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  1. so do I, that's why I've rewatched TMTES _________________________________________ love her eyes
  2. thank you I haven't watched many sageuks but I love watching historical drama even tho I'm bad at history lol my first sageuk is jewel in the palace and I really love it. what I love from historical drama are the sets, the costumes, and exploring different historical periods so I'm looking forward to this drama. @Jillia thank you, I miss sageuk so I'm happy to join talk about Hwang Jin Yi, excellently portrayed by HJW
  3. @partyon goodness, I've rewatched The Moon Embracing the Sun a few days ago haha I haven't watched this drama yet, recently I've been watching The Bad Kids so I'd love to join. Hope I can enjoy and be active, thank you for the invitation
  4. 2020.08.15 Someone spotted yoojung in H&M store OP said : i see actor #KimYooJung. i can't take a picture cause she was filming. there is no customers, only the staff kkkk Source : 日常 | @yoojbyul 2020.08.16 | IG @jyh1jyh1 2020.08.16 they went to Jeju Island to celebrate their mom birthday
  5. Yooj with her co-stars and staff of Backstreet Rookie source IG : @sharif1222 | @minjoo_love_god | @star_yeonwoo | @soojinme | @monsterz_sic | @silppark | @yewhaseo | @hyuni.p | @samuel__i
  6. @Jillia I hope so translation by maknaecloud-nim Yooj on Laneige's Life Oasis Online Tour - Instagram Live
  7. hahaha and I was quite shocked to know the fact about Geumbi rather EunByeol If I didn't know that she is 31yo, I still believe that she is just in mid 20yo
  8. beautiful yooj source : some of Yooj fan account on twitter I need the HD version of these @Jillia like someone said on twitter, at this moment she looks like she came out from a fairytale!
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