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  1. It's been a long time since I visited soompi forums. I love this drama and it has always been interesting to know another person's perspectives, opinions, and interpretations. I really enjoyed reading all your post. Actually I didn't have a plan to watch this drama because I dropped SITR but I'm glad I decided to watch this drama because it reminds me about my parents and makes me rethink relationships in particular, and life in general. I was 18 years old back then when my parents decide to divorce. I know my mom had a hard time and suffered enough, actually she wanted to divorce a long time ago but because of me and my brother still young at that time, she held back and tried her best to fix the relationship but nothing change. Until her reunion school and she met her old friend. JH is JI final trigger as well as my mother's old friend. In ep 4 when JI called SI, reminded me of my conversation with my mom before she filed for divorce, she tell me why she want to divorce and ask my opinion and I just tell her that I want her to be happy. At that time my mom didn't tell me she already had someone else but I could understand that the initial reason she wanted to divorce had nothing to do with him. In ep 5, JI told GS that she knew about the disapproval of GS's dad towards her and when JI told GS that she haven't brought it up because she know she'd feel petty, lame and miserable, I immediately thought how my mom felt because my dad's family treated my mom in not good way and the worst thing is my mom didn't talk this to my dad and my dad didn't aware or had ignored it all this time. The 'have you ever felt sorry for me? I never begged for your love. I just hoped you'd understand how I feel. Is it that hard?. You've been just neglecting it all along. That's what hurts me the most' part really hit me because I feel sorry for my mom. If only she could say that and my dad could understand. Yeah GS is annoying but I found myself feeling bad for him because of the similarities between GS and my dad. They blame their partners for their failed relationship because their partners have someone else but they don't realize their mistake and how they treated their partner all those years. I shared this because I’m just curious about how the writer will resolve GS issue because until now my dad still doesn't have a good closure with my mom. He still blames my mom and doesn't realize his mistake that he is also responsible for it because it’s always easier to blame the other person in a relationship because frankly speaking we are all good at pointing fingers especially when we are frustrated and tired. Knowing the facts is easy but knowing how to act based on the facts is difficult. Sorry for my long post and my poor english, happy sunday to everyone and God bless you.
  2. i don't know about the webtoon but i'll love seeing yoojung in a good quality female-centric drama
  3. tbh beforehand I had some concerns but now it's already gone and so far i love this drama, for some people the comedy feels a little excessive but I don't, maybe because I'm used to watch Japanese dramas and some parts of the comedy are refreshing. YKS is beyond my expectation, oh god his comedic acting is superb and sometimes make me want to bite him hahahha ANdddddd So far the best couple is Jang Sun Kyul and His Spray, they are very harmonious hahahaha, I need a gif when JSK spray his face to calm down himself apart the comedy section, GOS scene as a job seeker made me reminisce when I was a job seeker, the struggle and the feels..... I enjoy watching this drama, hopefully the remaining episodes will be more interesting
  4. glad to hear that, my wish too yes she's fine now yes she never failed to amaze me with her acting skill, and i love this gif cr : @inhighsummer twitter
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