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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't want Da Bal to end up with the Publishing Boss Ji Wan? I would like Sol and Ji Wan's son to become best friends and find the bond Da Bal and her daughter Sol forming with Ji Wan's son cute, but I personally don't see them as a good match. I just find Ji Wan match better with the older sister, but since the older sister has a cute interaction with Si Won, I guess they might end up together. I think the older sister with Ji Wan and Da Bal with Si Won would have been a better match. But a part of me so want for Da Bal's husband to come back from the dead so to speak as a shocker. Like your typical soap opera craziness where Da Bal's husband fake his death in order to protect his wife and daughter from some thing. But I'm okay with Da Bal being with Ji Wan if that's where they take the storyline, but I feel like she would have been a better match with Si Won. 


    It seems like in this drama the older Geum son's family are the main characters and everyone else evolves around them. I do like them and love the Geum first son, but they get more airtime than anyone else other than Geum Father and his new wife. I'm especially disappointed that Da Bal gets so little time along with the Geum third son. I hope the airtime switches to different characters and not be the Geum first son family always being the main focus. I hope they can rotate the focus to others in a manner that will benefit the drama. But so far I am liking this drama and I feel that it should be an hour because there is so many characters that are supposedly mains that I feel that more time is needed for each episode to do these characters justice. Since this the normal time giving to KBS daily dramas, I guess I have to deal with it. I normally don't like family dramas because I'm more into couples and relationships, but so far I am addict to watching this. I hope it gets even better and the ratings will reach the 20's.   

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