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  1. Well, I'm caught up with all the episodes and it was okay so far: 1.Eul Soon character is one the audience will pity. Despite the bad things she's been though she still manage to keep strong despite crying at times. She still has her fighting spirit and wont give up. She is definitely a strong female character who takes on the role of the hero rather than the male lead Phillip. Obvious her hair is distracting, but it will make it that much amaze when she finally gets a make-over and how that beautiful face of hers. 2. Philip character is very annoying, cringy, and frustrating. Obviously, it is how his character is written and that's the typical Korean drama formula to start off with an unlikable male lead who softens as time goes on.... His character is haunted by Ra Yeon, who seems to play a major role in his past. It will interesting to see what the background story is. As for his girlfriend Yoon ah, he seems like he is going with the flow in their relationship. I don't know if he loves her since they haven't had any screen time together, but what I'm guessing is that he sees her as the girl to be with for his career rather than the girl he loves. Can't wait to see their dynamic and how Eul Soon will come between their what I would assume, career based relationship. 3. Sung Joong character sees dead people which means he is able to play a very important role in solving the ghost issue surrounding the lead couple. But we are introduced to a man who has serious feelings for Eul Soon. They know each other well enough to let their guard down so I'm wondering how they met and what their history is. But Sung Joong has shown that he cares deeply for her and wants to help her out. It will be interesting to see if he uses his gift for good or to come between the relationship of the lead couple. 4. Yoon ah character is very mysterious. We see little of her, so it's hard to analyze her other than what her character description have stated. But so far she seems like a busy person who doesn't even seem to be as caring for her boyfriend as they have us believe. Reason being she lied to him about working when she was just visiting a dead friend, Ra Yeon. If she truly cared for him she would have visit him at the hospital no matter what after a near death experience. She comes across as carrying some form of guilt in regards to Ra Yeon. I am very curious to see how she ties with Ra Yeon death. I hope she wasn't involved in Ra Yeon death because that would make her character un remediable. As I'm watching this drama for her, it will be a bit tough to see her so evil again, but I hope she can do a good job with his character, no matter how evil she is. But may be they can surprise us and make her not so bad. 5. Eun Young character starts off as coming a crossed sophisticated, intelligent, successful, but then we get a curve ball where it turns out to be a facade on her part. It appears that her talent does not match how she comes across. That she is very conniving to deceive Eul Soon into allowing her to get credit for her story. She is a power hungry creature who will do what she can to make it to the top at the cost of her friends, family, etc. But her character's death is unexpected and hopefully it's not permanent since her character brings a certain dynamic to this drama. It will be interesting to see if she redeems herself or if she becomes even worst. That is if she can come back from the dead. What I fear in regards to this drama is the fact that it may lose what it's trying to be due to the many formulas involve such as horror, comedy, romance, and a drama within a drama. It has a lot going on here which if not balanced intelligently, people may find it hard to follow and enjoy. It's also a tad boring for a drama with so much happening in it, but I hope it can become darker as the episodes go on. That the drama will become coherent, suspenseful, with solid acting. Hopefully it doesn't overdo things as to confuse the audience in what exactly it's trying to be. Balance and a coherent plot is the key.
  2. I really would like a proper trailer as soon as possible. Usually some dramas would already be showing their full trailer by now. I'm very excited to see how this turns out.
  3. I thought they would have release the video of their script reading by now since the pictures of it are out already.
  4. The positive thing is that compare to other dramas that takes more than 3 months to air after casting announment, this one is not that far off. It's not long until we start getting plenty of pre-production photos, etc. We should be getting press release for the the script reading soon.
  5. Do you guys think they will start filming this month or in July or is it one of those dramas that are film as they go along?
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