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  1. The first half was normal then it got funny then mission impossible, sadly not as funny as the first 4, I used to laugh loud and clap today just big smile, say hello to F4
  2. In the preview she said that her ill relationship with her stepmother starts now, I hope she doesn't only talk the talk without walking the walk.
  3. If they did not make the lead girl an idiot it would be a great show, but the lead girl makes it hard to watch because of her stupidity. For example before finding out that they are family she had a bad relationship with her stepsister and she was slapped by her falsely excused of having an affair but she still nice to her, once she asked her stepsister a personal question and her stepsister told her off and that is not of your business, minute later her stepsister questioned her about her personal life and she told her everything on her mind, she always tells anyone who is evil anything they asked no matter what, even if they asked her whats new she will tell them or where is the save, she has to ask her stepmother about her suspicious instead of observing, the man who saved her always in trouble when her stepmother around and other notice she never even suspicious. I started watching only the end of each episode hoping for a change..
  4. Yes indeed he hates the company and wants to ruin it but not enough to tolerate disrespectful children who infested his market. The Pied Piper leading the children out of the market with baby shark melody was funny but not as funny as the face he made. I really thought the grandson will love the new look of his car but he hated it, I don't know if I should feel bad and sorry for him or angry because he doesn't understand the value of the market.
  5. Why should she collapse in front of JH out of all people, if they made it that GH chose JH so SW wouldn't hurt plot it and to protect his feeling it would be dumb.
  6. I cried too hearing the little girl story and then the results were wonderful, he is doing good on the expense of the company, when he smiled and agreed to her request is was hilarious. The grandson is another story The foreign name part I was wondering why it has to be a western name then things were not as I expected. I really like this amazing drama.
  7. The aunt is smart she figured it out wow, SY finally got her break while GH never got one at all things goes from bad to worse for her.
  8. I will curse the writers if GH sickness was something she need a surgery and to transplant something and they made the toy boy kill JH and he donates what GH needs to stay alive. JH asking his mom if there is away to get GH back makes you wonder if he is really a doctor because defiantly he needs one, but what if GH sickness was his way to blackmail her?. YR reminded me of the boy who sat in the elevator only to get up after relieving himself, if he only waited few seconds he would have been home and not embarrassed his mom ans sisters.
  9. Episode 58 the ESM comes rushing when BoDumi told her she is doing hypnotized and she runs all over the village and goes into the kids house, the clinic, the place they gather in and finally Dr Jo house to practically attack BoDumi to ruin the process but not before she remembers something and tells her ESM you abandoned me.
  10. In happy sisters he thought she will come back to him because he got sick and might die, in this one he thinks she might come back to him if he divorced SM, Really? she divorced you to get YR back and now that he is in her life why will she ever wanna be with the one who cheated on her and cost her son?. She told him loud and clear she is going to look after YR, SW and her happiness. JH he needs to come back to reality.
  11. It just get better, I like how he keeps on going when his plans doesn't go as he wished and he doesn't get angry. I was looking forward for the new door. He hated the fact the door was too open and welcomes .
  12. She is a real evil-step-mother and a creepy woman. This drama doesn't have the potential to be 120 episode, I hope they fix the plot or cut it short.
  13. Seeing JH throwing a tantrum like a five year old child who saw someone playing with the toy he left was funny, tattling on his mother-in-law "innocently'' was funny too. JH mother is shameless she wants to separate SM and JH so JH could get together with GH so she could find her way back into his life, she is the one who acted as she hit the jackpot with SM and betrayed GH and her family who welcomed her into their home, then she says GH should live for YR instead of moving on with her life with a man. By the way who can stop two grownup from living their lives wherever they chose to live?, SW family lost their place as his parent, so what will they do other than resorting to their shady ways to stop them?
  14. YR plan to run away from home and he runs away, GH father was watching him but he slept instead of watching over him. YR and his mother got intimated by fake dad, GH father was suppose to meet them there and walk them home. YR get kidnapped by his stupid grandmother, GH dad was suppose to spend time with him but he slept What kind of a child will like this food?. Where is the cookies, cakes, ice-cream, chocolate, dounates, soda and jellybeans???? where is the pizza (I saw saw something similar) and the pasta, burgers . I really hoped they called the cops on her, YR is legally GH son so it is kidnapping no matter whose blood is running in his veins, a restraining order would be a bonus. .
  15. I just finished watching it, it is on my top list of dramas it is funny, light and humorous. I love how he is doing unimaginable things to get his revenge over the company.
  16. With these two I thought I was watching a sketch in Gag Concert. I always find it funny it never gets old or makes me mad
  17. BoDumi is so stupid, SuHu got slapped by her because he told her the truth that she couldn't handle, if she stopped running her mouth or running to her ESM whenever she gets hold of a piece of evidence she would be living with her grandmother. SuHu also deserves to get punched not only slapped, he knows how BoDumi is so he should go straight to her grandmother.
  18. They didn't add the guy who was trying to use GJ to get better lines because she is close to SH.
  19. No in asianwiki he has a page with Na Jong-Chan as his name, they didn't include even this drama. Movies Twenty | Seumool (2015) - Dong-Won (Dong-Woo's brother) Drama Series Best Chicken | Choigoui Chikin (MBN-Dramax / 2019) - Lee Jin-Sang Golden Pouch | Hwanggeumjoomeoni (MBC / 2016-2017) - Yoon Ji-Sang Mom | Eomma (MBC / 2015) - Park Dae-Ryong Shine or Go Crazy | Bitnageona Michigeona (MBC / 2015) - Se-Won
  20. His name is Na In-woo (나인우) OK, it is stupid from the father ask SW why didn't he bring his son with him if he found him as if he found him on the street!! JH getting angry just by looking at SW makes me laugh, he got agitated when SW told him he knows how important YR is for GH that she divorced him "in your face". GJ mother is controlling her bank accounts so now JH mother can't take advantage of her like she did GH SW is a "widower" and a single dad, while GH is a divorcee, so just because she is JH-ex is not a good reason to break her bound with YR. SW and GH are good people and they will make a great parent that what their families should care for and focus on and not the fact that SM and JH had and affair and almost destroyed YR and scarred him for life. GH mother is mean and rude asking for a grantee from the bio dad, she was the one who abandoned YR so she should be the one who gives a grantee and reassure SW that is not gonna happen again, his family could use that against GH. Does she expect SW not to be in his own son life?? SW professing his love to GH while JH around the corner seeing his ex being embraced by the man he hate the most is sweet revenge, JH acting like a jealous husband who caught his wife cheating is ugly color on him. The preview SW got some nerves going there and trying to buy her grandson.
  21. When ever SuHu gives BoDumi and evidence she has to go and check it with her ESM, I blame you SuHu you should have gone straight to her grandmother.
  22. I never watched this drama without the sub, but episode 100 I had to watch the ending and episode 101 I watched it all and the preview was great, seeing the father and the aunt kicking their spouses out and they packed it together too, they are righteous both of them. As usual delusional JH thought he stand a chance to get his happy family and he had the nerve to say it GH. I love how GH trust SW as much we all do, in worst case scenario they could co-parent. I smiled watching SW looking at his son with love. JH mother trying to leech of GJ even though SH is not her son is so low of her, but I think her mother runs her bank account, so she might never smell any money. SW mother reaction about GH leaving with YR is cold, she was drinking tea and having a good time that was cut short. It was funny seeing the ex-detective covering his face where the burn on his neck was the clue to find him. I find it also funny how JH calls SW jerk whenever he is talking about him . I'm going to watch episode 102 without sub can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!
  23. SuHu is digging and BoDumi is filling so I hope SuHu never tells anyone but the grandmother this time.
  24. I'm really wondering since in Kdrama land your bad deeds are forgiven if you are family, so his mother and uncle might get forgiveness, SM is SM so who cares JH is not SW actual family so why will he care, but his mother and uncle did him wrong.
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