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  1. 9 hours ago, lyserose said:

    Episode 48. It was during the usual gathering of the frozen concubines at Step Empress' Palace (complaining about Qialong's excessive favours on Yingluo) when a maid was sent over to relay Qianlong's decree to promote Yingluo as Consort Ling (Ling Fei). 

    I just watch again episode 48 and that's right...Ying Luo become Ling Fei in that episode. Thank you for the answer :)

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  2. 18 hours ago, kaiskloset said:

    which teaser sis? the one with deul ho and Sora or Sora alone?

    the last  teasers have english bg on it

    but if its ep2, its korean :) sounds like Pansori

    if you notice there's Sarang on its first line....

    This trailer sis...


    The opening song there is a male voice talking something...like rap,,,but I think it not korean language :)

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  3. @sky5joyous and @KERROPPIE I have never seen Sora graduation picture...so it is maybe true that she had not finish her study yet. And because she is majoring in theatre I think that is not too important she will finish or not her study...because she is already at work what she had been study at university. If she is majoring another field like economy or law or psychology then I think she should continue her study for her future. That's what I think :)

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