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  1. Well I definitely see the similarities! Now I would love to see the Japanese drama! I'll check raredorama!
  2. Began watching this as I've still haven't watched Jang Hyuk's last two dramas though I have high hopes to do so.
  3. Here! Here! For SK featuring that there is programs for abusers and possibly other things that can help people through therapy! With so much attention to depression which is another thing that gets thrown under the rug, it was refreshing to see. As a matter of fact, you don't see much of it ever shown in dramas. Once again, I really should have come to my favorite place, Soompi forums to discuss this drama. This is definitely in my top 10 in being complete and succinct. I felt no stone was left unturned, Jang sat in prison still clueless but that really was her character, and HKW and JEH had moved on. I also love CK's son who said what he wanted and his description of his mother was so telling! Santa Dad was always there, even when he showed up only 4 times a year, compared to his own mother; and he leaves SK knowing that Shark Dad will be there for him too! Though his mother annoyed me to no end, his addition was great! Was I the only one who tuned out every time she was seeing that little children's diddy? I swear I cannot remember that song but others were complaining about it!! Great job by the writer! After her last disaster, what a comeback!!
  4. Oh man! I really missed out following this drama here. I've absolutely enjoyed this one immensely! My daughter caught me watching it from ep 2 and is still watching it at ep 36! Her second drama! As I've read through some of the posts, all I can do is smdh in agreement. The cast was great and perfect! I've never hated 2 people more and found myself liking 2 people that I hated by the end of the drama! The writer has really surprised us week after week with reveals we never expected. This last 2 reveals about the mothers (KCK and JEH) were WOAH moments! Had I been following the forum, maybe I would have been prepared for KCK's mom helping JEH! That was a surprise! Though it makes sense that this was a mother who tried so hard to gain love from her son. I really wish they dove more into background as to why KCK was such an abuser? I have a feeling so was his father which might explain his animosity towards the mother. Well, I wasn't with everyone at the beginning; however, I'm looking forward to the last 4 episodes and everyone's comments.
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