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  1. 22 hours ago, inna03 said:

    I even checked their IG to make it sure haha. Btw, SKJ account was in the list of GSY's followed, but i couldnt find Gsy account on SKJ IG. They followed each other right? 

    yes..GSY followed SKJ instagram account..but not SKJ. I have checked that SJK even not follow anyone in his instagram..i don't if he really active there..but let we wish someday he will follow GSY. :wub:

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  2. wuaaaa finally  i can find this lovely couple thread...:wub::wub:  i just hope the production team will held little reunion to watch the last eposide of are you human too together...i really want to see this couple in another occasion. I'm sure in kbs drama awards 2018 in the end of this year we can see SKJ & GSY seat together again. They will receive best couple awards and others. Probably SKJ will sing the ost of AYHT? hahahha.. i heard that SKJ will play in new drama again after the third charm..the drama based on webtoon "something about us". I I wish GSY will become the female lead of the drama ..hahahaa...:lol::lol:  can't wait when this couple will work together again in one project...keep sailing chingu..wish the best for tincan couple..:blush::blush:

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  3. Ji Chang Wook says farewell as he gets ready for the military

    On August 13, 'Singles' magazine uploaded a picture of Ji Chang Wook with a clean buzz cut.


    The caption reads, "We present you actor Ji Chang Wook with a buzz cut. How is it possible for him to be this good looking even though he has such short hair? We'll wait for you until we meet again healthily." The photo shows the actor touching his head shyly as he is probably not used to the hairstyle. Also, in the image, the actor's signature can be seen as well as a small message that states he will be back and do well in the military.

    The actor will be enlisting on August 14. Good luck!


    Source: AllKpop

    Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) ♡ Nam Ji Hyun (남지현) - Everything



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  4. Ji Chang Wook and 2BiC explain how they became friends on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'


    On July 29, Ji Chang Wook and 2BiC made their appearance as guests on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'.

    During the show, Ji Chang Wook expressed that he has many friends who he goes to karaoke with on a regular basis and said, "I go to karaoke a lot with 2BiC amongst those friends." They also mentioned on the show how the three individuals became friends. 2BiC said, "We got to know Ji Chang Wook through a hair salon/shop. We all go to the same one and one day he came up to us to tell us that he enjoyed listening to our music and that it would be nice to share a meal sometimes. That's how we became friends."

    Ji Chang Wook also spoke briefly about his enlistment, "A lot of people are already concerned for me but I don't think they need to worry. I'll come back healthy.On the show, the actor also performed some songs that impressed the audience. 

    Source: AllKpop


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  5. Nam Ji Hyun reveals that Ji Chang Wook made her blush with this comment after their bed scene

    Nam Ji Hyun shared the behind story of her bed scene with Ji Chang Wook.


    The hot scene with Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook on the drama 'Suspicious Partner' gained great attention following the broadcast. 

    On the July 24 airing of 'Kim Ye Won's Raise the Volume', Nam Ji Hyun talked about filming her first bed scene ever and said, ''Chang Wook oppa made things comfortable so I was able to film it comfortably."

    DJ Kim Ye Won commented, "I saw the making film and I noticed there were parts where you showed great maturity for your age and led the scene. I saw that the flow being created with your lead. You are an adult."

    Nam Ji Hyun blushed and responded, "Was I very skillful?" She added, "Chang Wook oppa also said, 'Ji Hyun was an adult' after we filmed the scene and that made me blush."



    Source: AllKpop

    [ENGSUB] Nam Ji Hyun 《Talk about visiting Ji ChangWook in the Army 》 KBS Radio Cool FM


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  6. Ji Chang Wook reveals ideal type + plans before his impending military enlistment

    Ji Chang Wook went on a guerilla date with KBS 2TV 'Entertainment Weekly'.


    Recently, it was confirmed that Ji Chang Wook will be enlisting in the military on August 14. During the date, Ji Chang Wook shared a comment and said, "My last official schedule is on the 22nd. I plan to have personal time from then on."

    He continued, "I love home-cooked meals. I think it's most comfortable and warm. Yesterday, my mom went grocery shopping and prepared breakfast for me but I couldn't eat it because I slept in. I want to spend a lot of time with my mom before I enlist." 

    Ji Chang Wook added a message for his fans and said, "Please wait for me until I come back. I'll return with a good production."

    The actor was also asked about his ideal type. He explained, "I like women with a sense of humor who I can easily talk to."

    Source: ALLKPOP

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  7. Thanks @m i s z CHEN for sharing the article...

    the statement that i like the most from jcw from article above when he's explain about the chemistry between him & NJH 

    "Despite the age difference, I think I behaved like a kid and joked around. I wanted to be comfortable with her and communicate with her. We were able to film enjoyably because Nam Ji Hyun responded well to all that. We were able to develop a relationship where we could laugh and joke together regardless of our age. At the set, we worked together and we had to communicate because there was romance in the show, so I think we were comfortable with each other. I had a lot of conversations with Nam Ji Hyun."

    and his favorite kiss scene where Noh Ji Wook rejected a kiss. “Eun Bong Hee tried to give Noh Ji Wook a kiss, but he avoided it unknowingly and Eun Bong Hee felt hurt as a result. I thought a lot about that scene. Even when reading the script, I wondered if it was okay for him to avoid Eun Bong Hee because of the past related to her father. I am acting as Noh Ji Wook but I thought it was a bit too much of him to do that. I tried to sufficiently understand Noh Ji Wook’s position but that scene made me think from Eun Bong Hee’s position.”

    I thought his favorite kiss scene was after they had dated but seem i'm wrong......:dizzy: 

    source: https://jichangwookkitchen.com/2017/07/19/interview-20170718-ji-chang-wook-suspicious-partner-press-interviews/

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  8. Ji Chang Wook says his female costars promised to visit him in the army

    On July 18, actor Ji Chang Wook sat down for an interview where he revealed his thoughts on entering the military.


    The actor shared, "Though it's a bit late, I will do my best to excel in the army and return safe and sound. I'll be sure to greet many with fun and exciting projects. Please wait patiently for a year and 9 months," and gave a shout out to his dear fans.


    Having worked alongside numerous actresses such as Ha Ji Won, Park Min Young, Girls' Generation's YoonA, and most recently Nam Ji Hyun, he added, "My female costars promised to visit me; I look forward to meeting with them."


    He then mentioned Ha Ji Won as someone who "is always smiling on set," and praised her for her bright personality. "She never complained one bit and always looks to provide a happy ambiance."


    After wrapping up his last drama 'Suspicious Partner', Ji Chang Wook is scheduled to leave for the army on August 14.

    Source: AllKpop

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  9. Ji Chang Wook Shares What He Has Planned Leading Up To His Military Enlistment Date

    After finishing up his recent drama “Suspicious Partner,” Ji Chang Wook sat down for an interview and talked about his upcoming military enlistment.

    “‘Suspicious Partner’ was a very meaningful project to me. It was my first rom-com, it was the last project before my enlistment, and I had a lot of fun while filming it. So it makes me sad [to see it end],” he explained.

    Ji Chang Wook continued, saying, “I enlist in the military on August 14. I will try my best to carry out my duties in a healthy state and return. I will return with good projects after my service ends, so it would be great if you could wait for one year and nine months.”

    He also talked about his schedule before enlisting, saying, “I’m planning on finishing up my schedule and then spending some personal time. I’m planning to prepare my body and my mind while I spend the time up until August 14, and then I’ll be enlisting.”

    Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook recently finished the popular drama “Suspicious Partner.”

    Source: https://www.soompi.com/2017/07/18/ji-chang-wook-shares-planned-leading-military-enlistment-date/

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  10. 1 hour ago, Hello_JIS said:



    As we all known, they must go to the same saloon before the wrap up party, but there is no solid evidence to show they were in the saloon at the same time. 

    Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found the guy in the 2nd flood may be the same person who took the vid on JCW's event yesterday. 


    so may i assume at that moment both JCW & NJH was in the same time at their saloon. While NJH took the pict..JCW was upstair and did the interview...hohohoho:huh:

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  11. 1 hour ago, waveoflove said:

    These are some of JCW's GD answers that I am expecting:

    - shes like my little sister (just as how SHK described SJK, like a younger brother who she likes to treat out to dinner)

    - no I am not dating anyone at the moment and I dont plan too as I will be joining the Army (but we know he dates in secret)

    - i think its important to have good chemistry so i treat all my co-stars very well (but we all know their chemistry is out of this world and he doesnt kiss all his co-stars that passionately - 2million plus views of passion)

    Another thing I noted was that my friend mentioned how cold and unaffectionate SHK was to SJK during their press conferences and interviews and mind u they were already dating at the time.

    Also when Hyun Bin was starring with Han Ji Min, he repeated several times during interviews that she was the prettiest co-star he had ever worked with and he is now dating Kang So-Ra (7 years his junior). 

    So dont worry about answers being not what you want to hear from the GD interview. Stay calm and composed hahahahaa.


    daebakk..i love your insight....well i'm not sure if we can get the same answer like u posted before..but i hope we can get the same answer at least for 2-3 poin. Hhaha :wub:

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