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    ^i agree. the show is rather pointless. i'm actually angry with today's episode. man... i want to see more of clana couple... but too bad lana isn't the "destiny girl" or whatever -0-;;; errgh... i think i'm going to take a break from watching this show cause i'm really not liking the love story between the three main characters. -0-;;
































































































































    -S0LLY ^3^
































































































































    ^^ i think i'm in a phase of watching SV that it is hard to not watch the show anymore. It is the terrible. After waiting 5 years for Clana relationship to blossom to a new level, the writers/producers pull this kind of crap, breaking them up and puttting Lex and Lana together, it just very heartbroken. I kind hope the show tank because of stupid reason like that.
































































































































    Yes...yes...yes...I agree with both of you...Since Lana and Clark broke up, Smallville is getting worst and wasting time to watch and I will never agree if Lana going up with Lex :tongue2:

































































































































  2. i'm so confused about who is lois lane in smallville... is she the girl who works with lana at her cafe? O_O??

    -S0LLY ^3^

    Lois Lane is Chloe's cousin and she came to Smallville in the fourth season when Chloe died but we know she didn't :)

  3. I've watched season 5 episode 12 : Reckoning...and I think this episode is unreasonable...After Lana died and Clark has return to the time when Lana still alive, exactly he can tell Lana about his secret one more time and also can prevent the car accident which will happen after that...but he did't :(

  4. I was very happy when I watch the first three episodes in season 5, especially when Clark and Lana their dream come true (get together and make love)...but I am afraid that their relationship getting worse after that :(

  5. I've just watched season 5 episode 2 when Clark and Lana do the confession about their first s.e.x experience and their confession were really made me more more believe that Lana is the true love of Clark and so does Clark for Lana. How dare the script writer separate them :(

  6. Lana Lang is Clark true love and his lover from highschool to university...so because Smallville is the story of Clark Kent before he become a Superman (before he gets work at Daily Planet), so I think Smallville should be ending with Clark and Lana become a lover. After Clark gets work at Daily Planet, which it means he already become a Superman, he can going up with Lois :)

    One more thing...Lois falling in love with Superman not Clark Kent (if I don't mistaken)...but Lana loves Clark whatever he is :)

  7. Darn it..our local Singapore newspapers reporter who interviewed SHG in KL did not write a good review on her ! :fury: Said she was exact opposite during interviews as compared to her screen image. That she was cool and gave short replies through interpreter. But did mentioned that she could be tired from her hectic promo tour of her movie. Duh !!! :angry: What did they want..that she giggled and acted all bubbly when she was worn out from flying here and there. Some ppl are so insensitive to artistes's moods.

    I will be going to watch the movie tomorrow night with two of my children ! :D

    You're must be very happy can watch the movie...In Jakarta, I don't know will the movie play in the cinema or not. Where do you live, Wendy? :)

  8. Actually, by official Romanization standards, it really should be Song Hye Gyo, not Kyo. The character ㄱ is spoken either with a K sound or a G sound, depending on where it's placed. In her name, the ㄱ is placed in between two vowels ('y' is equivalent to a vowel in Hangul), so it should be a G and not a K. But for some reason, she opted to use the K instead.

    It's pronounced 'Ee', as in the 'L' is silent. Same thing with Lim ('Im').

    Sometimes I confious about hangul romanization too...Like ㄱ in word means school...usually spoken with a K sound...hakkyo....not haggyo...and in word means go...usually spoken also with K sound...ka...

    But in word means bear....it spoken with a G sound...gom...not kom :)

    Just my opinion...sorry if I'm wrong...because I learn Korean language just from drama/movie...:)
































































































    Hai...I'm a new comer in this thread....I love Smallville too...and right now I'm waiting to watch the fifth season in the DVD...but I think this is still too long to be release in DVD :)
































    One more thing...I really hope that Clark Kent can be together with Lana Lang...not Lois Lane :D

































  10. i wonder why they had to rush the promo like that... flying straight from one place to another... poor SHG she had to endure long flights and thousands of strangers taking her photographs and telling her that they love her... puahahahahhaha n she doesnt even know them!!!! although i am one of those 'strangers', i can actually sympathise with poor SHG.... i saw her interview on malaysian tv that day n her look was like 'wth am i doing here??? i shall endure.,.. only then i can have that delicious crab dish from fatty crab restaurant later... '...

    hahahaa just a figment of my weird imagination....

    saranghae hye gyo UNNIe!

    Hahaha... I think that's her job to promote her own movie...if not herself promote her own movie...then who will do the promotion? :)

    But...I know...sometimes this thing make her very tired...but that is the risk becoming a famous actress :D

  11. hey peeps :P here's a video clip of Song Hye Gyo's 24th birthday celebration with her fans...got this from mhbt's beautiful SHG website @ SongHyeGyo.net...by the way, her website is winning for the best "celebrity website of the month" for Jan. 29th and her website layout will be posted...Woohoo, CONGRTULATIONS SHANDA!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t: You soooo deserve this award (I check your website daily for updates, btw)...you guys should check out her website...it has all kinds of cool things there (well, relating to SHG of course :P)...haha, I feel like an advertiser...anyway, here's the clip...enjoy!!!

    SHG's 24th B-Day fan celebration

    Thanks for the link...I downloaded for almost 45 menit... :)

    Anybody know what is SHK project right now?

  12. I hope she'll play a bad girl too for a chance and I think she'll carry it very well. Probably a story started out as a bad girl and met this guy and fell in love with him.......at last, in the end of the story, she'll turn into a good girl. :D

    As long as the ending she'll be a good girl is OK.... :D

    But...honestly...I really not agree that she'll play as a bad girl...her face is so innocent... :)

  13. http://newsbbs.dreamwiz.com/BIN/viewpoll.c...ollid=284&form=

    Who look best without makeup? please vote for SHK,this is a korean site, SHK's name is at 4th position, she is No.2 now. No need any registeration, just click her name and click the left button below. You can vote daily and it will end by 6 Jan 06.

    Thanks for the link...I have vote today....Very lucky....today is the last day... :D

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