is the evil monster p
  15. I really don't think CJW is investigating BHS to arrest him. CJW has strong hunches about people and situations. If you see her as a detective, she is always on the right track about her predictions and she ensures that her hunches are also backed-up with evidence and facts, and they usually are. Her conversation with the wife last week was pretty clear. She is investigating him to discover the truth cause she believes that BHS is not evil monster people are making him out to be, cause she has seen him for the past 7 years. So I think she just wants to know the truth about him.
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