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  1. 10 hours ago, Legslo said:

    @missyjojo88 your analysis really helped clear some things up. I think I have only been seeing things from SR's perspective because I take her side more than I do HR's whenever they fight. 

    It's unfair that HR had to suffer alone for five years due to their lies while SR were unaware of the lies. It can be hard for HR to let go of his anger now, and right now SR is the perfect target for his anger because he's able to get a reaction from her. KN and HO obviously are too selfish to feel remorse and HR was quite triggered by their insincere apologies. 

    From the way you put it, I think I understand better where HR is coming from now, but I still don't forgive him for hurting SR so many times. I hope he comes to his senses soon when he realizes he's the one who is driving the wedge between him and SR with his jealousy, and not KJ. 

    I agree! Haru has the power to decide his and Sori's fate. If he wants her back, he is going to have to win her over, but right now jealousy and anger is clouding his judgment when it comes to him and Sori. His anger shouldn't be towards her and I hope that the writers will do Haru and Sori's relationship justice.  

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  2. I think the real reason Haru was frustrated with Sori on Twist is because it's personal for him, it's not really because of Twist. He is just using something that he knows is important to Sori to take out his frustration at the fact that she seems to be moving on from him and is in what he believes a happy marriage when he is not. He watches an underserving KJ get the woman he loves and now she is willing to go to bat for KJ to inherit her family business. That in itself makes Haru believe Sori may really love KJ to put her family business at risk by wanting KJ as heir. Haru sees that if Sori is willing for KJ to inherit the company than that means that Sori has no intention of leaving KJ in the future and that their marriage is long term. It burns Haru inside to see KJ have the family he really wanted with Sori. This is a reality check for Haru who wants Sori back, but is being held back due to their marital and family status.


    So for Haru, he rather sees Sori working at DG instead of Twist because he frustrated at the fact Sori is willing to risk her family company by wanting KJ whom Haru feels is unqualified to be heir, which might mean that Sori is really in love with KJ. Haru is starting to believe that while the lie destroyed his life and caused him to be in a loveless relationship, Sori seems to be happy and has moved on from him when he hasn't with her from his perspective. This means Haru is left fighting this battle without her and that to him means she has moved on from him. That is what is burning his anger towards her. The whole situation is personal for Haru because his feelings for Sori and him wanting to get revenge are coming into conflict with each other.


    The scene of Haru staring at Sori's son and his daughter playing is him thinking if things were different it would be him and Sori's two children playing together being one happy family. The end scene is even more telling-- when Haru was giving KJ that look to me signals that Haru now sees KJ as competition not in terms of business, but love. Haru jealousy above revenge is going to drive Haru to try to take KJ down because the family Haru dreamed of and the acceptance from Sori's dad (as a son-in-law not biological son) that Haru craved in the past is what KJ has. So really the confrontation between Haru and Sori can be sum up in this, " How can you move on and now be a happy family, while I am left miserable due to the lies?" Twist is just the scapegoat Haru uses in his frustration with Sori.

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  3. Something tells me Haru sub-consciously wants his mom and Sori's dad to get divorce not just because of wanting to get revenge due to their lies, but he still believes there is hope for him and Sori. Haru knows if their parents are married or are still together it's going to be a hindrance. I say sub-consciously because Haru may not beware of the fact that part of his revenge is to try to get Sori back since he is married has a daughter that he cares about. Nevertheless, deep down inside he is trying to undo the damage that was done in hopes that may be him and Sori may have a chance again.  


    Sori on the other hand seems a little over it and this is the reason she keeps asking Haru if he is happy with the result of his revenge since from her perspective she doesn't believe it will repair what was destroyed. Sori believes Haru's daughter is his blood and sees the whole situation as being too complicated for anything beneficial to come out of getting revenge outside of making those who hurt them to suffer for what they've done (despite the fact that Sori was the first one who wanted to get revenge on those who hurt her). I believe Sori is worried about how everything will impact her son and also in some way fear how Haru may react if he finds out she failed to tell him about his son. For me it seems like she is all for revenge, but she more reluctant because of the fact that she has a son who can be hurt in this complicated situation especially if Haru was to find out she failed to tell him he had a son. Sori doesn't want this Haru who is not the one she knew from before coming after her like he is with her father and his mother.        

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  4. 25 minutes ago, marrez1 said:

    So Haru now knows the real truth, and Sori will know the fake truth tomorrow, however Haru now wants to play the fake truth game? does he want revenge? he hopes to help Sori as well? now that Sori's mother is going to give the money to Haru? 
    But above all, I wonder what will go through Sori's head, she will tell herself that the man she loves is her half-brother, worse than this one gave her a child, and therefore that her child has a disease? will she ask her husband if he is aware of the truth, I find it hard and sad for her, moreover Sori should be very careful between her father who is already rotting her existence, her husband is about to steal her family's business, and throw her out to bring his mistress and his biological child

    I wonder how the writers are going to write such a thing for a woman who thinks she had the child of her half blood brother.

    The subject of raising a son whose father could be your half brother is something of a taboo. But at the same time, it would be very eye opening if they can somehow delve into the human psych of a person like Sori having to deal with such a nightmare for a bit of time because it's not something that is done often. The fact the audience know that it's not true makes it easier to swallow unlike if it was true which would make this unbearable to watch. I feel that they have an opportunity to delve into something that is taboo from a character's perspective rather than the audience. You can only imagine how much of a wreck one would be to look at your beloved child and believe he is product of incest (the child of your brother). Imagine how distraught one would be to the point of losing their mind? How it would affect the way one interacts with their child? I don't want to come across as a sadist, but more of wanting to see something that hasn't been done often and how a character is written to handle this type of worst case scenario. Then to relish and be relieved when finding out the truth in the end that your child is not a product of incest.      

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  5. 8 hours ago, Newbie21SG said:

    Shall I start watching from Ep 30 onwards? :approves:

    I would start watching from the beginning. Even though the beginning was a train wreck, it was kind of interesting to see the drama start off not taking itself serious, to now something of a melodrama. I personally would never start watching a drama if I don't watch all the previous episodes in order to not miss out on something that can help me understand the later episodes. It's just going in blindly. But if you want to start at 30 episode so be it; to each their own.

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  6. That funeral was such a mess! Having the ex-wife and the next wife aka mistress standing along side of you at your own father's funeral is so shameful. Then comes in the con-man (HaRu's so called father) who makes a scene and gets drag out of the funeral asking for the ex-wife and next wife to be with him instead. Everything about the funeral was so pathetic and hilarious at the same time. But I am very excited about the time jump in next week's episode. Now it's time for HaRu to man up and to be the one to fight for his love and his son. The character growth is needed because we need to see a contrast between a depressive moody unconfident individual from the past to someone who is more confident and able to stand up against others in his fight to win back the love of his life and the son he has no inkling about at this moment. This drama is getting better and better; I just hope it doesn't turn into a hot mess, but we get a good plot and strong character development.

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  7. 6 hours ago, maribella said:

    You may find HO complex or interesting, but what she is doing with KN is beyond the cheap tart type, it is repulsive to receive an apartment from a man in exchange for something and breaking a ho hum marriage which is normal after 3 decades. 

    Because of their lies and that meathead mother,  the fool HR now 'admitted' that he made YN pregnant and wanted to be responsible for her. Just to stop his 'sister' from pursuing him.
    The one who loses is SR, she will end up in the gold digging family, not just one but the whole family is parasitic. YN's father has money and seems level headed.


    I can imagine HR keeping it to himself, admitting that you've slept with your own sister is too much. But the mother? 


    Is SR pregnant too? 
    Don't this people have money

    to buy even one protection against pregnancy and diseases? I forgot, it is always in a drunken stupor.


    I know this is a show full of morons but I need, really my busybody bone needs to know how the writer is going to end this. 
     I remember reading a book which had the ' Romeo and Juliet' type theme. Both swore undying love but the guy married his parents choice and the girl did not. They kept in touch, letters and calls. Seven-eight years later her parents or parent died and she was free to marry him, the guy had two children by then. 

    We may get another HR falling in love with his wife and SR leaving the guy. She would have the steelly conviction, he would compromise. But there are dozens more episodes


    Why isn't anyone recapping this? :anguished:


    That movie sounds like Splendor in the Grass with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. I've seen this movie so many times if that's the one you are talking about. 

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  8. Today's episode was heart wrenching for sure. :crymeme:   

    Now I'm trying to figure out when Ha Ru and So Ri slept together because it didn't even look like they got that far. SMH! :joy:

    3 hours ago, joccu said:

    okay  so Haru will  just leave without talking to Sori!  So will sori will be only one not knowing?!

    So Ri is left in the dark and gets the bad end of the stick having to raise a child of the man she loves not knowing the real reason he left her RickRoll'D out in the cold like that. Ha Ru messed up by not seen her before he left, but that is the only way that their child together can survive and not be aborted because they think they are siblings. If anything Sori would have every reason to hate Haru since she has no clue to why he left her and might be very resentful towards him. But once Ha Ru returns from the States he is going to be so angry once he finds out it was all a lie and that him and So Ri were cheated a loving life together due to their parents mistake. oh no what GIF

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  9. 9 hours ago, maribella said:

    And also he's a creep who cares nothing about his daughter's happiness. He sabotaged her company and he now faked HR's paternity. 

    I hope SR keeps her distance from him after her marriage but it looks like the gold digger boy she married has become some big shot in her father's company. I don't think I like this writer but I'm curious about what he has planned for the ending.

    I agree that if I were the writer I would not have gone in the direction he is going in terms of having our main marry other people they don't even love. I don't know why the writer couldn't have just let them be with other people, but not be married with them. But I'm here to take a ride into the world of this writer and hopefully it will be worth it. 

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  10. In terms of So Ri and Ha Ru this is how I see it: So Ri is the only child from a rich family so she tends to be spoiled. The fact that Ha Ru seems to be her first love makes her have a very rosy perspective on love being like a fairytale because she doesn't have a baggage that comes with past relationships. Things came easily for her so she hasn't experience the ups and downs of life since things were naturally handed to her growing up. This is why she is all about following her heart and doesn't really reflect on the downside of her situation with Ha Ru. She lives a privilege life and so she is very naïve in thinking love is going to be enough for her and Ha Ru to have happy ending when in fact love comes with a lot of heartache, pain and challenges. And sometimes love does not conquered. So So Ri being a young adult believes that as long as her and Ha Ru love each other, everything will be okay.


    Ha Ru on the other hand comes from a background of instability and brokenness. Feeling like his mother has abandon him and not knowing his father makes him feel like someone without a root. So the time he spent with So Ri and her mother Ok Hee made him feel loved and a belonging that he never experience with his own family. Yes his character comes across very down or almost somber, but that's because he is always expecting for things to go wrong in his life because this has been a pattern in his past. But So Ri to him is that one person that loves him despite the fact that he feels like he has nothing to offer, but from So Ri's perspective she sees someone very gifted and special. This is why So Ri is willing to leave everything behind to go with him. From Ha Ru's perspective So Ri is like a breath of fresh air to a cruel world. So their love seems to be a result of life circumstances and needs to be tested for authenticity because Ha Ru even said to his mom if she hadn't abandon him may be he wouldn't have met So Ri and falling in love with her.  


    This is why I am very much anticipating the drama that is coming from the big lie. It's going to break the rosy glass that comes with being naïve about love when it comes to So Ri. It will also reaffirm to Ha Ru that nothing good ever comes out of his life since this will mean that he cannot have that one thing (Sori) that makes him happy despite So Ri making him believe that this time will be different. This will be the beginning of the trials to their love and the test of time will prove if it was a love based purely on circumstances of life or a genuine love that can weather all storms, tribulations, and trials.


    So if the writers are going where I think they are going, it makes sense to why they wrote the main characters like So Ri and Ha Ru the way they did because there is going to be a strong contrast to how they were as a naïve foolish in experience couple, to learning about patients, maturity, anger, bitterness, hate, perseverance, and anything else that comes with their love being tested. For me if I were a writer, I would write Ha Ru to become vengeful after feeling abandon by the only good thing in his life which is So Ri.  On the other hand, So Ri's rosy world will now be shattered and she will need to learn to see the world from Ha Ru's perspective. This may be the only thing that will help her understand what Ha Ru is going through once he feels like she betrayed him and didn't trust in their love. I think it's through these dark times and perseverance, their love will become genuine and strong if they can let go of the anger and hate for each other due to outside forces keeping them apart. So yes the main couple comes across boring and lacking in sense, but this is the fruit of immaturity. But once they become mature and experience adult things, it's either going to break them or refine their love for each other. 

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  11. 21 hours ago, maribella said:

    Who has a revenge? 
    I like the main couple. When they decided to go ahead despite their parents objection, I like that.


    So what is the logic for the two adulterers to lie about HR's paternity? That the father is a low life will destroy HR? But breaking his relationship is better? If the two did not test their DNAs, then they are fools and deserved to be apart.

    Since it's dramaland you know the characters are dumb down in order for the drama to have 100 episodes. This is why I suspend disbelief in watching dramas because that's the only way to not get frustrated at the obvious. But at the same time there are very naïve individuals on this earth who would just trust a DNA test giving to them by a family member and not really think to do one themselves. There are all types of personalities on this earth, though it may be few there is always that minority that would not double check certain information they receive. Though this may seem unrealistic, I've been on this earth long enough to know that these types of people exist.  :joy:

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  12. 5 hours ago, joccu said:

    @Lmangla  it´s weird that I started red shoes but could not finish it and this is somehow worse. but so far even with the awful plot and I don´t  really like any characters. I find this drama somehow interesting. :loolz:

    It's like watching a trainwreck, you know it might get bad, but you can't keep yourself from turning away from it. One of the reason I'm liking this drama is because even though it started off as a dark-comedy, it loses the comedy and gets darker as new episodes are shown. It's now to the point you can't believe how sick the dog and the ho have to be to continue to have an affair on the back of the wife who is also the best friend of ho. Add the fact that their children are in "love" with each other and that is a receipt for disaster. But one thing I found uncomfortable with the dark humor is the nonchalant way they had the affair like they were playing a kids game. They made it seem so innocent as if they should be allowed to get away with cheating. But I like it sort of mimics real life when cheaters think what they are doing is harmless, pleasurable, and fun. That it wont get to the point of ruining their whole lives, but with the recent episodes like 17, we are now seen the fall-out and devastation. May be there was some sort intent with the drama starting off with dark-humor, just so it can catch the audience off guard with the seriousness because it's supposed to be a melodrama when it's all said and done.    

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  13. This drama is getting full on crazy! I can't believe Hee Ok would lie about the father of her son which ends upon causing the lives of everyone around her to become twisted.  I'm hoping Ha Ru's real father is no one we have seen so far in this drama. Poor kid if any of these lunatic men are his dad. That shady guy makes me cringe and is possibly Ha Ru's real father which I'm hoping is not the case because how can Ha Ru deal with finding out his father may be some shady dark character? I'm hoping we are misjudging this new character. But I'm going to need more scenes of Ha Ru and So Ri before the break-up because we wont get too much of that once things hit the fan. 

    3 hours ago, backstreetboysfan said:

    OMG I knew she would do that, (making it seems like he is the dad, When they said that is why they will think they are bother and sister.


    That is probably why they marry others and have kids before they get back together.

    Hee Ok is going to ruin everyone's lives because she is so selfish and horrible. She looks like the type that would take everyone down with her if things don't go her way. How can Ha Ru ever reconcile with someone like this as his mother? 

    7 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    first impressions after watching ep 1 -- the trailer is so misleading!!!! this is not even close to a comedy or some sort of family drama. it is full on twisted telenovela types shenanigans. why not lead on that? instead, they made it look like some weird slice of life with some strange comic vibe. same with the posters. what is with all the colour and cheerful vibe when we know there is just going to be angst and arguments? so strange! fail for poster and trailer. 


    maybe haru and sori will grow on me but I was eye rolling at their segments. what kind of idiots start a business together when they have romantic attraction together? starting a business will strain even good friendships but these two have weird boundaries and outline of a relationship. don't mix business with romance you two! 

    The Voice Reaction GIF by The Voice Belgique  

    no wonder they develop a love-hate relationship later according to the charts. plus, this is such a chaotic startup. where is the professionalism? they don't even have a central business idea/plan but plunging into selling to customers? they don't even have an AI developed. umm, who would invest in this? this is so messy. no wonder cheating dad tells her to quit and go back to school... 


    there are too many families to keep track of -- so giving nicknames to keep them clear in my head. 

    boiled pork family -- sori , cheating dad, pork mom, go (game) grandpa, go grandmom

    fish family - kyung joon (car boy -- why is he hoping to get a car when he doesn't even have a job? how does he expect to pay for gas?), fish dad, fish mom

    sad song family -- haru, song mom (of haru -- what is that song she sings when drunk?)

    kimchi family -- cabbage girl (yoon ah), cabbage dad (yet to pop up)

    I agree with you assessment with the trailer and poster. It looks deceitful, but I wonder if it was done on purpose because there is no way they would screw up on the poster and trailer since this drama is not their first rodeo. They were trying to make adultery harmless and fun in the beginning, but now things are starting to take a wrong turn and everyone is starting to become miserable while lives are going to be ruined. That first colorful trailer is causing a lot of people to miss-categorize or overlook this drama because it doesn't seem exciting enough, but family friendly when in actuality it's may be a revenge drama being disguised as a family slice of life.  

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  14. So far I am liking the drama. I mean it's heading towards a dark place, but that's what dramaland is all about. I love how Ok Hee tries to be strong despite knowing that her husband and best friend have betrayed her (I hope she doesn't wimp out). Good acting by the actress in showing vulnerable and also strength at different points as she tries to deal with such a horrible situation. I hope she is the one who initiates the divorce so her character can have some sort of dignity after being played in such a horrible manner by her husband and best friend. Hee Ok is so nasty and horrible especially in thinking that Ok Hee would want to share her husband with her. I don't think anyone in their right mind would would have gone there. I'm really hoping Ok Hee gets the last laugh in the future.


    Now that I had some time to think, it's going to be interesting to see the love-hate relationship between Park Haru and Oh Sori once we get there. Right now they are so in love and such an innocent couple, but we know there is a fine line between love and hate. It's going to be interesting to see which one of them abandons the relationship first once the lie comes out. I can definitely see our little nerd boy Park Haru become so embittered if he believes that Oh Sori has betrayed him at some point. The contrast between their innocent relationship vs a future relationship full of bitterness, anger, and resentment over a lie is going to be something to behold. 


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  15. Dang, my heart is broken! So Ri and Ha Ru are the best things about that drama. I was looking forward to some difficult time with them ending up together, but dang, they want to take that Romeo and Juliet aspect away! I will continue watching this drama for Eunjung, but this is going to hurt.

    On 12/22/2021 at 4:24 AM, knkg said:

    Yeah, if that happens I'll be dropping this one and only come back if they put them together long before the end (at least 20+ eps of them being together). Talk about misleading teasers :angry: 

    I am devastated by the direction they are going with this drama. I guess I will continue to watch it for the angst because it will probably get so crazy, but I hope something good will come out of this for Ha Ru and So Ri, but I don't know how they can clean up this mess when it's all done with! 

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  16. 57 minutes ago, marrez1 said:


    So that would be the lie mentioned in the plot saying that it will affect the lives of all the characters, I had thought of this possibility, but at the same time I told myself that it would be difficult to create a constructive romance between the two leads aand add the cheating part, necause theirs parents sleep together and 100 episodes for a lie? ok, especially since the parents of the FL are well-off, and not the mother of the ML who has financial difficulties

    The good thing is that ML and FL have known each other for a long time and it shows that they have feelings for each other.

    You are right that it would be hard to do a constructive romance if there is some sort of inkling of them being siblings even if it's some sort of lie. The fact that their parents are having an affair while Park Haru and Oh Sori have feelings for each other is already too much. Who knows how far they are willing to push the envelopes. The only other thing I see is that someone's identity is not what it seems. Which would be typical KBS.:joy:  

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  17. Spoiler

    From the few episodes out so far it seems that we are being set up for the twisted part of this family drama with the husband and his wife's best friend following their selfish desire which will result in chaos. May be the big lie to come out is that Park Haru is their secret son since these two cheaters were each others first love? This would then cause our main leads to believe they are half siblings which would put a damper on their love story. Park Haru is showing a lot of angst due to mother issues and his hidden feelings for Oh Sori (A feeling of being inadequate). As a result, he walks around at times with a heavy burden on his shoulders. Oh Sori who seems carefree and wanting to pave a path independently from her families business may be forced to make some tough decisions in regards to her growing romantic relationship with Park Haru which might make Haru feel betrayed by her. I feel like this drama have a lot of potential to be entertaining even if it's not a revenge drama because there is still room in this drama for some type of revenge plot because you have the wife who may show her full wrath against her cheating husband and best friend and you also have Park Haru who will not be please to find out that he can't be with Sori because of his mother and Sori's dad affair.     


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  18. I'm very excited to watch this. Although it could have been interesting if it were a revenge drama involving the male and female lead, but I'm loving the main leads and want to see how their love develops despite their family chaos. I love the fact that the male lead is a nerd and I hope they play on this heavily. I do want to see them have good period of being a couple before any break-ups due to drama because people are suckers for good love stories (such as myself). I hope this drama will be solid as a fan of Eunjung, but it will come down to solid writing and storytelling. 

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