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  1. thank you to let me know, hope I have time and be active. The OST and instrumental of this drama are amazing, hope you will enjoy and like it
  2. haven't watched tunnel yet, it's on my later watchlist but let me know if the rewatch event coming up so maybe I can watch it together, thanks for the info kkkkk I couldn't catch up after have fallen behind a few episodes oppa is one of good things that happened in drama
  3. @Jillia @partyon the idea of rewatch-party event is amazing guys. I feel bad for not being active during the rewatch party of Empress Ki back then but seriously it was really a good event.
  4. where have I been?!! I just found out it now. Thank you for this, feel nostalgic make it easier to re-watch it's hard to find teaser like this again
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