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  1. This is finally confirmed! I am so excited about it!! I hope we have a date real soon!!! https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea
  2. I swear the behind the scenes video is even more heart thumping and more exciting because the chemistry is literally exploding!! And the look in Kim Jaewook's eyes... I JUST CAN'T!!!
  3. I realize this thread has been moving real fast after last week's episodes! The ratings have been moving upwards as well, even though not as much as I would like them to be. But really, ratings don't mean that much especially when the drama is gaining so much of attention and love. I love reading all the posts from everyone and thank you all for contributing! So looking forward to tonight's episode! <3
  4. Deok Mi exposed herself when she uploaded the intimate near-kiss photo of Ryan and her because Ryan remembered that he deleted that photo before sending it to Shi An is My Life. There were also other stuff she did and said which made Ryan piece everything together and got to know that she is Shi An is My Life. I can't wait to see how this goes with Ryan knowing the truth now. Will he reveal it to her soon or will he keep it to himself? So much of excitement!!
  5. I swear I have been praying for this to happen ever since I watched them in Negotiation that I even dreamt about it! Can't wait for more details of the drama!! Anyway, just a note that Hyun Bin's name is spelled wrongly in the tag as well as the original post. It should be Hyun Bin and not Hyu Bin. :X
  6. Stop teasing us with such scenes!! Just kiss already!!! My heart can't take it!!! *heart pumping at 300x/min* Ryan is holding Deokmi's hand!!!
  7. Next week please come quick!! Does Ryan find out that Deok Mi is Si'An's biggest fan next week?
  8. My heart is about to explode! I know it's only episode 4 coming up but just kiss already!!!
  9. I wonder if Deokmi got injured because of her appearance in Si'An's house. Hmmmm...
  10. Can't wait for today's episode! And Deokmi is wearing Ryan's coat!! I thought both Ryan and her have the same coat when I saw it in the preview last week. Wonder why she is wearing his coat. Excited***
  11. I somehow have this feeling Ryan got the idea of showing off celebrities' collections from Deok Mi's notebook and of course, partly because he wants to see the work by Lee Sol that Si'An has. Anyway, this drama speaks right to my heart as a fangirl for more than 15 years. I can even consider it to be the drama of my life.xD I have been waiting for Kim Jaewook to become the main lead for a rom-com ever since I saw him in Coffee Prince (that's like 12 years?!?!), and I am so glad he got offered this role. Suits him to a T! I can't wait for upcoming episodes and I can only say that it's such a pain to wait for Wednesday and Thursday!!!!!!
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