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  1. @Germania Meneseshello sis, which comment?
  2. Sis, we identified an anti from USA that has been creating several accounts just to bash Koo, nothing new under de sun! She has restricted her accounts (no comments allowed) because Koo’s fans bash her. This person (I will not post her name here because I don’t know if it’s against the rules) is an old hag, she can be a granny since she has a daughter in her 20’s. I suspect she is or is related to puertoricans (from my island) because she follows puertoricans celebrities (salsa musician and actress). This issue is that she is obsessed with Koo (well, Koo “controls” her life, because who in the
  3. Hi to all! Today is our princess birthday! Let wish her a very healthy, blessed, and wonderful life. Many of us left our best wishes to her in her IG account, but as I said before, this thread has been important for me because this is where I got to know about her. And please, don’t give importance to haters, many of them use to have many accounts (I know one of them). They are trolls or foreign fans of her ex. We decided not to reply, but just ignore them. Have a nice day!
  4. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I notice that most of her ex fans are foreigners. On the other hand, celebrities have antis, that’s part of the package.
  5. Masks for sale with Koo’s drawings, and the money will be donated!
  6. 2020 Bucheon International Animation Festival
  7. Such a beautiful poem from this gentleman to our precious Koo
  8. https://metro.style/people/celebrities/metrostyle-most-beautiful-ku-hye-sun-career/27415
  9. Attending the National Assembly! Visit her IG account Hi sunnies! Our princess was appointed as Public Relations ambassador to Korea Social Contribution at the National assembly today . So proud of our girl!
  10. Hi everyone, long time not coming here!!! So sorry for that, but as I have mentioned before, the new reality with this coronavirus has changed my working routine, not to mention that it’s more easy to follow my princess in Instagram. But this thread will always be in a special place in my heart; this is the place where I have learned more about GHS, as an actor and as a person. My respect, love, and admiration for her has nothing to do with her private life. I just will always admire and support her, no matter what. Many wonderful things has been happening with our princess
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