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  1. Good to know. I hope we get to see more tender moments between MR and TJ again soon. What’s the deal with the entrance to the chairman’s study? One day it’s the long hallway with a doorman, then by the living room the next? Or does he have two rooms? Jin Soo simply needs a man cave for his toys. WHEN he can be a responsible father and husband, asking for it is not a big of a deal anymore. Kim So Yeon’s height difference from HJH was further emphasized when she wasn’t wearing high heels. He had to bend down really low for that hug Language question: i have heard Sun Ja refer to Da Bin with pet names but in korean language it sounds like it ends with _____seki? My apologies if the word is inappropriate. I’m confuzzled as it is.
  2. I was banking on the writer’s unpredictability which was why i was kinda hooked to this drama. I just wish they won’t have to keep the mother-daughter secret for long. Give us more surprises and twists to keep us all alive and excited again. Btw how are the ratings lately. Haven’t checked.
  3. Ikr. It’s a family drama so everyone gets their own storyline throughout the 50 episodes. And a few more added characters thrown around everywhere everytime. I might swear off fam dramas after this because of its lengthiness and it’s so spread out. Hang in there. As an afterthought, WJ’s father might make an appearance as part of backstory. Who knows? She confessed! Yassss!
  4. 1st raw and subbed epis have come out, i also fast forward to MR-TJ scenes. It’s the 2nd time with subs that i watch the rest of the characters. Because i am an impatient one.
  5. Haven’t finished the raw epi because it keeps lagging. Is she going to china? I bet TJ will be quick to go with her in the guise of learning more from her. Should be an excuse for these lovebirds to get closer again away from the chairman’s eyes and ears. Waiting for subs early tomorrow.
  6. I thought i also heard Wang Wei’s name mentioned. The chairman was insistent about it. In the same convo, we learn that not all of In sook’s plan’s align with his. Also, when she tried to match TJ with another girl, the chairman was adamant about it which surprised IS because she thought chairman Han trusted her decision-making skills. Han himself has a few more tricks up on his sleeves. I wonder if Dir Park has hinted him on the big secret yet. Anyway, in sook embarrassed herself by playing matchmaker against TJ’s firm request. In sook made a choice so there was no use of playing the victim. Waiting for subs on the details of MR’s father’s death. I am glad this week closes with MR not as an underdog anymore.
  7. Mi Ri was a bookworm and a nerd. She had a one-track mind to excel hence, friends weren’t her priority. TJ wasn’t comfortable rubbing elbows with his kind. Mi hye, she has Jae Bum. In sook, that monster devours her competitors and keeps her allies within reach. Pragmatic parents don’t throw their kids under the bus to save their own hide. Whatever her real motive for abandoning MR and joining Hansung remains to be seen. The ever generous @Kiara1110 drops a link of the raw episode after broadcast in this forum.
  8. Or IS is just the cold, calculative, manipulative, fame richard simmons, gold digger that got her way up until this time. Remember MR’s Rooftop scene where she was trying to convince MR of talks of ivy leagues, ambitions and successes like hillary clinton and MR won’t have any of it because she would rather stick with her warm, nurturing and sacrificial adoptive mom? IS is portrayed as success-driven for the sake of material wealth and she thought her daughter would share the same traits. She was not even thinking of emotional attachments and filial bonds, just getting ahead of the rest of the pack. I am pretty sure such people exist in our society outside kdrama land, but i hope they account for 0.00001% of the population.
  9. Everyone knows the sorrow of having to be forced to eat up holiday leftover dishes. It’s an overkill!!! Subs out!!! TJ agreed to do the succession formalities, yada yada blah blah but demanded from his father and IN sook to stay away from MR. Chairman: i could even promote and protect her. TJ: there is no need to promote nor protect her. She is my girlfriend. She is my person. I will protect her. *** swooon*** But the best part of this episode was what transpired between In sook and MR at her studio. MR had to remind IS that the elevator scene was the 2nd time she was abandoned. And for that, ****drumroll*** she curses In sook. For all the misfortunes she encounters, it is all because of MiRi’s wrath for all the years she took her for granted. Whoaaaaa, atta gurl!!! Take it all out on her. Wooooh, Kang Mi Ri aka Karma! The preview for tonight, TJ is trying to convince MR not to resign. Because he will eventually step down for her. Aaaaah, our boy has plans.... i am very much satisfied with the progress. Waiting for tonight’s epi. I miss Lim Soo Yoen’s the color of my life because there hasn’t been any sweet moments for MRxTJ lately.
  10. That and when MR fell on the floor in shock after TJ and his entourage entered the lift. I wanted to rush to her side and give them lot the stink eye! I felt bad for all the uneaten food Sun Ja prepared.
  11. He was dying to do just that but MR’s troubles were happening. He probably did not want her to be more burdened than she already was. The moment she would’ve gotten back from china, he promised it. But his father’s anger blindsided him.
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