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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my friend in this thread.....and for SHK and CTH too :)
































    God Bless You All :D

































  2. Korean Christmas weekend box office

    Box office details from Nkino

    1. King Kong

    261,000 (Seoul admissions), 2,156,000 (total admissions to date*)

    Average viewers per threatre: 2610 (No.2)

    *2nd week

    2. Typhoon

    Average viewers per threatre: 2019 (No.3)

    258,000 (Seoul admissions), 3,253,000 (total admissions to date*)

    *2nd week

    3. Arts of Seduction

    228,677 (Seoul admissions), 1,030,523 (total admissions to date*)

    Average viewers per threatre: 3008 (No.1)

    *Debut week

    4. Harry Potters

    104,400 (Seoul admissions), 3,500,000 (total admissions to date*)

    Average viewers per threatre: 1711 (4)

    *4th week

    5. My Girl and I

    60,161 (Seoul admissions), 260,278 (total admissions to date*)

    Average viewers per threatre: 1625 (5)

    *Debut week

    Not bad for the first week....I hope it would be better for the next week :)

  3. I cannot download the love letter from megaupload using DAP and the computer said 'server has internal error'...but if I not using DAP, it can be download...but without DAP...it will take very long time to download...

    And I try from yousendit, but the file is unavailable...Anybody can help me... :)

  4. I love hye Kyo's heels... they're cute... she looks radiant as always.. CTH seems like he's abit tired though...

    Did Bi attend her premier or sth? haha... hoping though....

    Yeah....me too, but I think she should not always wearing too high heels....it is not good for her feet...she could get varices in the future...

  5. Ditto. She is also my reason for watching K-drama. :D

    In fact, the only K-dramas I've watched are those that she starred in. :lol:

    I'm more of a TVB Hongkong serial addict! :P


    She looks so young and innocent here!!! :D

    I can't imagine anyone NOT falling in love with her! :lol:

    Don't you think SHK's face is little bit pale in this picture? Maybe this picture was taken from the scene that SHK started to get sick in this movie?Uhuhuhuhu.......... :(

  6. Don't bash me since this is just my opinion but I absolutely hope NOT!!!!

    Hei....I have never bash anyone and I have never want to do that :)

    We can only hope for the best for our idol, but maybe our hope will never effect the decision that our idol will make.

    Sometimes we think that our hope is the best for our idol, but maybe the fact is contrary :)

  7. If there is a film acted by Rain & Song Hye Kyo, it's going to hit box office all the way from country to country, from weeks to months. How about that? Directors and film producers should consider their next target. But the storyline n script has to be very close to Full House, lively, relaxing and happy. Cinema goers dont mind to pay n watch 10 times.

    I 100% agree with you and I hope it will be realizing soon... :D

    For the story, I prefer that SHK and Bi are studying abroad maybe in USA, Australia, or another country and they begin falling in love each other....and the ending is.....they live happily forever :P

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