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  1. So Ms. Hong wants to marry her son off to a girl that from the preview it seems she is not all that?. Or why the ex-wife is threatening her she seems to know everyone.


    The father never learns at all he always treats SY badly instead of being grateful for her, Mi-Ri has a very bad taste in men, I mean who chooses to be with a grumpy old man who believes his trashy family are royals and everyone is after his money, he is only good at setting and judging people.


    the last scene of today's episode will go as Ms. Hong pleases she is great and avoiding crises and bending the truth and altering the reality and misleading every idiot who will listen to her, so I hope her son follow through the phone call and not let his mother control everything.


    SK I want her to have a happy ending. For her, it is her dad to acknowledge her and I hope she gets is.

  2. I think SH will ask his mother to say she was scammed too, he will help her to cover it up. I didn't watch SK part because of the preview where her aunt was pulling Ms. Hong hair and she was smiling her creepy smile so I skipped that part because it helps her and makes her happy.

    TW and the way he treated SH I didn't feel bad at all, she used to abuse him and now she is acting like an immature person so she only got what she deserved, she acted as if he was beating her up her for so long.

    My two favorite scenes from today episode are when SJ didn't take it from Ms. Hong but I hoped if she recorded everything but she is still clueless how to play the game.



    The second one is when sweet EB was playing with her below like an instrument, she seems musically talented like her on-screen father.



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  3. 2 hours ago, dondon binay said:

    Why is SY always team up with SH to save SJ instead of just talking to SJ himself? Case in point when SY hid the leftover IV bag containing the cure in her bag without telling SJ.


    Because SJ is sick and for her to tell him his cure might be fake will crash him and might even kill him and take the hope away from him with or without evidence she still will find it hard to tell him, SY has no powers no money no leverage against Ms. Hong and her minions. SH is Ms. Hong son and the only one who can stop her for now since everything his mother is doing is for him, SY can't even tell SJ dad lost his company to Ms. Hong and he is clueless and playing house with Mi-Ri so he can't stop her and he wouldn't believe a word that SY says. So SY has nothing and SH has all the power, SH could just walk away and it will destroy his mother, so SH is the only one who can save SJ.

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  4. I just finished watching the episode I felt sorry for SH then she made me change my mind so fast after the way she treated SD, I really don't want Ms. Hong to go to prison or to a mental hospital or even to kill herself or for her son to abandon her, I want her while she is on the run to end up in a hospital bed, with incurable disease where she can't move a muscle in her body, for her to go blind so she can't see anything around her or her dear son, deaf so she can't hear what's going around her or to hear her son and mute so she can't call for him or for help and paralyzed so she could feel helpless and weak and in hospital bed somewhere where no one can find her and for her to get abused by the staff and tortured, toying with other people health for money is disgusting and making them believe they will get better is mean. she deserves a very horrible punishment.

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  5. 5 hours ago, dramaninja said:

    But oh boy EP 95 preview looks great

    Yes indeed especially what SY did was amazing. I clapped so hard at that part like finally, she is not just yapping, complaining or all is just talk she did something even if it is small but at least she did, I imagine Ms. Hong complaining to her son and him giving her the cold shoulder. She was more surprised than I was because I was glad and happy more than surprised.


    But we have to wait till Tuesday for that.


    I just went on google and checked the news about the fire, I hope there will be no more victims there is one dead or two from different news and 11 injured. Thousand were evacuated.


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  6. 11 hours ago, dondon binay said:

    I don't think SJ is really sick at all. Hong made it up and paid that doctor to come up with a bogus diagnosis so she can scam the Choi Family.


    If she did then she has to have an inside man, and the only person could be that is the housekeeper, because SJ is showing a symptom of a disease. So if he was not sick at all mean someone has to have access to a drug to get him sick, the only person who can do that is the maid. But I don't think Hong has anything to do with that because she was happy when she found out about his sickness if she faked his diagnose then she should have done a better job with her minion instead of the last minute fake treatment and document, she did all that after the fact, so I don't think she faked his diagnose but you expect anything from her but if she did then she have done a very poor job to cover all her bases.

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  7. 1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

    Ep 88 is up 


    Ms. Hong is just a common thief, she is pocketing the money for herself and she is committing larceny by trick and her son SH is just a disaster waiting to happen, for him to expect SY to return to him if SJ was not there or for her to leave SJ is stupid and crazy. I really want to see Ms. Hong face if she ever heard or overheard how her son is so ready to disown her in a heartbeat if SY just said the words, thinking of her face makes me grin from ear to ear. 

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