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  1. I believe they were trying to mess up with TOP’s succession plan just as Suk Hee has planned. When the actress went to the house during that memorial dinner, you can see her convo with the chairman was between parents of the 3rd boy. I am curious of Mo Wang Joon’s hidden secret. Seems to me he was planning on running way with a plane ticket ready but had to change plans because of the succession. The eldest wasnt interested in the conglomerate mess and WJ had to carry the burden and sacrifice himself for his mother. The chairman is a pathetic coward.
  2. This show is sick, dark, and promises so much macabre. 2nd episode gets even more exciting after a few deets of LDW’s character gets revealed. It’s from OCN so it’s going to be a fun ride in a twisted way. Such a shame it’s good for 10 eps only.
  3. Don’t worry, those wines must be in the dry kitchen, so temp must be conveniently kept at a constant by central air conditioning as most affluent houses in kdramas usually do.
  4. I did not notice it on Saturday’s episode but the bench date scene yesterday showed HJH’s huge behind. i was uncomfortable in the bed snuggle scene because HE BROUGHT THE HOUSE SLIPPERS INTO THE BED! why why why???!!!
  5. @lu09You’ll find him as annoying in OCN’s God’s Quiz reboot. He was badbadbad till the bitter end.
  6. Either it was the director’s idea as you’ve mentioned, or they changed scriptwriter sometime somewhere. Can’t believe the disappointing and scatterbrained turn of events.
  7. @larus @maribella i wouldn’t be surprised. MiRi has worn her RBF in many occasions esp around the Hans. She only takes this mask off when around her family and TJ. They might find it odd if she were smiling silly. next week’s preview, cuddle time in bed for our OTP and TJ being daring enough to announce his date plans to the mktg team. I live for these small mercies from the writer. I am pathetic.
  8. This can also be attributed to JI’s character. She’s not your girly-girly type nor the femme fatale. She’s your dependable, old structure. Her reference to JH feeling familiar to him “like a comfortable pillow” reflects her personality. They are both old souls and wise in introspection. Thus the fashion choice. Compare it to, say, SI who is a public figure and has to look immaculate and honorable, or Jae In who is a strong-willed wild-type. My two cents.
  9. Did he catch on to her lie about the coughing? I fast-forwarded and will see their scenes when the subs come tomorrow.
  10. This is the sad progression of many marriages. The couples assume their roles in the society, the husband as the head, and the wife supports him. The gap and differences happen eventually with time, children, circumstances. Marriages are meant to be re-evaluated, refreshed, adjusted by the couple as life goes along. When complacency and stagnation in the relationship happens,.... The past generations of couples just assumed their roles as dictated by society. Or this prolly works in most/some korean marriages. Yup. We are the fast-forward fingers, scrubbing the screens to TJxMR scenes and smiling silly for our OTP. (Phone-user here).
  11. I had high hopes because of earlier romantic scenes between our OTP. Sadly like you, i am left to bleed dry. Sigh... why do i have a bad feeling that IS and the writer are one and the same? Finding excuses now and again. This must be her biopic. Such a waste of episodes and airtime. Dae-Chol the character is poignant. I hope we all can learn from this and be good to our life partners till it’s time to go. The wedding was so blah. There were more tears in here than a funeral indeed. Don’t they have flower girls and bridesmaids in Korean wedding receptions? Were they going on a honeymoon? I hope the writer gives our OTP a breather and let them have couple time before another war begins. Today, the redeeming moment was the han river scene.
  12. I actually like library friend. She herself is as unsure as JI in this whole predicament. But she gives her a clear picture of what’s to come. She gives a clear perspective that JI might miss in her confusion. And best of all, she doesn’t insist her advice to be taken. Because she trusts her friend can decide for herself. She also considers social repercussions of JI’s decisions. She’s the kind of friend who will not tell you what to do but will ultimately stick through all of it. In contrast to Jae In who is outspoken of her views. In times of trouble, it’s great to have people like them around.
  13. It’s satisfying to see IS’s slow downfall. Ratings are out and this show is still enjoying the top of the lot. Locals must somehow really enjoy these plot twists while some of us here have jumped ship. I would like to hear some reason for such cultural difference.
  14. That brightness explained it all. I would not have seen how she looked up to see the picture frame because of the “ambient” low lighting. This is the 2nd time we see JI’s funny bone still working even during sexy time. The first one was the ramen-flavored kiss by the doorway and she had to poke JH with chopsticks.
  15. @thistle @hushhh it’s so Princess Leia-inspired. Wonder if that’s their engagement photoshoot or promotional poster for the show. Since JI has been with JH, she has been more playful and cheeky. Unlike those times when she was dating GS that she was like a bored/bitter soul. That quote from the book they read after the ramen break is a western concept. Only those who are not bound by norms of society and traditions in the east can fully understand it.
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