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  1. i don't know about the webtoon but i'll love seeing yoojung in a good quality female-centric drama
  2. tbh beforehand I had some concerns but now it's already gone and so far i love this drama, for some people the comedy feels a little excessive but I don't, maybe because I'm used to watch Japanese dramas and some parts of the comedy are refreshing. YKS is beyond my expectation, oh god his comedic acting is superb and sometimes make me want to bite him hahahha ANdddddd So far the best couple is Jang Sun Kyul and His Spray, they are very harmonious hahahaha, I need a gif when JSK spray his face to calm down himself apart the comedy section, GOS scene as a job seeker made me reminisce when I was a job seeker, the struggle and the feels..... I enjoy watching this drama, hopefully the remaining episodes will be more interesting
  3. glad to hear that, my wish too yes she's fine now yes she never failed to amaze me with her acting skill, and i love this gif cr : @inhighsummer twitter
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