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  1. “Misaeng” Kang Sora Signs Six Endorsement Deals, Four More in Negotiation ActressScreen-Shot-2014-10-05-at-1.13.15-PM.png
    Kang Sora from “Misaeng” is on her way to becoming the next CF queen, with six endorsements already under her belt, and four more in negotiation. It was earlier reported that her fellow actor Im Si Wan from “Misaeng” has signed eight endorsement deals, with his endorsement fees surpassing the 200 million won line (approximately $200,000 USD). Kang Sora’s calling price is approximately around 300 million won ($300,000 USD), and according to her agency, she has been getting love-calls from all sorts of industries, including outdoor wear, food, and beverages. Her agency also added that she will go into shooting these commercials once the filming for “Misaeng” is complete. Oh Kang Sora’s value for the advertisers, an industry insider said, “Kang Sora has a beautiful Korean face well-suited to market makeup, while her great body is perfect for advertising clothes. The 20′s actress endorsements have been at a low lately, but it may change with Kang Sora.”
    Here is the link : http://www.soompi.com/2014/11/27/misaeng-kang-sora-signs-six-endorsement-deals-four-more-in-negotiation/ What is the meaning of Sora's calling price is approximately around 300 million won? Is that mean that is her price for 1 CF? :)

  2. sky5joyous said:

    [Photos] Kang So-ra's luxurious lingerie shoot

    Actress Kang So-ra's lingerie pictures were released.

    First Look Magazine published pictures of the actress wearing lingerie from an Italian premium brand and showing off her 'S' line.

    Kang So-ra looks luxurious and sexy at the same time.

    Kang So-ra's lingerie pictures were taken in a studio in Seoul on the 12th of last month. When she appeared in her lingerie, the men and women staff stared in awe at her glamorous looks.

    This is Kang So-ra's first attempt at a lingerie photo shoot; she was so eager throughout the whole shoot, it was hard to believe that it was her first time.

    Meanwhile, the picture can be seen in First Look Magazine.

    Netizens say, "She's never been like this before!", "She's so slim!", "She's so glamorous" and more.

    source : hancinema.net
  3. lummy said: I don't know if this had been posted here already before..
    Most of up-voted comment is positive so I decided posting here

    "The secret to a sexy body" ... Kang Sora, Ballet Uniform Figure

    Translator: YOONGI @ Onehallyu.com




    On the 25th, Kang Sora posted these images to instagram with the caption, "Just a bit more! Ballet stretching."

    [+8102, -148] Hul, I got a shock.

    [+4066, -376] The picture is a bit...ㅠㅠ She should pay attention and be carefulㅠㅠ

    [+3871, -284] You're supposed to wear the leotard that way. When adult students learn ballet, they all wear it that way. Those who are looking at it from a sexual point of view instead of an artistic point of view are the ones who are weird..

    [+3433, -37] Am I the only one who sees it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    [+2727, -164] Looks like she took the photos in a way that would make people comment.

    [+1249, -88] Usually when you practice ballet you don't wear underwear ㅠㅠ So Kang Sora unnie didn't either. Please don't misunderstandㅠㅠ

    [+1167, -56] Even though the attire is a bit much, her legs are so long *shivers*........

    [+1148, -49] If you disregard the sexual parts, her body is really nice..

    [+896, -71] So she confidently went without a bra

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