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  1. The media really did make it seem like BinJin won the Daesang instead of someone else. Even the Singapore Chinese newspapers published the article on Baeksang saying that all limelight was on BinJin when they won the popularity awards. They even made a comment that because of Covid-19, the microphones on stage were placed 1m apart and the cameraman couldn't get a closeup of both of them in one frame on stage. It's very obvious the media loves BinJin too. They may not have gotten the Best Actor/Actress or Daesang award, but everyone already knows that they are both actors recognized for their acting skills. This year's fight is one of the strongest I have seen on Baeksang in years, and even though I really want BinJin to win Best Actor and Best Actress, I still agree with the judges' choices. I can imagine if BinJin won those awards instead though. With just the Popularity award awarded to them, they have already gained more attention than those who won the Best Actress/Actor and Daesang awards, if they won something more, the media would have gone crazy and probably dedicated at least 2 whole pages to just them alone.
  2. Metro Style has chosen their top 5 best dressed males and females for Baeksang Awards 2020. Binjin are both on the list! And it seems Metro Style purposely put both of them as the last on the list.
  3. Son Yejin's stylist updated her IG with photos and video of our goddess. My heart is so full! CLOY didn't win major awards but we got so many candies from our beloved BinJin. I can totally be happy with these for weeks and weeks! Oh right, and what is social distancing when both of them have their arms are stuck to each other during the interview? XD
  4. If there wasn't Covid19, I am sure BinJin would have gone on stage hand in hand. Nevertheless, I am satisfied! It feels so good to see both of them together on stage! They look PERFECT together. BEST LOOKING COUPLE! @ElectricHearts OMG THAT PHOTO!!! I AM GOING TO CRY MY HEART OUT! THANK YOU BAEKSANG AWARDS FOR BLESSING US WITH THIS!
  5. They are sitting side by side even though there is a distance. My eyes are blessed! My heart is full!
  6. I wonder too really. My birthday is around the corner too so let's hope our wish comes true. I am praying hard every day since forever for the both of them find happiness in each other and walk down the aisle as man and woman one day. Let's continue praying for the best! Anyway, happy birthday!
  7. If BinJin can make the announcement about their relationship (marriage if possible ) on Yejin's 20th anniversary, 3rd June would be another reason for us to celebrate every year. Just my wish (and probably many others' wish), but who says it can't happen? Happy 20th anniversary to Son Yejin!
  8. A good news for all Singaporean fans! Baeksang Awards 2020 will be streamed live on MeWatch on 5th June at SGT 3.50pm. I got so excited when I saw the ad on TV!
  9. I am not worried about this to be honest. I am very sure BinJin fans will have more creative posts to celebrate this joyous occasion if they made the wedding announcement. The internet will probably blow up when the announcement comes.
  10. Happy 500th page dearest shippers/shoppers! I am still on repeat mode for CLOY after 2+ months. I just started watching a new blockbuster drama. It's interesting, but I realize everytime I watch an episode of that drama, it makes me miss CLOY even more. I was rewatching episode 13 and 14 yesterday, and I messaged my friend to tell her I don't understand why I am going through all this crying again and again, and she laughed. I don't think this fever is going off anytime soon. Really thankful for everyone on this thread even though I don't post that often nowadays. It's become a routine/habit for me to check on updates every single day. You all have helped me cope with this CLOY and BinJin withdrawal for this whole time.
  11. Hello my fellow shippers/shoppers! It's been quite some time since I last posted in this thread even though I am still following it everyday. Just want to let any fellow Singaporean fans know that The Negotiation is showing on tvN at 12.45pm if you have cable TV at home. Happy Sunday everyone!
  12. Just saw this on FB and found myself nodding in agreement. Hahaha~ Happy 400th page shoppers/shippers!
  13. Yesyes, there are definitely quite a number of other referenced scenes. I just translated what was in the article. Thanks for the additional information.