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  1. Began watching this as I've still haven't watched Jang Hyuk's last two dramas though I have high hopes to do so.



    Not liking the wife so far. His daughter is at least respectful to him. I like that she wasn't nasty to her dad about the knock-off backpack. I was surprised she was getting upset with him for NOT borrowing money. The problem was definitely the high cost of living where they do. The importance of money overshadows your reason but I'm glad he found those pills because I believe he would have left that little girl in the bus to burn alive. And here there was no mention of drug experimentations!! Don't care for the boxer at all. Obviously likes the wife.


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  2. On 9/30/2018 at 9:46 AM, zenya22 said:

    As for the group therapy he was attending, it could be a program specifically designed to address abusive behaviors such as battering intervention and prevention programs. 


    Here! Here! For SK featuring that there is programs for abusers and possibly other things that can help people through therapy! With so much attention to depression which is another thing that gets thrown under the rug, it was refreshing to see. As a matter of fact, you don't see much of it ever shown in dramas.


    Once again, I really should have come to my favorite place, Soompi forums to discuss this drama. This is definitely in my top 10 in being complete and succinct. I felt no stone was left unturned, Jang sat in prison still clueless but that really was her character, and HKW and JEH had moved on. I also love CK's son who said what he wanted and his description of his mother was so telling! Santa Dad was always there, even when he showed up only 4 times a year, compared to his own mother; and he leaves SK knowing that Shark Dad will be there for him too! Though his mother annoyed me to no end, his addition was great! Was I the only one who tuned out every time she was seeing that little children's diddy? I swear I cannot remember that song but others were complaining about it!! Great job by the writer! After her last disaster, what a comeback!!

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  3. Oh man! I really missed out following this drama here. I've absolutely enjoyed this one immensely! My daughter caught me watching it from ep 2 and is still watching it at ep 36! Her second drama! As I've read through some of the posts, all I can do is smdh in agreement. The cast was great and perfect! I've never hated 2 people more and found myself liking 2 people that I hated by the end of the drama! The writer has really surprised us week after week with reveals we never expected. This last 2 reveals about the mothers (KCK and JEH) were WOAH moments! Had I been following the forum, maybe I would have been prepared for KCK's mom helping JEH! That was a surprise! Though it makes sense that this was a mother who tried so hard to gain love from her son. I really wish they dove more into background as to why KCK was such an abuser? I have a feeling so was his father which might explain his animosity towards the mother. Well, I wasn't with everyone at the beginning; however, I'm looking forward to the last 4 episodes and everyone's comments. 

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  4. On 1/15/2018 at 6:45 PM, hi5hli5htslight said:

    i forgot to talk about Dong woo's gomo who does something so terrible just to get him to marry that obsessive twisted woman, who then sits down at the table drinking tea/coffee thanking her for making such a sacrifice for her to marry Dong woo. And if that's not crazy enough gomo says no problem as long as he's not thinking of Lara.  Gomo's jealousy of Lara is off kilter, what is her motivation for such animosity?  Is it that she like Doo Na's father too?

    Damn her! I was really hoping he didn't marry that B-tch! But I figured that suicide was a ploy! I yelled "Let her die!" I'm totally disgusted. If he does marry her, hope he refuses to pay any attention to her, to include sleeping with her!!

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  5. On 12/25/2017 at 11:43 PM, hi5hli5htslight said:

    you think it's wrong for calling cheaters mistress a hussy cause technically that was her man first and they never broke up it's just that he got married :blink:

    Nope! The minute he married, she should have been the real woman to cut him off. And that snide remark about Hye Mi living her life? I don’t really care what happens to her now. Sad that she’s procreating. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, hi5hli5htslight said:

    And 100% why are they making SA like that music adjhussi?  I'm hoping he dropped out drama and they are switching him with someone else his acting was kinda stiff

    Me too!! He is so not right for her! I'm hoping they have a replacement for him! BTW, if you highlight the text, you can quote just that part! Thanks for that clarification! I still think there is something about that secretary! But its good to hear that he lied to her because the father told him to; though I am disappointed about that too!!

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  7. I always felt this drama was like watching a soap opera but really, writernim? Terminal brain cancer? Why in the world did you go there? I'm at least happy that BW wasn't abused by his deceased parents! That at least made me relieved. Other than the strange reveals, I still like this; however, I'm really sensitive to brain cancer as my sister died almost 2 years ago from it. Its not pretty and anything but realism will be a big joke to me. Maybe she should move back in with Chairman Ex. He owes her!


    Now, let's take a moment to talk about SA's Cheating Husband...am I the only one who thought that sinister look meant that he might try to kill her? His family needs her father's money. There's no way he wants to lose that! His father would kill him! 

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  8. First of all, hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I'm playing catch-up on all my dramas for the next 2 weeks! As I'm behind, here's my highlights for episodes 29-32

    Thank you, Chairman Ex, you made me proud! But don't believe a word that he says....




    Hit him again!



    PD looks GREAT in that off white camel like coat!!





    Writernim is making it hard to hate this guy! I'm waiting for the shoe to drop!



    I'm bias! I really ship these two together! SA has zero chemistry with the producer!



    Well, this was a big surprise! For awhile, I thought it was all staged. I hope not! Writernim is trying to push them together!






    The drama continues to flow pretty well. I like the fact that I can watch 4 ep together and it goes so fast; a testament to an interesting story! Rich Sister still is a pest! Now that she's abandoned DH, she's set her sights on BW! But let's talk about the Cheater! I cannot believe that the secretary didn't find any dirt! I still don't trust the man! But it will be interesting when the pregnancy comes out. Will the mom try to push SA to the side? Get her to accept the Cheater and his side piece? Probably. I wouldn't be surprised. Onto the next 4 ep!!

  9. I'm so behind. That's thanks to my Ode to Joy 2 marathon! But I finally watched last week's episodes. This drama continues to deliver me happiness. Here's my highlights in pictures again!
    Yes! A Kiss



    I despise cheaters! At first I felt sorry for the woman becaus of her circumstance made by Cheating EX, now I just don't like the woman at all! She made me feel that much more sorry for Hye Mi!







    Its official! I want Hye Mi to get her revenge! This truly SUX! 






    Best advice from a mom and she actually LISTENED this time! Hallelujah! Its coming! The moment of truth!







    I don't understand why this dramas ratings aren't high. I think the week of missed episodes hurt it. However, this drama continues to deliver characters that are truly NOT in the doormat territory. Yes, Hye Mi is somewhat a doormat with her MIL, that's expected; however, she is smart enough to notice the strangeness in her marriage. ONCE!!?? Warning bells should have gone off months ago! I'm glad that she finally took her mother's advice. I suspect that next weekend (unless it happened this past one) that she finds out about the secretary honey! As far as secretary honey, every week she disgusts me more. Her snide comment about Hye Mi living her life, really got my goat. I for one don't want them to have a happily ever after. For me, that leaves a nasty taste to the mouth. Somehow sending the message that if you screw with someone else's husband regardless of the situation, you too can find happiness. Really, writernim? Don't go there. Okay, have to play catch up with episodes 29-32!!

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  10. On 12/7/2017 at 1:55 PM, sava2sava said:

    Ok I thought of something thats been bothering me for a while.. I'm starting to think the Director Aunt had a crush on the Ex-husband and he choose the girls mother over her why else would this woman be so mean to her unless a man was involved.

    I believe she had a crush on either Chairman Rich Ex or Do Na’s Father. Which one we will find out in the future. But her animosity has to be more than just being jealous of how she was treated better

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  11. @Ldy Gmerm  @10192123sangre I have a feeling that there was some business deal between the families. I think the fact that they have kept the Secretary on the side piece hidden from the father (I don't think he knows) is telling. I believe the pregnancy will come out first and I hope that isn't dragged out either. I still cannot condone cheating but to treat Hye Mi like that crazy sister and mother are is just ridiculous! Yes, I'm waiting for the moment when Hye Mi goes crying to her mother admitting that she was right. That's the reason why she hasn't said anything. She's ashamed that her mother was right and she should have listened to her. I cannot WAIT for this weekend!

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  12. @Ldy Gmerm Yes, there is so much to come! I actually like the once a week format because I don't watch daily but all the episodes in one sitting and its so satisfying that way! Yes, PD's sister really has a bug up her rear for La Ra! It really is unjustified as La Ra never personally did anything untoward to her. Its simply her jealousy!  She's already picking up that PD has a softness for La Ra! When she realizes that he does; not only her but the Scheming Manager will be working together to "get" her. Especially with the Chairman Rich Ex once again sniffing around La Ra.


    I definitely agree about the Chairman Rich Ex's assistant. There has been something off with him since the beginning (did he dye his hair since the beginning of the drama?); I just don't know what it is. But if he turns out to be disloyal, I will not be surprised.


    Yes, the stalker rich girl is going to be nasty piece of work! Like brother like sister! Can't wait until this weekend! BTW, you know this drama will be cancelled left and right for the Olympics? Not looking forward to that at all......

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  13. The highlight of the weekend episodes (21-24) has to be the outing of Ha Young and her fake pregnancy! I literally spit my drink when she told that lie of having a miscarriage! I couldn't believe they were going down that road and paying that stupid doctor to lie (I always feel people like that should lose their medical licenses)! But when Hye Ri and Sung Ah had that conversation and Hye Ri ran to her father (bless her), I was not prepared for the following scene:








    My face after this scene


    Seriously, folks! I wasn't prepared for this! Instead of having a flurry of cat toys to hit my TV screen, I had to pause watching because I was laughing so hard! Writernim is giving us one good scene after another this weekend! I couldn't stop laughing! But then to follow it up with this:












    Writernim did throw a curve, he threw the whole kit and caboodle at her! I actually think Chairman Rich Ex was hoping that she had just lied to him about when she lost the baby; but to hear this! As usual, I had to google this illness because K-Dramas be throwing all kinds of illnesses at us that makes you wonder. But it does exist and it is what it is.
    http://medfem.co.za/congenital-uterine-anomalies/ No woman should be told this; however, this was pure Karma being thrown at her in the beginning! Again, the writernim totally surprises me with these early reveals. I like it!! She got what she deserved. Now, the begging will turn into what? I told a friend watching this that maybe she will turn evil; her response: She's too dumb. Yes, I agree. Neither her or her sister really think anything out. In their pursuit of the men they are trying to catch, neither are/have thought through what they are doing. Ha Young has successfully and permanently thrown the Chairman Rich Ex from her side and as expected, he's sniffing around La Ra after throwing her aside.


    Now, I must admit that even though I am rooting for Bum Woo, I didn't appreciate him going to Halmeoni. He basically did the same thing as Do Hyun and the action wasn't appreciated by Do Na; however, this scene made me sad for him:










    My reaction:


    Why didn't she say the same thing to Do Hyun? In the scheme of things, he did the same thing but her not really saying anything against his actions gives him hope. After this scene, I really wanted Bum Woo to move on, especially after Halmeoni is against them being together because he's an orphan too. Though, her reasonings aren't harsh like we have heard other people in other dramas; but, it is still harsh in its own way. However, is he really an orphan? Those scars on his back? That is a story line reveal to come.

    However, as expected, Chairman Rich Ex wants to start again with La Ra; PD realizes he's starting to like La Ra; Do Na wants to have a competition between the fellows for her affection. We knew this was going to happen but I'm really surprised it all started this early. Once again, I like this drama! This past weekend didn't disappoint me at all. But the one thing that I have a mental turn around for is Sung Ah. Yes, I hated the woman but her being the adult she should have been and apologizing to Do Na was what won me over! Its before her true woes begin so it definitely is a start in the right direction. You cannot help feel sorry for her in her totally loveless marriage. What's the most disgusting is that Cheating Hubby's mother and sister know what's going on and yet they have the nerve to treat her like mierda!! Question...does Cheating Hubby know Secretary Piece on the side is pregnant?!!! Its going to get good soon!!

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  14. So, for the first time in a few years, MBC America is not subbing a daily drama! Normally, through the site they are affiliated with, OnDemandKorea, they offer the dailies with subs. We have started an email campaign in the hopes they change their minds. In case no one else picks this up, I'm hoping they do! If you subscribe, please email them through the help site. This might explain why there are no subs. The last 2 MBC dailies came from here. 

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  15. 24 minutes ago, sava2sava said:

    Whaty gets me is Aunt is still harboring past recentment towards her because she was always treated better thwen her..Snobby daughter will and Dad see what they are missing once they see mother and girls having so much fun and happy without the both of them.

    What kills me about the Aunt is it wasn't how the Mom treated her, it was how other people treated her in deference to La Ra! So, she takes it out on her. I threw cat toys when she called La Ra to her house to clean it! DAMN!!! The Aunt has nerve but La Ra is letting her do it because she feels responsible for how people treated her. She shouldn't.

    24 minutes ago, sava2sava said:

    Yes I think rich brat will get whats coming to her.. She has no one but to blame but herself marrying a man she hardly knows

    Yes, Bratty Brat wouldn't listen to her mother, she is slowly seeing things on her own and she has no one to help her. I was happy when she went to her Moms but then she wimped out and walked away. She'll be back again......especially once she finds out the Mistress Secretary is having a baby and her so-called husband is HAPPY about it! Wait,....does he know yet?


    This is also my favorite and I'm liking a Saturday watch especially when its getting subbed quickly!!! Glad you're watching now! It really is good! I'm sure people were turned off by episode 1 which was a messed! Glad they got it straight. It's not doing bad in the ratings either!

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  16. @Ldy Gmerm This weekend episodes still delivered! I still cannot wait until we hear/see the back story as to why PD HATES that Manager! The Gold-digger still doesn't get how precarious her position is. She will get caught for sure. I hope its before she actually marries the Rich Ex, simply because I don't want her to get what she wants. I enjoyed seeing Sung Ah, not once but TWICE challenging her father about his mistress' treatment of her mother! YOU GO GIRL!! I also love Sung Ah's insistence on making her unnie acknowledge her Sadly, I'm more interested in her relationship with Do Na than the music producer. 


    Our main OTP, the have got to reveal why  Bum Woo has these attacks. It cannot be something simple because it won't make sense otherwise. That moment when she went to his residence to get him was sweet and more to come. Poor Do Hyun really doesn't stand a chance. If he continues to try to buy his way into Do Na's heart, I think even grandma will start to see. But that bathroom scene after Do Hyun found out about Bum Woo's interview was so funny! I have to post the pictures!! I really liked this weekend; especially seeing PD slowly falling and falling for the Mom!!

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