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  2. Hello my dear sunnies! Unfortunately at this moment I can’t post photos from IG, but I will continue posting about our princess whereabouts. anyway, I know most of us folIow her in IG, so we can still see her beautiful face there. Her recent posts showed a very skinny, vibrant, and beautiful Koo. I was also delighted to see her in some videos of the Chunsa Film Festival. Her last selfie called the attention of netizens, who praised her for her beauty. This is one of the articles regarding her last selfie: (Translation): Koo Hye-sun showed off her “Leeds Update” beauty. Koo Hye-sun posted a photo on her SNS on the 20th. In the released picture, Gu Hye-sun shows off her beautiful skin as a doll. In particular, the lovely charm of the big eyes creates admiration. The netizens responded with a variety of reactions, such as “Goo Hye-sun is really pretty”, “Ulzzang Ulzzang”, and “Doll-like”. On the other hand, Ku Hye-sun, who made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2002, has been loved by appearing in the drama "Seo Dong-yo", "Boys over Flowers", and "Blood", starting with the sitcom "Non-Stop 5." By Kim Jeong-eun, staff reporter The article had her photo, but because the issues with IG, they were not allowed to post it in their article. I hope this issue with Instagram can be solved. I also forgot to mention here before that her book “Heart Shapee Tears” is a bestseller in Indonesia! I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend!
  3. @cheerkoo I am so happy to see your recent post! We all have missed you a lot. I hope you are fine and safe, and please, don't forget to come here at least from time to time.
  4. Translation: I will participate as a jury member of the 25th Chunsa Film Festival held on June 19th. I want the slow-moving film industry to revive! Our Koo will be part of the jury in a film festival! I am so happy for her.
  5. How beautiful she is; she looks so vibrant, always like a doll!
  6. Hello my dear sunnies!!!! Hello @geumtrangdi, I am happy to see you here after a while. Sorry that I have not posted anything recently, because of the situation with this corona virus that changed our personal and professional routine that I have been very busy. Our Koo is doing very well. The money from her last art exhibition were donated for the treatment of Covid-19. It also seems that she already started to study, but by online classes due to the virus. Korea is facing again an increase in new cases. Koo is finally free from HB, and she is just waiting to be free from that person. Happy to see that she is already moving on with her life. I am also so happy that she keep posting in her IG to share her whereabouts with her fans. I hope each one of you and your families are safe and healthy. Take care!
  7. Cute This cute little boy and mommy visiting Koo’s art exhibition.
  8. I adore such a beautiful smile. So proud of you my angel, I will always support you. You deserve a happy and wonderful life!
  9. Allkpop interview. I love her replies.
  10. My dear sunnies, I hope you all are doing well! For those sunnies that do not have IG account or not have access to Instagram, I wanted to share with you some photos and videos of the press conference on her art exhibition held today. She looked absolutely beautiful, relaxed, in peace. I will continue posting news about our girl in this forum, since here is the place where I started knowing about her as an actress, music composer, movie director, artwork, and writer. I will be cheering her no matter what, and continue to support her during her college studies, and of course, hoping for her comeback to drama. You all take care, and be safe during this hard time due to the corona virus.