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  1. Araminta Jouana said: paras said: Another lovely episode where things are finally getting tidied up. Are they not going to let the CP and Queen ever know about the true SBH?! The preview for tomorrow's episode doesn't show any hint towards them becoming any wiser. Innocent SH - Oh the good old days :) seem to be back.Looks like we are going to have another death before things are wrapped up. This is going to be a sad affair and probably the reason JM will return. The only thing that I want is our OTP having a happy ending (and JM spending his days looking after SH)The King has refrained from announcing SN as his daughter in lieu to her feelings towards CP. How considerate. But what are you going to do to get them together?! He seems to be putting GM in charge of SN?? Is the King going to just let her leave the palace??I want Friday to come sooner.

  2. Okay, go with me on this folks. I'm starting to see the brilliance of this writer!! Here is the possible scenario that we have been throwing around but haven't connected the dots. Yes, SN will leave as SBH but return as SM's sister. Here is why: the blood. FK's blood saved JM and SN's blood saved SM. Royal blood saves royalty! So the story that SN is SM's long lost half sister becomes plausible! His court will buy it because they know she saved him; they know she was from Kimun. She returns with her little bro who is no relations to SM so he cannot take the throne so through marriage with Baekje (because CP is devastated that SN left him again) and that the CP says he doesn't care who he marries, he decides to marry SM's long lost sister. And of course, he doesn't see her until the wedding (because he is stubborn) and guess who it is?! Sounds plausible? I swear it is heading that way! And if it does, this writer has read our freaking blog!!!
    I'm jetting early to work to watch today's ep!! My buddy who I convinced to watch last week (already to ep 56) is going to watch with me in my office before the crew gets in!!

  3. carmolita said: NewKDramaAddict said: carmolita said: trixie1029 said: Don't you just love CP more after this episode? I did. Even when he too was hurting, he managed to show compassion and respect to FK. :( I understand JM's anger too so I thought about who got the short stick... JM was raised outside the palace, still a prince but as free man, albeit with a nagging foster. He was free to do as he pleased, reading what he wants, even womanizing. There were no solid expectations of him, except from DSL. No responsibilities as well. CP/MN on the hand was raised inside the palace, under the watchful eye of FK. Even as a kid, he has responsibilities. He can't fall sleep even if the book he's reading makes him sleepy. His body is not even his but his country's, good grief! Good thing FK is a romantic at heart and allowed him to fall for the girl who "touches your heart." My thoughts brought me back to the scene when CP is trying to win the "who's more pitiful Contest?" vs JM, while in the storehouse with SN...that "almost" kiss interrupted by KBK. :D Can't really decide now as to who won that contest.. /:)

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