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[Drama 2015] My Heart Twinkle Twinkle 내 마음 반짝반짝 Thanks for watching...

Ldy Gmerm

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My Heart Twinkle Twinkle 03

Title: 내 마음 반짝반짝 / My Heart Twinkle Twinkle

Chinese Title: 我的心一閃一閃
Also known as: My Heart Shines / My Heart is Twinkling
Previously known as: 장사의 신 이순정 / Lee Soon Jung, the Goddess of Sales
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-17 to 2015-April-12
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


Since her mother died, Soon Jin (Jang Shin Young) has taken care of her father and her two younger sisters. She also runs a chicken restaurant “Jinsim” own by his father and worry about their rival chicken restaurant “Woontak” run by a cold-blooded man, Woon Tak (Bae Soo Bin).

Meanwhile, her two younger sisters are Soon Soo (Lee Tae Im) and Soon Jung (Nam Bo Ra). Soon Soo has an attractive appearance and plays the piano well. Due to breaking up with her first love and her poor family background, she feels miserable. Soon Jung is the youngest daughter and she is proud of her father. She becomes involved with two men, Jang Soon Chul (Lee Pil Mo) and Cha Do Hoon (Oh Chang Suk).


Main Cast

Jang Shin Young as Lee Soon Jin



Bae Soo Bin as Cheon Woon Tak

Bae Soo Bin 01


Lee Tae Im as Lee Soon Soo (Soon Jin’s younger sister)

Lee Tae Im 01


Nam Bo Ra as Lee Soon Jung (Soon Jin’s younger sister)

Nam Bo Ra 02


Supporting Cast

Lee Pil Mo as Jang Soon Chul

Lee Pil Mo 02

Oh Chang Suk as Cha Do Hoon



Lee Duk Hwa as Lee Jin San



Jung Ae Ri as Jang Cheng Chul

Jung Ae Ri 02


Geum Bo Ra as Hwang Mei Chi

Geum Bo Ra 01


Ha Jae Sook as Chan Ying Fei



Son Eun Seo as Chan Jing Fei



Jung Eun Woo as Ji Guang Moo

Jung Eun Woo 02


Yoon Da Hoon as Bae Cheng Yi



My Heart is Twinkling Cast1My Heart is Twinkling Cast2My Heart is Twinkling Cast4My Heart is Twinkling Cast3My Heart is Twinkling Cast5My Heart is Twinkling Cast6My Heart is Twinkling Cast7My Heart is Twinkling Cast8My Heart is Twinkling Cast9My Heart is Twinkling Cast10

My Heart is Twinkling4My Heart is Twinkling1My Heart is Twinkling2My Heart is Twinkling3

Production Credits

Director: Oh Se Kang
Screenwriter: Jo Jung Sun


Kim Jung Eun and Kim Soo Ro were previously cast for the main character roles in this drama, but dropped out of the project prior to filming.



Credit to the original poster...

Translated Character profile information by @baduy

Jinshim Wonju restaurant Family

Lee Sun Jeong (19 to 22 years old) Played by Nam Bo Ra


Tough but lovable, the youngest daughter of the family that owns the Jinshim Wonju Chicken Restaurant.

Her earliest memories are of the aromatic appetizing smell of chicken, and as a teenager she's proud to be known as the girl from the chicken restaurant.

However, when she discovers the secret behind the way her father one day died through an unexpected accident, she commits herself to pursuing the path of vengeance.

To resurrect her father's Jinshim Wonju Chicken Restaurant business, she travels the entire nation to study chicken raising and cooking, and despite many setbacks, persists in her solitary struggles.

This girl never rests in her lonely fight to seek out the members of her family, dispersed after her father's death, and to restore the happy times they once knew.

Lee Sun Jin (30 years old) Played by Jang Shin Yeong
Eldest of the three sisters of the Jinshim Wonju restaurant family.

Generous, good-natured and pure-hearted, after her mother's death she single-mindedly devoted herself to caring for her father and two younger sisters, filling the role of a loyal wife and wise mother.
After her father's death, she becomes the wife of Cheon Wun Tak, tolerating cruelty and abuse. But then she finds out her husband was behind her father's death, and after only three years of marriage she runs away and leaves him.

Determined to hound Cheon Wun Tak, she works as a domestic under a false identity. Her skills as a housekeeper and seamstress come to the attention of Kang Seong Suk, and she is promoted to responsibility for the clothing division of the Cha Yeong Group.

Lee Sun Su (20 years old) Played by Lee Tae Im


Second daughter of the Jinshim Wonju restaurant family.

She has always held Sun Jeong responsible for the death of her beloved mother, and so has always felt resentful towards Sun Jeong and her hard-up father.

She inherited her mother's beauty and talent, including her ability on the piano, but in order to earn piano tuition money she had to take a part-time job at a hostess bar where she discovered what a hard place the world is. But she never dreamed that the job at the hostess bar would drag her down. There she met Seong Joo, and in the aftermath of passionate first love was plunged into a hellish existence.

Lee Jin Sam (in his late 50's) Played by Lee Deok Hwa


Father of the three sisters. Owner of the Jinshim Wonju restaurant

Cheon Wun Tak's father, Cheon Gi Beom, who had supported him in his youth, stole the recipes he had developed, but he was content to live a happy life running a small home-cooked chicken restaurant. But when Wun Tak took even that away from him, it was a deadly blow.  The way Wun Tak then even snatched his eldest daughter away made his misfortune complete.
He was hard-up, but not ashamed of it, and was proud of being the father of three outstanding daughters.

Lee Mal Suk (early 60's) Played by Eun Mi Ra


Lee Jin Sam's older sister, paternal aunt of the three sisters.

An archetypal tough lady who doesn't mince her words.

After the death of her brother's wife, she tirelessly cared for her brother and nieces.

After her brother died as well, she packed her things and walked out on her own from the Wuntak Chicken store Wun Tak had allowed them to have.

She tried to be a defensive wall around the three girls, but in the process she became an obstacle to them.

Wuntak Fried Chicken Family

Cheon Wun Tak (late 30's) Played by Bae Su Bin


President of the Wuntak Chicken franchise business, and owner of the Monachus Group.

Eldest son of Cheon Gi Beom and Hwang Mi Ja, born as the result of an accident while his parents were both still in high school,

As a child of  parents who were still children themselves, he realized at a very young age that the world is a heartless place. He is exceptionally intelligent.

He experienced neither the torments of young  love in his awkward adolescence nor any delightful romance in his twenties, because his father made himself scarce and so he was always preoccupied with business and family duties. Then his eye fell on a woman: Lee Sun Jin, eldest daughter of the Jinshim Wonju restaurant family.

But because of evil things done in his parents' day, and of his own misdeeds as well, he had become the enemy of that woman's family.

Eventually Lee Jin Sam died in a fire at a poultry farm, and Cheon Wun Tak was at long last able to make Sun Jin his wife.

Cheon Keum Bi (middle 20's) Played by Son Eun Seong


Eldest sister of Cheon Wun Tak

Long standing rival of Lee Sun Su ever since they studied piano together.

Haughty, chic, typical spoiled daughter of a wealthy family. Out of all her family members, she is the one with the most faith in Wun Tak

Having previously been a piano student, through her inadequate ability she abandoned her studies overseas half-way through and came back to Korea.

She has neither management ability nor business skills, but as a typical chaebol filly she claims to know all about beauty, culture, fashion and business, and has a burning ambition to become a celebrity media guru on such matters.

While pursuing that aim, she chanced to meet Cha Do Hun, heir to the PriMart company, fell in love with him at first sight, and became ardently determined to marry him.

When she sees Ch Do Hun with Sun Jeong, that gives her a further massive blow.

Cheon Eun Bi (19 years old: early 20's)  Played by Ha Jae Suk


Youngest sister of Cheon Wun Tak

Rather different from most youngest children, somewhat plump in build and with a quick and irrepressible tongue in her head.

Food and hanging out with boys being her main interests in life, she took precious little notice of her brother's admonitions to study hard.

In her schooldays, Sun Jeong, youngest daughter of the Jinshim Wonju restaurant family, whom she saw as her rival, was a thorn in her flesh and she severely harrassed her, but she gradually gained a reputation as a loose-living troublemaker, a sort of Korean Paris Hilton.

Hwang Mi Ja (aka Mme Hwang, late 50's) Played by Keum Bo Ra


Wun Tak's mother.

A massive inferiority complex drives her to pretend to be highly educated.

She respects the cold and intimidating Wun Tak in the same way she respected her husband and father-in-law, but when she observes the way he lives her irritation knows no bounds.

Consequently, she is constantly filled with ferocious anger, which she dissipates through shopping, drinking and gambling, making her tempestous existence a bigger headache to Wun Tak than his two sisters.

One day, Wun Tak brings home a woman he says he intends to marry, Lee Sun Jin, the daughter of a humble family with no pedigree and not a penny to her name, and her anger explodes.

When Wun Tak marries Sun Jin and makes her her daughter-in-law, she begins a campaign of oppression against Sun Jin which Wun Tak is powerless to keep in check.

Pak Yong Shik (mid 30's) Played by Do Gi Seok


Wun Tak's assistant.

Outstandingly able to handle tricky situations and sort things out.

The men in the three sisters' lives.

Jang Sun Cheol (mid-30's) Played by Lee Pil Mo.


Crooked interior renovation contractor.

Gets involved with Sun Jeong through a fraudulent invoice for interior renovation, and without intending to do so, actually helps her.

In his younger days, feverishly pursued by Chaebol daughter Cha Yae Lin, he fell in love with her and fathered a son, but then fell out of love again.

The sincerity of Sun Jeong infused new love into his heart.

Cha Do Hun (late 20s) Played by Oh Chang Seok


Heir to the Cha Yeong Group. A young bachelor currently running the vegetables division at PriMart.

Second generation Chaebol who, when he comes across people in poverty, finds satisfaction in helping them out. Though born into a rich family, he has never ever flaunted his wealth or privilege and is a pure-hearted and kindly young man.

While he is working at PriMart on the orders of his father President Cha, Sun Jeong, who is running the adjacent chicken restaurant, corners him for selling spongy radishes, the start of  a strange bond between them.

Gu Gwan Mo (late 30's) Played by Jang Eun Woon


Employed for the past seven years as secretary and butler in Wun Tak's household, he also functions as Geum Bi and Eun Bi's bodyguard.

Wun Tak, who never readily trusts anyone, after observing Gu Gwan Mo's presence of mind, reticence and integrity, gradually started to entrust him with increasingly important matters. But though Gwan Mo was able to withstand all the humiliations he could not escape in his seven years in the household, they remained an indelible part of his past. That led him to draw Wun Tak into a ruinous predicament.

Pyo Seong Joo (40 years old) Played by Yun Da Hun.

Second son of the Han Min Group. Sun Su's Lover.

As the son of a Chaebol, he was well versed in the ways of the world. [i don't know why there's a question mark there in the Korean, which reads ""잔뼈(?)가 굵었다." It literally refers to someone who is skilled and experienced at taking the small bones out of their fish -- no mean feat when you have to use chopsticks. You can see it done in close-up in an episode of Alone in Love. Did whoever typed in the profile maybe not recognize the expression and think they might be misreading the (?handwritten) copy they were transcribing?? Probably not, because a variant of the same expression is repeated, unqueried, right in the next sentence.] He also knew the meaning of the saying, frequently heard in such circles, that a true tycoon is also a player and should behave accordingly, and he was aware, too, of all the pain, loneliness and sadness [again, the profile writer has inserted a question mark after the word 안타까움, but I've no idea why...] such behaviour can cause, and took it in his stride.

But then in a hostess bar, he heard Son Su's piano playing and also head the sound of tears flowing in his heart. And so he fell in love with her.

Other characters

Cha Ye Lin (late 30's) Played by Cha Su Yeon


Daughter of the Cha Yeong Group, Cha Do Hun's older sister.

Ex-wife of Jang Sun Cheol, now married to Pyo Seong Joo!!!

Truly a chameleon-like individual living a colorful existence.

She gave up on love and chose harsh reality instead, a typical second generation chaebol, although she harbours a painful wound deep in her heart.

[No photos for the remaining cast members as yet]

Cha Seok Nam (mid 60's) Played by Kim Dong Hyeon

Typical Chaebol President, shedding neither blood nor tears.

He loves money and he loves women, especially young ones, and if it serves the advantage of his company, he will coldy walk through hell and high water.

He even makes advances on Sun Jin until his wife Seong Suk restrains him, though he is merely biding his time, and when subsequently he is introduced to Sun Su he turns into the epitome of a 'makjang drama' character. [The profile writer/transcriber peppers that last sentence with question marks in a way it would be tedious to reproduce]

Kang Seong Suk  (early 60's)  Played by Jeong Ae Lee

President Cha's wife.

At a time when her husband was notorious for his dissolute conduct as a second generation chaebol, she entered his family with dignity and spent her lifetime there as a devoted housewife and mother.

With an excellent personality and highly cultured, she is an outstanding hostess.

She devoted herself to caring equally for both her children, Yae Lin and Do Hoon, and raised them with genuine love and understanding. Turning a blind eye her whole life long to her husband's repeated misdeeds, she remained calm and self-possessed no matter what.

After finding out about Sun Jin's difficult situation and appreciating her qualities, she earned her gratitude by offering her a future.

Thanks to @jadecloud for the below:

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Good Afternoon,@LdyGmerm, Thanks for starting this thread I'm liking the cast of this drama already so if Kim Jung Eun and Kim Soo Roo dropout I must thank them.. I see Lee Pil Mo will be going right into another project right after Pinocchio and Bae Soo Bin will have two this one and one on OCN which has 10 episodes boy he's in high demands also we even have SB (Nam Bo Ra ) from only love our daily I guess her talent really didn't get a chance to shine in that train wreck so let's hope we get to see more of her here..  I tell you this drama has some beautiful actress and handsome actors so I'm on board..  

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valsava said: Good Afternoon,@LdyGmerm, Thanks for starting this thread I'm liking the cast of this drama already so if Kim Jung Eun and Kim Soo Roo dropout I must thank them.. I see Lee Pil Mo will be going right into another project right after Pinocchio and Bae Soo Bin will have two this one and one on OCN which has 10 episodes boy he's in high demands also we even have SB (Nam Bo Ra ) from only love our daily I guess her talent really didn't get a chance to shine in that train wreck so let's hope we get to see more of her here..  I tell you this drama has some beautiful actress and handsome actors so I'm on board..  

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@Ldy Gmerm" Thanks Chingu for starting this thread your simply the best!!

Oh i can't wait to see this weekend drama and my girl is in it Jang Shin Young along with a powerful cast behind her. I'm definitely in" but I'll need to put my dramas in order because I'm watching too many at one time :-j

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Teaser found Here

Character Profiles: Found Here.

진심원조통닭 집이순정
WE83415785_w666.jpg본명남보라출생1989.11.27 이순정(19세~22세)
억척스럽지만 사랑스러운 진심원조통닭 집 막내 딸.
생애 최초의 기억이 고소하고 맛있는 치킨 냄새였던 순정은 자신이 치킨 집 딸이라는 게 자랑스럽다.
그러던 어느 날 아버지가 불의의 사고로 돌아가시고 그 아버지 죽음에 얽힌 비밀을 알게 된 뒤 복수를 위한 행보를 걷는다.
그리고 아버지의 진심원조통닭을 부활시키기 위해 전국을 돌며 치킨연구에 나서실패를 거듭하면서도 홀로 고군분투하는데.
아버지의 죽음으로 뿔뿔이 흩어진 가족을 찾고 다시 행복했던 시절로 돌아가기 위한 순정의 외로운 싸움은 멈추지 않는다."

Google Translation:
"Yisunjeong (19 3-22 years old)

Lovely one hundred million afraid chicken house really help the youngest daughter.

Remember life's first complaint was genuine and delicious chicken smell is very proud of his chicken house to her daughter.

One day his father died in accidents walk the pace for revenge after his father learned the secret of death entangled.

And to revive the heart of the Father aid roast chicken, then toured the country studies
Yet again failed to struggling alone.

Father of searching for scattered family does not stop with the death of a lonely fight to get back to the days of pure happiness again."

진심원조통닭 집이순진
WE74411756_w666.jpg본명장신영출생1984.01.17 이순진(30세)
"진심원조 통닭집 세자매 중 장녀.
무던하고 착한 성격의 순진은 어머니가 돌아가신 후 오로지 아버지와 두 동생을 위해 헌신하는 전형적인 현모양처. 
아버지를 죽인 천운탁의 아내가 되어 모진 수모를 겪으며 버텨내지만, 아버지 죽음의 배후에 남편 운탁이 있다는 사실을 알게 되며 결혼 3년 만에 도망을 나온다.
순진은 운탁에게 쫓기며 신분을 숨긴 채 도우미로 생활하다 야무진 살림과 재봉 솜씨를 알아본 강성숙의 눈에 들어 차영그룹 계열 의류브랜드를 책임지는 자리까지 오르게 되는데."

Google Translation:
"Sun-jin Yi (30 years old)

Seriously aid of the eldest three sisters chicken house.

Mudeon and naive nature of the good mother died after a typical Potiche exclusively dedicated to the father and two younger brothers.

Rosy-pink Tak is the wife of the murdered father, but suffer a severe battering You hold, my father learned that her husband's death, and come down behind takyi away to marry three years.

Is naive is forced to place jjotgimyeo to untak is life without hiding their identity as a helper in your eyes, and see what the livelihood of Massy SEWING gangseongsuk responsible for chayoung group-based clothing brand."

WE19803072_w666.jpg본명이태임출생1986.10.05 이순수(20대 중반)
"진심원조 통닭집 둘째딸.
사랑하는 엄마를 동생 순정 때문에 잃었다고 생각하는 순수는 그런 순정과 가난한 아버지를 늘 원망했다.
어머니의 재능을 물려받아 몸매 되고 예쁘고 피아노까지 잘 치는 재원이었지만 등록금을 벌기 위해 룸살롱 아르바이트를 해야 할 만큼 세상은 그리 녹녹치 않았다.
그리고 살기위해 했던 룸살롱 아르바이트가 자신의 발목을 잡게 될 줄은 꿈에도 몰랐다.
그렇게 룸살롱에서 만난 성주와의 불꽃같던 첫사랑의 후유증으로 나락으로 떨어진 삶을 살게 되는 순수."

Google Translation:
"Yisunsu (mid-20s)

Seriously aid Daughter chicken house.

Pure thought is lost because of the loving mother father brother Akira was blaming the poor always with such genuine.

Inherit the mother of the world, as long as you have the talent to make room salon part time beating well toned and beautiful piano tuition funds but did so noknokchi.

Room salon which to live and work part-time are going to be able to join his ankle did not dreamed.

Flame of lords and met in the room salon that seemed to be living a life of pure hell as far as side effects of first love."
WE75857406_w666.jpg본명이덕화출생1952.05.08 이진삼(50대 후반)
세 자매의 아버지. 진심원조통닭의 주인이다.
청춘을 받쳐 개발한 레시피를 천운탁의 아버지 천기범에게 빼앗기고 그저 작은 수제치킨집을 운영하는 것에 만족하며 살아온 진삼.
하지만 진심원조통닭집 마저 천운탁에게 빼앗긴 채 죽음을 당하고, 큰 딸 순진까지 운탁에게 빼앗기는 비운의 주인공.
가난하지만 부끄러운 짓 하지 않으며 세 자매의 자랑스러운 아버지로 사는 이시대의 아버지상."

Google Translation:

"Yijinsam (late 50s)

Father of three sisters. Really help the owner of the chicken.

Support the youth deprived of a recipe developed by his father thousand Ki Bum's rosy-pink clouds cloudy happy to simply operate a small homemade chicken house and lived jinsam.

But the chicken was being sincere assistance to the rosy-pink clouds cloudy death even after losing their home to the oldest daughter untak deprived of the naive protagonist of clearing up.

Shame on the poor, but do not do live in the era of Father proud father of three sisters."

Credit SBS
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Script Reading:




"장신영-배수빈-이태임-남보라-이덕화-윤다훈-손은서-하재숙-정은우-윤미라-임현식 등 SBS 새 주말특별기획드라마 ‘내 마음 반짝반짝’ 배우들의 ‘열기 활활’ 첫 대본 연습 현장이 공개됐습니다.
‘내반반’을 이끌어갈 배우들과 제작진이 처음으로 한자리에 모여

대본을 읽어 내려가며 호흡을 맞췄는데요.
남다른 열정과 폭발적인 연기력을 갖춘 ‘내반반 라인’ 배우들은

실전보다 더 실전 같은 혼신의 연기로 현장을 뜨겁게 달궜다는 후문입니다. "

Google Translation:

"장신영-배수빈-이태임-남보라-이덕화-윤다훈-손은서-하재숙-정은우-윤미라-임현식 Special new SBS weekend drama, etc. My heart sparkles' roaring open 'actors' first practice site went public this scenario.
And the actors who will lead the "My Smooth 'crew for the first time gathered in one place

John read the script parading down hit the breathing.
With extraordinary passion and tremendous acting 'My smooth lines' actors

Acting as a hot spot in the whole body is more practical than encounter dalgwotda back door."

Found Here .

Credit SBS

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Character Photo's



"배수빈이 ‘극강의 옴므파탈’ 자태를 드러내며

파격적인 연기 대변신을 꾀해 이목을 집중시키고 있습니다.
배수빈은‘내반반’에서 대형 프랜차이즈 ‘운탁 치킨’을 소유한

모나쿠스 그룹의 독한 오너 천운탁 역을 맡았는데요.
배수빈이 ‘블랙 카리스마’를 드리운 채

서슬 퍼런 ‘냉철남’으로 탈바꿈한 첫 촬영 현장이 공개됐습니다."

Google Translation:
"Bae Soo-bin is revealing the "Homme fatale of geukgang 'appearance

Matches the exceptional acting makeover you to focus the attention.
Bae Soo-bin is owned by a large franchise 'untak chicken' in 'My Smooth'

Neundeyo played a strong role in Mona Coos owner Rosy-pink Tak Group.
Bae Soo-bin the valance on the 'black charisma, while

Seoseul the first shooting was transformed into a conference, the cool South "was published."






"‘내 마음 반짝반짝’에서 ‘운탁 치킨’의 오너

천운탁의 집사 구관모 역을 맡은 정은우!
무엇보다 정은우가 아무도 모르게 홀로 허름한 선술집에 앉아

처연하게 소주를 들이키는 모습으로 시선을 잡아끌고 있습니다.

미스테리한 남자 정은우의 활약을 기대해주세요!"

Google Translation:
"Owner of "untak chicken 'in' my heart sparkles"

Rosy-pink butler in charge of Tak Station Dong-jin Jeong Mo old building!
Above all, Wu Chung knowing no one sits alone in a shabby pub

Cheoyeon in Suzhou are key to attracting the attention grabbing look.

Please look forward to the mystery man Wu Chung plays!"




"뚝심 있고 성실한 ‘대한민국 아버지’로 변신을 예고한 배우 이덕화님!
‘내 마음 반짝반짝’에서 ‘진심 원조 통닭’의 주인이자
순진, 순수, 순정, 세 딸의 아버지인 이진삼 역을 맡아 폭풍 열연을 예고하고 있는데요.
이덕화님은 ‘내반반’을 통해 그동안 주로 맡아왔던
악독하고 냉정한 ‘카리스마 재벌가 회장’ 역이 아닌,
대한민국 서민을 대표하는 아버지의 모습을 선보일 예정입니다."

Google Translation"
"Endurance and sincere 'Republic of Korea father' actor Lee Deok-hwa's notice to transform!
Ownership interest in 'My heart sparkles' sincere assistance chicken'
Innocent, pure, genuine, three take the daughter of his father, yijinsam station've been warning the storm-rolled.
Lee Deok-hwa's will take far been mainly through the "My Smooth '
Devious and sober 'charismatic president jaebeolga Station is not,
Will demonstrate the appearance of the Father, representing the populace Republic of Korea."

Credit SBS

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@LdyGmerm,  You know he and Hn is dating in real life.. They may have started to like each other then I know it said that she dump long time boyfriend Seven and now dating Jung Eun Woo.. Wonder which one of the sisters he would pair up with we don't have a relationship chart on the pairing of Ji Guang Moo and others..  

Jung Eun Woo 02

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More Character Photo's:




이태임이 데뷔 후 처음으로 교복을 입고,

‘여고생 피아니스트’의 자태를 담아내 기대감을 불러일으키고 있습니다.
이태임은‘내반반’에서 ‘진심 원조 통닭’의

둘째 딸 이순수 역을 맡아 열연을 펼칠 예정인데요.
이태임이 고등학교 교복을 입은 채 열정적으로

피아노를 연주하는 모습이 포착돼 이목을 집중시키고 있습니다. "

Google Translations:

"After her debut for the first time to wear a uniform to be a Lee Tae,

Serve the appearance of 'schoolgirl Pianist "are raising my expectations.
Lee Tae-im is a 'sincere assistance chicken' in 'My Smooth'

Yisunsu station scheduled to take the second daughter's a hot-rolled unfold.
Passionately while wearing a school uniform to be a Lee Tae

This looks to play the piano, you gotta catch and draw attention."







"절대 동안 ‘교복 포스’로 시선을 잡아끌고 있는 그녀, 남보라!

남보라는 오는 2015년 1월 17일 첫 방송될 ‘내 마음 반짝반짝’에서

‘진심 원조 통닭’의 막내딸 이순정 역을 맡아 새로운 변신을 예고하고 있는데요.
19세 여고생으로 등장하는 남보라가 고등학생 교복을 입고 있는

깜찍발랄한 자태가 포착돼 눈길을 끌고 있습니다.

 사랑스러운 그녀의 활약을 기대해주세요~!

Google Translation:

"Never pull the eye while she is being dragged into 'uniforms Force, Nam Bo-ra!

Nam Bo-ra is coming January 17, 2015 will be the first broadcast in 'My Heart shiny'

Yisunjeong station take the youngest daughter of 'sincere assistance roast' I'm heralds a new makeover.
The Nam Bo-ra to emerge as a 19-year-old high school student wearing a high school uniform

Cute, gotta catch a youthful appearance attracts attention."


Credit SBS

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I read that in the thread.. that explains a bit why his character got all of the kiss scenes with her and they did not have one at the in with our boy.. Oh well... I congratulate them if that is true..

I look forward to seeing what his character can do in this weekend drama along side the others..

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Ldy Gmerm said: @valsava

I read that in the thread.. that explains a bit why his character got all of the kiss scenes with her and they did not have one at the in with our boy.. Oh well... I congratulate them if that is true..

I look forward to seeing what his character can do in this weekend drama along side the others..

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@Ldy_Gmerm, thank you so much for starting this thread... and thank you so much for all the info...

Thank you to @cynkdf who directed me here...

I totally love the cast.

valsava said: Good Afternoon,@LdyGmerm, Thanks for starting this thread I'm liking the cast of this drama already so if Kim Jung Eun and Kim Soo Roo dropout I must thank them.. I see Lee Pil Mo will be going right into another project right after Pinocchio and Bae Soo Bin will have two this one and one on OCN which has 10 episodes boy he's in high demands also we even have SB (Nam Bo Ra ) from only love our daily I guess her talent really didn't get a chance to shine in that train wreck so let's hope we get to see more of her here..  I tell you this drama has some beautiful actress and handsome actors so I'm on board..  
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As much as I love BoaB I'm looking forward to this drama Thanks guy's for all the updates and I have filled out all the english request forms there is so to all who hasn't we van only get subs in our region with you help so fill out the forms..

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