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  1. @mhaychoi hai... Welcome. Actually we all are hoping for english version of book. Let us buy her novel eventhough there is no english version, if we can afford the price, to support our KOO.
  2. @cheerkoosis ... Is there english version of KOO's novel ?! How can we buy her novel?! There are so many sunnies from worldwide want to purchase novel but unfortunately there is no english version. I saw so many sunnies asking KOO for english version in instagram on her post.
  3. @cheerkoo sis... Waiting for your translation. Don't mind sis and sorry but please translate quickly. Sorry for troubling u. And thanks in advance
  4. @gelisacarras sis....Good to see u . @cheerkoo sis.... Please translate the interview of KOO on may 9th with "Naver sum lab" . I read about this news from "sun_bits" in instagram. I dont know how to bring link of KOO'S interview. If u have instagram account please visit "sun_bits" page and check link in her bio. In that interview she shared about her marriage, about her hubby and about jer inspiration. Or it would be great if any other sunny give u interview link. And sis, KOO's new novel is going to available to buy from 27th may @cheerkoo sis FYI, "Naver sum lab" is an official blog runs by Naver that features articles about love and marriage. Full credits go to ~"sun_bits"~ from instagram
  5. @cheerkoo sis...Feel free and take rest and be healthy, CHIBi tv did translation of recent video of KOO. In that video Koo said she is going to show her house in seoul in next episode. Sis do u think is that good idea?! Is that ok for KOO to show her house to public?!
  6. @cheerkoo sis.... koo's companion dairy 2 video out there in you tube. Please do translation. Thankyou in advance.
  7. @cheerkoo sis.... Today KOO has her new novel publication interview. But we don't know complete details. Please check korean portals or DC KOO gallery if you have free time. What interview it is and why?! It would be good if we can find her interview. Thankyou sis in advance.
  8. @izaku sis... It's about KOO's new solo exhibition. "ahnkoovely" from instagram did translation
  9. @cheerkoo sis... Have you heard....Our KOO nim is going to change her agency. By the end of this month her contract with her agency is going to end and she decided not to renew. Is that true?! Did you see any news about this in DC KOO gallery?! Have you seen any news/ articles/ blogs praising Koo's beauty and KOO's new episode of KOO companion dairy 2 . Thankyou in advance.
  10. Hai sunnies...How are you all doing.......Koo's new novel is going to publish, novel named "Heart shaped tears" . Credits - "Sun_bits" in instagram. For more details please visit "Sun_bits" instagram account. Congrats KOO
  11. @cheerkoo sis....If you want to know about KOO's products in her make up pouch... please go to "sun_bits" account in instagram. "Sun_bits" posted about KOO's used products.
  12. @cheerkoo sis.... Where r u?! Koo's companion dairy 2 video is out now.....Please do video translation...So Many are waiting for your translation ... Thankyou in advance.
  13. @cheerkoo sis thankyou so much for translation. It would be great if even more fan accounts can be found.
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