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  1. I loved the first season and I’m also expecting a good ending for this season as well. The main thing I loved in the previous season is “less angst, more romance”. For this season, I saw some videos on YT with scenes of Xiao Tan crying and distancing from Wang Ye/MLC. I am very afraid to continue this drama because I hate heavy angst.
  2. This drama is going well. D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun are doing great. Although, I found the Crown Princess and the Queen, little bit lacking. The plot is good and other supporting characters are doing well. Finally, the villagers are changing their thoughts about Won Deuk’s usefulness. There is also progress between Hong Shim & Won Deuk. I wonder how Hong Shim will feel after knowing the truth about the prince and her brother. Eunuch Yang died... I felt sad for him. He was the closest person the prince had in the palace. I am super excited for the upcoming episodes.
  3. I have been silently following this thread. But, can’t stop myself from commenting now. I love this drama. So far, it’s very interesting and the same time full of comedy. It is so much fun to see the prince living as Won Deuk and struggling to settle in a new life. Well not fully struggling. He is still spoiled and arrogantly cute. Same time, Hong Shim is dealing with her new “useless” husband. I am excited to see how their relationship will progress.
  4. 제니퍼 !!! (Jennifer) She looks so beautiful. I will miss her. Seo-ri and Woo-jin are married. Wooho! But, no kiss? I guess writers are making this drama kids friendly.
  5. I am pretty sure that we are getting a good ending for this adorable drama. The previews are made that way just to confuse and excite the viewers. Anyway, we will find out in couple of hours.
  6. I was wondering why this show is getting so many good reviews. So, I decided to check it out. WOW! This drama made me feel so many emotions... Seo-ri, Woo Jin, Chan and Jennifer’s emotional struggles, their happiness, and so much more. Specially Seo-ri, she lost so many years of her life but she is not resentful towards the people or her Uncle/Aunt or anyone. I loved her character so much. Not for a moment that I disliked her. I could just feel the emotions of all characters of this drama. This show also has so many good, funny and oh so super cute moments. (My Fav: kiss scene in ep 24) Looking forward to watch the finale episodes. This drama made me realise why I love kdramas so much, all over again. Well done, “30 But 17” team.
  7. Wow!!! Deabak! Just Daebak! I wasn’t sure about D.O.’s acting skills but he is perfect for this role. Not for a moment that I got bored or annoyed!! Just perfect And Nam Ji Hyun, whenever I saw her, I smiled a lot. This drama will be my obsession from now on. :-D
  8. Its rare to not have romance between the leads in a k-drama. About the chart, I think it is shown this way because there is no "love at the first sight" for the OTP. So, I am hoping for the romance (at least in the latter half of the drama).
  9. Wow! This drama is so unpredictable (in a good way). I have watched till 4th epiosde. And, I am so looking forward to future episodes after facing such twist in the drama. But, there is something I wish that won’t happen.
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