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  1. 3 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    The man has already said once that he will believe his youngest daughter because a. she does not know how to lie, b. hates him more than anyone and c. if she had to come see him what she is telling him is serious and the truth!!!

    The only time I felt sorry for him...for a quick minute...or a couple of seconds.



    And then Chairman Rich Ex RUINS it with this scene...but just a smidge sympathy for Bratty Brat until she ruins it later. I'm sure she will




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  2. Ep 16. I'm ready for an explanation on what's wrong with Bum Woo! His reaction was definitely of one who was traumatized! Father? Bullied?! I cannot wait to hear the story!







    Preview scene from ep 17-20? Cannot wait!!


    It's obvious he doesn't trust her!


    This drama continues to make me happy that the characters stand up for themselves!!




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  3. From ep 15. The first time I've ever LIKED the Chairman!!









    What a brat this woman is! Its all about ME! ME! ME!! Meanwhile, her so called husband is living with his girlfriend then comes home faking like he's drunk! What?! They've only slept together ONCE?!! Meanwhile, the chick on the side is definitely pregnant!! Still, I have zero sympathy for her!!

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    AS for lying mistress I agree she may trying one or both of the scenario's but I think his assistant would find out if she has been with another man and could be pregnant by him or verify that she was never pregnant in the first place. Either way lying mistress will be out the door I think.

    I don't know....there is something shady about Rich Ex's assistant. Keep watching him. I don't think he is a loyal man! Again, another thing I like about this drama!!

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  5. @Ldy GmermI'm so glad you are liking this!! On point as usual! I don't understand PD's sister at all!! How much more vehemently can a man say NO?! But what I'm curious about is the animosity he seems to have against her in the first place! There is a story there! Can't wait for the flashback! Its more than a "He's not into you" dislike, he HATES the woman! As far as her advising the wannabe wife, I cannot believe it! No! She's not pregnant! You could tell that when Rich Ex hubby said he would not be sleeping with her until his son is born! Now, when he said that, 2 things flashed in my head: She would sleep with someone else to get pregnant or get him to marry her and fake miscarriage! Either way, I cannot wait for her to get caught and I have ZERO sympathy for Rich Ex!! He was sleeping with her before he divorced his wife and has the audacity to get all upset with the Ex! What nerve!


    I am also hoping for a relationship with PD and Ex! Though, from what we see about PD's sister, she's going to fight that tooth and nail! Again, there is a story there on the animosity between the two ex-friends! I assume it might have something to do with baby daddy too! Though Ex slept with the man, she doesn't come off as a person that is snooty! I think it was pure jealousy on PD's sister part.


    Rich brat? Another one that I have ZERO sympathy for! I'm looking forward to that reveal and looking at how the secretary has zero fear of husband's mama, I expect her to let loose that secret on rich brat with glee!


    One of the things I like so much about the characters is that they are NOT doormats! When Do Na slapped rich brat back, I was like a proud momma! And Ex Superstar Mama, letting go of Rich Ex and moving on; again, I was proud when she came to the realization to let go. 


    Now, let's talk about idol Do Hyun for a minute! What was cute in the beginning is now far from it! Okay, I get he has a crush on Do Na. I also get that Do Na is not interested; however, by going around her and going directly to the grandmother, that p-oed me something terrible! I wanted to slap him! And the grandmother as well as the friend, Young Hee totally ignoring how Do Na feels, doesn't help at all. Good catch? Why?! All a money thing. 


    So, onto ep 13-16. Who do you predict will fall first? Do Na or Bum Woo?

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  6. On 11/12/2017 at 8:30 AM, Ldy Gmerm said:

    Can you tell I got invested quickly ..lol and there is still so much more to talk about. I have not even gotten started yet.

    I'm so glad you saw what I saw!! After the ep 1 mess, I was really surprised how much I got invested! I watch all 12 ep together! I cannot wait to watched this past Saturday episodes!!


    I dislike everyone you dislike! 

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  7. On 11/4/2017 at 1:45 PM, finebyme said:

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what this drama is about? I have not started watching it, and the synopsis left me even more confused :) 

    Basically, the lead learns that her mother is an actress that married someone else. And the actress' husband learns about her other child and dumps her. There is a lot going on but I think the writer is doing it on purpose. That first episode was messed up. I'm not sure if it was edited wrong or what. I think it was a scene that was cut but got left in so a lot of people are complaining about that; however, as you watch, the story gets really good because it has everything in it! Birth secret is gone because the world knows about it! Ex husband who is a bunghole but he has his own problems which I'm not going to say. The 1st lead guy has an issue with being in front of the camera but they haven't disclosed why. Yeon Jung Hoon is actually second lead but his love line won't be with who everyone thinks. Kang Ji Sub is a spoiled actor who thinks everything should go his way. I really like this! I'm seeing stuff I've always wanted to see in a drama! Especially a daily! But I see no one is watching it so I'll just continue to enjoy and write about it!

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  8. 22 hours ago, jimb said:

    I think that we are being set up for the usual K-Drama formula:  The wealthy parents want their son or daughter to marry One Of Their Kind (or a Step Up From One Of Their Kind.)  Instead, the offspring falls in love with a worthy but impecunious man or woman.  In this case, it looks like the Korean Mafia Princess is falling for the mere brother of a police officer, Officer Moo.

    Ha!  If Drunken Chaebol also falls for Officer Moo, their parents will really be up a tree.

    True but the main OTP is only that she was married before with a child. The big thing is to find out what happened to her husband. I can't wait to her what the 'accident' really was.

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  9. 3 hours ago, jimb said:

    Re the depictions of Drunken Chaebol's sister and step mother.

    The Sister, who is very pleasant, is consistent with the daughters in U.S. organized crime novels and movies:  she has been educated and trained to be nice so that she can comfortably blend with the "more respectable" element of the upper class.

    The fact that Drunken Chaebol's step mother is depicted as pleasant, as pleasant as his sister, seems anomalous.

    Her husband is a thug.  She knows it.  She listens to her husband and step son discussing extorting money from their tenants.

    Nor can she credibly say, "My husband works in real estate downtown." In episode 5, some bullied tenants were heard discussing the fact that Drunken Chaebol's father has been imprisoned several times.  This is not a person that middle class or better Korean women would tolerate in their social group.  In real life, Drunken Chaebol's step mother would have a much harder edge.

    So Papa Thug's hopes and dreams of marrying his daughter (who is adorable) to a man like a doctor, prosecutor or anyone of decency, he can forget it. It would have to be someone that owes him money or needs money! Really liking this. The quirky music and situations make this pretty light! I really hope it stays that way with just a hint of the usual tropes. But Jin Do Hyun? He's really going to have to change for me to like him. Drunken Chaebol? The name fits!!

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  10. 31 minutes ago, Lunkera said:

    @evie7 Feel the same. 2 of the 3 daily spent time actually watching went totally bonkers. "Only Love" and "Always Spring". If not for Nam Bora's character i would have dropped "Only Love" halfway. I have decent patience for drama going a little crazy but there still is a limit :D 

    Hope more will join

    I want another Working Mom, Parenting Dad type of drama which was really limited on the makjang even though it had some of the usual drama tropes. I need a drama to really enjoy again!

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  11. 5 hours ago, eakeeper_stv said:

    Hi All,

    This is very interesting drama and I am surprised not much posting on this forum.  This is still in early stage in Kdrama, so I am expect it to be a lot more stories to develop among involved parties.  HS is blessed in many ways, 2 men who loves her very much, mother-in-law and her families unconditional love, yet, she is the most unfortunate person to deal with things going on with her life.  I  sure wouldn't want to be her.  Poor HS! 

    Unfortunately, the "unfortunate" trait makes her character very unappealing. Love Do Jin! I'm seriously only watching this for him!

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