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  1. @Teresa Gascoyne sis, what is this?! Why did she posted this? OMG....!! What she wrote under this pic?!
  2. I don't know why but I just want to repost Cheerkoo sis post here
  3. Koo has shared sth about her contract termination in her ig
  4. One of the articles said Netizens bury KOO for continuous postings in her ig. At first that is a trash and my gut feeling is that 'Netizens' should be replace with 'KOO antis, fans of her ex husband and supposed actress, Useless and jobless peoples". Except those no one shows any interest in others matters if they don't know anything about them. I know KOO also suffering a lot from all recent happenings. Who couldn't be?! But KOO knows that she has to move from past despite the fact that its really so hard for her as a celebrity. That is the cons of being a celebrity. How can she remains silent when opposite person using all possible platforms to potray himself as a victim. Ofcourse he has to do that for his upcoming drama. I really have a doubt about reliability of those articles because of those Dispatch conversations that why he didnt revealed any conversations of them, after KOO had claimed that he did adultery but revealed after a great damaged had happened to him. Means he had been cooking that supposed conversations all those days from Aug 18th to Sep 2nd or 3rd. Lol. Sadly till now I haven't seen any article supporting our KOO. It's ok... there is no need to do that. Her confidence and braveness in showing herself to public says she didn't do anything wrong to shut herself behind the closed doors. So many celebrities become silent, be inactive in social media and make low profile if sth bad happens to them even though they did nothing wrong just because of afraid of hearing harsh comments about them. It's really difficult to anyone to bear those comments. But KOO has no other way. If she remained silent after all these public revelations, those so called netizens called her a liar and a guilty person regretting somewhere for her evil things by shutting herself. I think it's more than better to her to active in ig like this. Since she is a deep person, a women with 100 years old soul, an unknown person to us and live far from us we can't say exactly what she thinks and what is the meaning of her actions. But we have believe in her that she do anything after rigorous thinking.
  5. By posting a pic of her new art piece KOO shows us that she has moved from past or trying to move from past through art. It's good to see her like this.
  6. Thankyou sis....If it possible please share the reviews of KOO new book with us. Hope her new book gets more +ve reviews and become best seller. Sometimes I argue with haters of KOO in her ig,but from today i don't argue with them.
  7. @gelisacarras @Teresa Gascoyne sis have u read this in "sun_bits" instagram account that she has been criticized by koreans in Naver and Nate for misrepresentation. It's a fan account of KOO. A/c to that account, KOO claimed that her new book sales reached to 10k but it's not true...9060 is not equivalent to sales but to points etc. How can she made a mistake?! Sth wrong happened somewhere. Now they start troll KOO about this...
  8. @gelisacarras sis, thankyou so much for ur warm words. Actually I never see any articles and videos about her but unfortunately I saw an article in netizenbuzz on her new video song. They post the comments of koreans from Naver (in which I once saw all good comments about her dating and marriage) which is full of harsh comments. Really i felt sad after reading koreans comments mostly than international netizens comments. Sis may be I'm going too much.... but I just want KOO should be happy. I won't say our KOO is perfect, she doesn't make mistakes but she doesn't deserve this hate. I really didn't see a girl being so strong like KOO in my entire 28 yrs life. I too can say her previous breakup is very hard for her (she was there with him for many years even during fake scandal news) because after her breakup,i swear sis i didn't see her pure laugh on her face ( she used to smile always before her breakup even she faced a lot of ordeals) until she met Ahn. But this time its failure of her marriage, more painful than her love breakup. Her words from her book, "life companion" which she posted a pic along with mango in her ig recently, "i worked hard in life but I'm only left feeling unfair. I worked hard in my life but I want to turn back time. I worked hard in my life but I have nothing. You r the only one waiting for me unchanged. " makes me feel so sad. But after ur warm words, i felt better and hope and wish ur words about our KOO should come true.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/B28tpdqHkEs/?igshid=m5xbkiiwr766 Why doesn't she spend her time with her bestie SHJ. Now she needs warms hugs from her family and friends. We know that she is suffering a lot but we can't do any help to her.
  10. It seems that some of fans of KOO also not welcoming the behavior of KOO posting her pics oftenly in her ig and they are also not supporting the release of her new video song. Dislikes of that video increasing slowly day by day. Their behaviour making me scared to death. What if her new video gets more dislikes?! I too feel sometimes after reading hate comments on her post that it would be good if she stops posting her pics. Since KOO is a deep person we can't understand her. Koo Please stop hurting yourself ....It gives u more pain if u active in ig now. I have seen some articles about KOO's ig postings in YouTube. I don't know why but I feel, by this situation of KOO becomes even more worse. God.. please stop all of this as soon as possible. It would be good if we were koreans. Atleast we try our level best to reach KOO to help her. Poor KOO..... All of ur fans can understand u and how much pain u r going through now. For ur haters it's just a divorce matter but for u and us It's a feeling of betraying again. It's really impossible to anyone to be strong even after so many hardships,heart breaks, failures, criticism continuously through out the life. But please be strong just for only this time. After that go away from all good and bad words and live happily with ur well wishers. If my words irked anyone let me know i will delete this.
  11. I never think this new song of KOO is for Ahn. Do any sunny here think like that ?! Why she loves him yet?! Do any girl love a guy like Ahn ?! I really felt sad after reading negative comments on her in her new video. I always feel that If I were in her shoes, i can't open up bravely even though I didn't do anything wrong, just afraid for nasty negative comments because I'm not a strong girl like KOO. I know she went so many hardships till now, nevertheless it's always painful to hear negative comments. I don't know how KOO feels after all these negative comments. I don't know how to feel or react about our KOO's situation Do i feel proud of KOO .. because she bravely came out to public and reveal the true face of Ahn without frightening about her popularity, fame, negative comments?! Or do I feel sorry for her to come out unlike other previous divorced celebrities, where 'she' didn't speakup anything about her divorce. KOO how much u can tolerate all these hardships?! U r a normal girl like of us, doesn't u ?! I know it's really a foolish thing to think to please everyone in the world but even after that I can't take this harsh words on KOO. I really worried about our KOO's future... what will happen to her?! Why anything she does or all her decisions in her personal and career life turns to be a wrong decision?! Why she is not getting any happiness from her loved ones?! Why everyone betrays her?! Do she really loves them a lot?! When she live happily and peacefully if always bad things happens to her?! There is a saying, "if that Almighty closes a door, he opens a window" . If this is true, then where is the window for our KOO?! Hat's off KOO....Some people make themselves shut behind the closed doors if sth like this happend to them, even Ahn, just because of fear about negative comments on them but u came forward and do posts on ig and do ur works even though u know u will get negative comments. Hope atleast now, after all your hardships, brokeups, broken heart, bearing harsh meaningless baseless Comments, that Almighty gives u a peaceful and happy life what u always wished for.
  12. https://youtu.be/2uKYJ8Y5ogk KOO's new song
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/B20YOpWh4Dy/?igshid=177xej0kjmbc CONGRATS KOO
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