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  1. You are spot on. I think a lot of JP's shippers are so fixated on the history and the letters between JP and DM that they forget what this whole drama is about. Similarly to our reality, certain things we used to treasure in the past would inevitably become part of our memories, and remain just that. The fact that young DM couldn't move on from the letters is because she was infatuating with the idea of her ideal man, but once reality hits, she sees that her infatuation is different from her reality. People grow up and move on, especially how this drama has been portrayed over and
  2. Beautiful and satisfying finale! So happy for this ending, I was crying and laughing, and feeling in awe. Thank you Start Up for this amazing series! JP: I have always loved JP's character, but I was not rooting for him with DM for the very the same reason he finally admitted, he did not go look for her in 15 years, but DS went to her within the same day reading the letters. Although, just because he didn't "get the girl" but JP's character is the best character arc. His life was unfolded as a lonely orphan, but gets wrapped up with a family, through Grandma who has always loved hi
  3. @inBinJinitrust Hi chingu! Similarly to you, this drama brought back a lot of nostalgic moments from our earlier startup days too. As a 9-5 employee most of my life, I've started out late, so the startup rookie mistakes were truly bruised and learned. Seeing these young actors put in so much efforts to carry out the roles really got me sympathized and appreciated. This drama has many more components to it than just the love triangle (what a Kdrama without a love triangle, right?), and the unconventional ML is a bonus for me. Regardless of NJH's popularity, I've never seen his work prior to thi
  4. All of these JP toxic fans are doing Kim Seon Ho a disservice. You are not elevating him by attacking and bashing on his counterparts. You can hate the characters but not the artists. Learn to appreciate the arts and respect the efforts of the entire production behind these series. It's hard work! Toxic fans are the reason why K-biz has such high suicidal rates. It's sad and disgusting!
  5. They seriously spoiled the fun for the rest of us. It's only kdrama, imagine if we cross these people in real life, our heads will be rolling. Yes, still a lot to unfold. Previews are usually misleading anyways, we will see in a few days. Also, I want to add to the mountain scene that everyone still talks about...the epilogue shows that DS agreed to join DM's company without any personal involvements, he didn't need to know about DM's relationship status with JP, but he felt her sincerity and understood how Tarzan meant to her. He has always loved and trusted her, even though up until th
  6. @peachfuzz Say it louder, girl!! I seriously laughed so hard at the suggestion that JP is the utlimate perfect prince charming that all women want. These kind of guys don't exist, only in kdramas. If they do exist in real life, they are the worst type of bf/husband. Guys like JP in "real life" are generally picky, nitpicking, and standoffish. If they know they're hot RickRoll'D, they will demand perfection from their gf/wife too. These young girls need to learn that there's no charity in love, and definitely no Cinderella-prince charming in real life.
  7. Very good episodes 13 & 14. I really enjoyed the interaction between IJ and DM, and DM with JP in episode 13. We finally saw JP's little happiness of having an adopted family who cares for him. IJ and DM seemed to be getting closer but there is still a gap between these two sisters, and we hope it will get a deserving closure in the finale episode. Aside from seeing the new changes and development leading to the meeting event 3 years later between the main leads, I find it interesting how the writer kept bring up DM finding DS's hands fascinating, after all, they're just hands
  8. Hah! Yes. Guys throwing punches at each other in kdramas are so typical and common that I even thought it's part of their culture. Especially after the fight both the guys seemed to be cool about it. Not that I'm promoting violence, but coming from the land of trigger happy (US), this fight is hardly a slap in the face.
  9. Imagine how many new innovations could come out as the result of this drama!! Lol. I know it's computer science and business 101, but just think about variations of innovations that could stem from this inspiring drama! But seriously, the world could use more of the Samsan tech guys!
  10. Very well said!! I really can't stand another polished, prince charming idealized ML. Perfection is boring and mundane, imagine JP's storyline from earlier eps without the dorky Samsan guys, he would just be another pretty face with no personality. I'm loving this drama and even though things went haywire for the Samsan Tech group, I think it happened for the better. The guys really needed to move on and grow independently, while the girls are more resilient, they, too, can pick themselves up and move on. Can't wait for next week!! I'm not sure how DoSan's pure heart is not
  11. Very good insight. I completely forgot about this small detail, how young JP felt envious of young DS appearing on TV. I wish all characters a happy, deserving ending because they all went through tough times, and they each had their own battle to overcome. Very good point. JP was ready to cut ties, treating their encounter as a one-timer, but DS felt something that night. He fell hard for DM at first sight, and I think it also stemmed from the fact that her letters touched him deeply. We know DS is a compassionate person by nature, so he's more empathic towards DM's history and able to
  12. @Sleepy Owl Yes, I agree. JP is not a charity house, he is an investor with critical views. His keen assessment and evaluation for profitable businesses are what make him the best in his field. But the point is that, he gave the Samsan Tech guys his honest feedback only when they were already somewhat involved with DM. This happened after the Networking Event. Prior to their encounter, DS had sent many emails to JP's company and they were left unread/filtered out. Samsan Tech's first AI invention was not meant for consumer-based business model, to which they failed to identify, they are invent
  13. I know the end of Episode 10 angers many viewers as the plot twist seems to suggest JP is a villain in his past life, and somehow responsible for Yong San's brother's death. From the very getgo, JP is a harsh critic, he speaks his mind and provides strict criticism when it comes to business. If you recall from episodes 2-3, JP chewed out Samsan Tech guys like they're lowlifers without direction while reviewing their proposal. If it wasn't because the involvement with DM, JP wouldn't even see Samsan Tech's true potential. With his temperament, it doesn't surprise me that he might rub many start
  14. Very well said!! Now that the truth is revealed, I really hope DM will make her own judgement in choosing a partner who's most compatible with her, someone who admires, understands, and respects her. From Episode 1, JP didn't even remember DM's name, this came up during his conversation with grandma when she sought him out for a favor. DM was insignificant in his life..this whole infatuation was only one-side from DS, JP was unaware of her existence, let alone feelings and didn't even bother to return to look for her and grandma. I really hope people would put this ship war to res
  15. Omg..same here!! I was screaming at that Classic raining scene. I'm also SYJ's fan. The Classic was my first love, so I recognized the song right away (also played in Hospital Playlist)!! Loved loved episode 9. I felt so bad for everyone, but finally DS and JP will have an opportunity to come clean, and hopefully the second part of the drama will focus on their growth and future.
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