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  1. I have been MIA for so long! So glad to still see some familiar faces around. You know what's CRAZY? When hyunni was posting her pictures of her travels in Europe, I WAS THERE AT THE SAME TIME TOO! Some of the pictures she posted, I was like, WHAT?! I WAS LITERALLY JUST THERE! Somehow, I feel like maybe we could have been in the same spot around the same time, but I missed her I wish I would have seen her once! But I'm glad she's enjoying her time. It was a bit cold in Italy but it was super exciting to see her at the same places I was at!
  2. When i watched the VLIVE when they were passing stuff out for chuseok, I remember the part where ISH asked CEW when MR and DKS birthday was and CEW was only able to say ISH's real birthday (which I think is absolutely adorable and cute that he remembers HER bday). Anywho, I forgot the other character's name but the second lead guy knew MR and DKS bday and ISH asked how he knew and he said he knew because he watched the broadcast. Now assuming the subtitles were right, ISH and CEW were bickering in the background and I heard ISH say something like YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE EPISODE, or something and CEW responded with YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW HARD I TRIED TO WATCH IT IN THE DORM! That comment made me laugh because I had a delulu moment where poor CEW was trying to watch it in his dorm or apartment where he lives with the rest of his members and I can only imagine him trying to secretly watch it without being teased all day by his members.
  3. THAT'S WHAT I WAS WONDERING TOO! No one want to create one in the shippers paradise? I want to but then I'm not super active lately!
  4. STILL CANT MOVE ONNN!! can someone tell me where to find ENG SUB version of their FIRST VLIVE? I found it on YT but NO SUBS? HELP!!
  5. Odd. I didn't get that vibe at all from the recent Vlive. In fact, I thought he was kind of shy around her but he still teases her and they still get along so well and are comfortable with each other. I haven't been following but I didn't think EW fans didn't like ISH - what I did see was CEW keep holding the camera whenever ISH held it. It's like his caring side for her. LOL *delulu*
  6. YESSSSSS i was actually surprised about how mature he is! he's also very thoughtful and caring. i recall an interview i saw where he felt like because he's always out doing other activities compared to the other ASTRO members, he felt bad. I also think he's more mature because he was raised to do well. I mean, the boy is practically a GENIUS! If he weren't going to be an idol, he said he'd be a prosecutor, a judge, or something that's highly well regarded in society. I'm not surprised about how mature he is thinking back. And yes, for a gentleman like him, I think he's def more attracted to older female. I still remember the press conference where he helped ISH get water. HE WAS SUCH A GENTLEMAN. that def caught my eye into wanting to watch this drama. it was so cute! When I watched the knowing boys episode, the impression I got was he was kind of nervous and wanted to do well. IT was like his ONE SHOT to show a different side of him, and also gain exposure for him and his ASTRO members. I think in that episode he was kind of more serious or tried to put himself out there. But as I see, it looks like the whole filming process went really well in that, he was able to enjoy the moment and production rather than be so serious.
  7. LOL THEY ARE TOO CUTE TOGETHER!! I do also think CEW has a little crush on her. He's always teasing her and I see that he's always lingering around her, especially in the VLIVE! I think CEW is especially attracted to ISH not only because she's pretty but because she's one of the few who has more to say than just how he looks. I think he appreciates those who can look past his looks and focus on his personality, OMG ALMOST LIKE THE DRAMA LOL. BOTH OF THEM ARE MEANT FOR THEIR ROLES. I think ISH has good feelings for him too, as they both have fun and enjoy each other's company. As for dating, *I WISH AND IT WOULD BE EPIC* but timing wise, no, not right now. Both of them are starting to get more popular, and yes, we all know the crazy fans who go NUTS. I doubt they are dating, which I don't think will happen right now only because CEW is busy with promotions and ISH is probably going to rest and think about her next project, I hope that they continue to keep their friendship, and maybe in the future when they are both more well established, lights will sparkle. Heheh Love is in the air and love that survives through a period time only gets stronger. I'd rather have them keep their friendship and maybe MAYBE date in the future when theyre both more stable and established and have a long love, than date like some other idols who date for a bit and then break up. But I think our boy def got his eyes on her LOL And I think this project is something they will cherish forever - CEW for one was his main lead role that did well and ISH also gained a lot more fans and became more popular. They both had fun filming and they got really close to each other. I'm just SO GLAD that despite how busy CEW is, he is still able to attend events and activities for this drama, like the VLIVE. I was gonna be so bummed out if he didn't go! And to be honest, I don't want them to date right now. I think when two people have good feelings towards one another, that butterflyy feeling and time where they can get to know one another is fun and exciting. Take it slow take it slow >:] I'm now just waiting for articles about their ideal types and such to come out!
  8. And to be honest, i'm kind of disappointed with JWoori's interview. Maybe it was the reporter's fault, but come on, can we talk about anything else other than his visuals? There's so much more you can say other than he's hot. Talk about his acting, how hard he worked, how genuine or nice he is, recognize him for something other than his looks! But i'm super happy about our OTP - had no idea who either of them are before the drama and now I just can't keep watching videos about them. FIGHTING!
  9. LOL I woke up to check instagram and saw something about JWOORI and CEW so I was like WHAT? Finally saw the article of her interview and read it. To be honest, yeah, I think almost all the staff wanted to get to know CEW. I mean, he's CHARMING and FACE GENIUS! But if you follow CEW, you can see that he has a couple worries 1) he wants his ASTRO group to be more recognized 2) he wants people to recognize him OTHER than his face. People always call him face genius and handsome which is TRUE but I think for someone who hears it all the time, it's kind of disappointing because they want their talents (singing, acting) to be recognized too. I watched the Knowing Brother's episode where they were promoting this drama and it looked like ISH and CEW were talking a lot and getting to know each other. They both wanted the drama to do well. He especially wanted it to do well to get more exposure and recognition for him and his group. I'm sure he's always been approached by people who go after him for his looks (someone else also mentioned how another celeb messaged him for a date or something and he didn't even bother to respond LOL. He prefers to get to know someone naturally, through work, not through set ups or whatever! JWoori's approach was just typical. A typical girl who thought he was handsome and tried to get his attention. But ISH's approach stuck to CEW more. ISH is honest, genuine, and although she also said CEW is handsome, she wasn't all CRAZY over him. He is handsome, and she moved on to get to know him better. As you watch the BTS and how they interact you can see they got really close towards the end. But I feel like CEW is more attracted to ISH LOL. I'm equally surprised of how many videos an dpics we have of our OTP! my other fav couple...when they had the wrap up party, I DIDN'T EVEN SEE A PIC OF THEM TOGETHER! But CEW and ISH were sooooo open and just, honest people. I can't say that there's anything going on...as I think they are truly just great friends, but hey, that's a start!
  10. I haven't watched this subbed yet but this was the interview for their poster shooting [?] can i just say how cute they are together? starting around 1:42 i noticed that they were sitting really close XD
  11. Right on Chingu!! Agh...please no cliche plot! Had I known her return was going to lead to this, she’s better off back in Thailand...does she really think she herself can handle them? Smh...and I’m not sure what her intention is anymore? If all she wanted to do was come back and live with her family quietly, it doesn’t make sense. She’s stirring things up working at cms house and she’s already suspecting her...if anything she’s gonna put JY in danger when they find out her identity and use it against Jy and who is gonna save Her? Probably SP. hopefully that gets cleared up tomorrow or I’m gonna be upset!
  12. what!!! the mother requested it?! what in the world...
  13. I haven't watched it yet but I did see oN IG some people talking about this...i really hope he won't go down the noble idiocy path. but even if he did, i know our girl won't agree to it! She would knock some sense into him! can't wait for SUBS i'm impatient to see what happened! the martial arts scene I would say though, at first I thought was him teaching her but from the gist of it it seemed more like a bet, and that she won and he's not happy.
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