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  1. I did my search too! And yes, the W hotels in Seoul use white and gray bathrobes. There are two hotels closed to each other, and in the one posted by Buddy_kookoo the bathrobes are white. You can also see the white chair where the person of the photo uploaded by Koo is seated. A detail that called my attention is that the hotels are located far from the center of Seoul. Guests have to use taxis or shuttles from the hotel to the subway stations. A guest commented in his review “I enjoyed the stay but may not stay here again as it is not closed to other places in Seoul”. So the hotel is very convenient for couples that want privacy (or not want to be spotted).
  2. Sis, I think the same. He did not sued her because he knows she is telling the truth, and not because he is a good person at all. And that crap of agency, trying to clean his image while making Koo’s miserably attached to them. I don’t mind, but I started commenting about this agency situation in his very own Instagram. None of his fan can reply to my posts that only have facts (only two as of today did answer to my posts, but after I give them my reply, they were unable to reply me). Now that I mentioned Instagram, finally, that person unfollowed Koo, coincidentally right after she posted “I don’t love him anymore”. But he still having her photos in his IG for now. Anyway, as I said before, be careful with what we posted there because he can go to her page and reads all of her recent posts and comments, unless Koo has blocked him. I hope that this divorce process end in a short time, so our Koo are able to have peace of mind, and can go on with her life. But, unfortunately, it seems that it will be a long process.
  3. Good morning/evening/night dear sunnies, I don’t know if you read the sad news that Sulli passed away. I am heartbroken, really sad about this unfortunate event. Our dear Koo dedicated her IG to her. May she rest in peace
  4. There is another fan from Indonesia that brings proofs against the fake news from Dispatch and HB: @buddy_kookoo. You can follow her in Instagram. I have to translate most of the time because she writes in her language, but does a great job exposing the lies against Koo. Some of them are also shared by Janey Wang, from Taiwan. Buddy_kookoo posts had been reported by AJH fans and by AJH himself.
  5. After reading again, carefully, the texts between them, I understand the level of anxiety, unconfidence, and hurt she was suffering. I can understand more and more the type of life she was living with her husband. It was hell! She was abused, mainly emotionally. I can’t affirm if he hit her, but she mentioned that when he got home drunk, he got violent. She just vent out of pain, angriness. AJH was not a boyfriend, he was her husband, her supposely life partner! Fortunately, she is no longer that girl who prefers to keep quiet and in silence, no matter how frustrated and hurt she is; no, no more of that old Koo! She is no longer afraid to expose all who has been hurting or wanted to hurt her. She is mature now, she has confidence. She can now deal with her personal situation, and continue with her life, with her work; she is no hiding anymore, she is still in social media sharing news with fans, and she doesn’t give a dam her antis. That’s my girl!
  6. My opinion is that he said to her that she is no longer sexy and the nip as an insult, he was mad at her. As a married woman I can tell you that sometimes an argument goes out of control and then comes the insults; it’s like a verbal war out of angriness. It’s not necessary what the person really feels, it’s that in an hot argument, couples tends to insult to each other. If the main suspect is his lead actress in BI, notice that she has flat chest and horrible legs.
  7. Yes, she is. She is the one that gave me a bad hunch.
  8. Sis, Sev7en is dating Lee Da-Hae. The BI actress is Lee Da Hee. I was also confused, but then I did a search and got the fact.
  9. I do totally agree with you! AJH started his affair while filming Beauty Inside. That was the time when he started to change. That's was the time he started to not coming home (you can notice it in his IG, when he was posting photos of him, and those photos were not selfies, someone took them in his apartment in Seoul). That's why Koo was mad, the jerk was taking people to their apartment in Seoul late at night or at dawn, while she was in Yongin waiting for him. I can't assure his affair is/was with LDH or the girl with short, bob style hair (I always have had this strong hunch about this person, because she had some BTS photos with AJH in her IG where they seemed very close to each other, and then, after the divorce scandal went public, she deleted those photos, and only left one or two). Notice that Koo cut her hair to a style exactly as this actress of BI. Then, she ended moving back to their apartment in Seoul. I started noticing all of that way before the divorce news. Here is an interesting article about divorce in Korea: https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/society/article/3025102/more-south-korean-women-are-filing-divorce-taking-comfort
  10. You are right sis ! There is a lot of tension and disappointment with that agency.
  11. All of the bashing against her is because of the lies and/or manipulated facts from the agency (HB). Our Koo does not give a dam about those antis, what does concern her the most is the inappropriate intromission of HB Entertainment in her divorce issue. The agency is afraid that all the truth will be bring out to the public light, and that is why they are holding her. It is a way to control her. They will try to press and manipulate her with the intention that she eventually changes the causes for the divorce (adultery) and AJH image comes out clean, innocent. They will not take the risk to have Koo joining another agency at this moment. They will be afraid that another agency, as a competency, will smashed them for their inappropriate behavior. They have no ethics. Their CEO, who is a female in his fifties, seems to be a very manipulative and evil person. They lied when they spread the "fact" that he was attending to the script lecture of his upcoming drama the same day of his birthday. Supposedly, the script reading was held in July 1 (that was said when Korean people started bashing AJH after it was public he was celebrating with BBQ and drinks with other women). Their second play, their other theater they are making is spreading the news that AJH has been alone and he is keeping the distance from the other cast members of the drama; people started pity him and concerned about him(that's is why netizens are bashing Koo). To support that allegations, they also used a couple of photos from July 17, 2019 that were taken by a person who spotted AJH filming for the drama. There is also a video, but they did not used it. I do remember those photos and video when were posted in IG back in July. They think that all the people are stupid. No, just the morons antis. The truth is that they are the one forcing him to keep distance from the others member of the cast, mainly the female ones, because they all know that he loves to flirt and be closed to them. Somehow, they are watching his behavior. They know him very well! But they keep that for themselves. My dear sunnies, first impressions never fails! I do remember one of Koo's recent interview (May 2019) when she described her husband when she met him in Blood drama: "Because he is so kind to opposite sex, I mistook him as a playboy. One day, he sensed that I did not care for that part of him, and he completely changed. All of a sudden, he hardly interacted with other women at work. I liked AJH because he did not cause or start unnecessary misunderstandings. I felt comfortable with him." And, yes, that is his true behavior, flirty with other women. Sorry for the long post, but I needed to take it out from my chest!
  12. Hi sunnies! Yes, our Koo has posted in IG today. She shares that she has been requesting to end the contract with HB Entertainment since August, but they are delaying the cancellation. She also shared she is working on her own, but HB is still retaining her. There are other allegations regarding the texts posted by Dispatch. As we already know, those texts were a bunch of random texts conveniently organized to support that person. What a shame of agency!
  13. My opinion of that netizens is that they are sick people, miserable people that has nothing to contribute in this life. They are not that much. They are toxic persons. What they want to see, Koo crying out loud in a corner? In their dreams! Koo is very confident that she has the true about what happened in her marriage. Her ex, on the contrary, has to confide in his agency which is trying to wash his face, and have the people to pity him. Oh poor, he is alone, he has been kept from the other actors and actresses in the drama yeah, right. They are trying to make him the victim. That’s a trick to motive people watch his drama. Regarding this drama, I have not seeing any news about it; no photos of script reading, posts about the shooting, nothing at all!
  14. I follow a hashtag in IG and this person shares all about Koo. Sorry, but I am not an expert. You can see the hashtag in her IG profile. It is a good decision not to argue anymore with haters. Our Koo does not give a dam about them, not like that person that deletes all negative comments about him . This will give you peace of mind.
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