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    On 9/3/2017 at 9:04 PM, Kasmic said:















    Omo... delurking here as I was alerted by these messages. I think I can clarify. Despite winning one of the rounds with an epic 2410 votes (hahaha! YES I remember the amount of votes) WE as a team decided to withdraw from the contest. The moderators DIDNT withdraw us. It was our collective decision to not continue a contest that we didnt see just. To see that despite our huge amount of support, our votes meant nothing.... do you understand the anger?? even now it BUGS me and Im still trying to "move on" lol! (yeah my pun intended)




    Anyway what happened is in the past. Soompi is reading this and I hope they wont repeat it again for any of their future contests. Lots happened while you were away that  @maria1983 myself or my other team mates will gladly clarify any questions. Again as the team leader, Im sorry if you or anyone else wanted us to continue but at that time ANGER and most of all the HURT we felt just couldnt bring us to continue. We had many support from friends here whom too agreed with our decision. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!! :blush:







    Ah! It's OK. I'm part of the team. So, the decision you made is fine with me. I support you 100%. My apologies, because I thought that they withdraw us. That's the result of being out for a long time, that you are lost in space. :D














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  2. @Cory Jackson, @Ldy Gmerm, @lolalarue, the 'rape' scene wasn't a rape one. Well, could it be technically. When I said that he seized the opportunity was because he waited a long time for her and when she gave him the green light he lost his mind. :ph34r: It was intriguing what happened at the party three years earlier. Does Gongous sleep wit Xianonian and later with her friend the same night or as he was drugged he thought that he was with Xianonian when he really was with her friend? Ok. Ok. This drama is so unreal (more than others in dramaland) but I love it! The storyline is interesting because have a lot of grey areas an de you no have any idea what will do the road. Well, we know what will be the end of this story. (I hope so).

    @40somethingahjummaI don't like the second lead either because he looks Machiavellian and twisted. Gongou is explosive but says what he wants and go forward to get it. Quianchi conspires and plot things (the paternity test). He uses deplorable methods to get what he wants. I think he's a match for Shidi. They're the same. And this is one of the few times that I don't have the second lead syndrome and I'm 100% with the men lead. 
    I really enjoy the discussion here. We're on board with this madness and crazy drama. :blush:
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  3. On 3/12/2017 at 0:59 PM, LyeKIM said:

    I saw this video with #10 on it  and presumed to be the 10th ep and true enough, google translated the title as the last ep of the drama. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=itocnjbPd50&feature=youtu.be But it was removed already. I just viewed it minutes ago but it was removed immediately. What the. Anyway, it was a narration with stills from the drama. Too bad it has subtitle in Chinese on it. :bawling:


    Well, same here! I visited a page with this drama and saw 8 episodes. I was so happy! But when I checked it, they didn't have new episodes, they only included the past three episodes many times. :confounded: OMG! This drama is killing me! :blush:

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  4. I just watched episode 3 with eng sub. What was that? :flushed:  Her adoptive family is the worst! :unsure: They're wrong and lie as if they're right. :o

    And it's funny that Gongou accused them for drugging her, but he seized the opportunity with her. He let himself be coaxed fast and succumbed to lightning speed. He was easier than the multiplication table of cero. :tongue: :D

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  5. 58 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

    This show is all kinds of disturbing. If people thought Jung from Cheese in the Trap was bad, this male lead is worse. But despite his mental health issues which probably comes from the way he's raised, there's something weirdly attractive about him in how much he does care about the female lead.

    The acting's not the greatest but it's eye candy crack. And the story as badly conceived as it is, does have a certain pull. It feels like bad fanfiction but even badly written fiction can be entertaining.

    Agree! When I began to watch the first episode I thought not to watch it because the performances seemed forced, but I keep watching. When I watched the interrogation scene, I said: Enough!, this is ridiculous, but I keep watching. I watched the two first episodes in a row and waited for the third episode. I watched the raw and now I'm waiting for the subtitles to watch it again. I don't know why, but the drama hooked me up. So, I'll be here for the next weeks...

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  6. 19 minutes ago, maria1983 said:




    Well, everything is possibly. We can wait. We have time. :wink: I was thinking about Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. I watched them in Bu Bu Jing Xin and thought about their extra lovely chemistry -like these two- and four years later, bang!, they tie the knot. So, I'm not losing hope. But as time goes by, we use our imagination. And if it is not what we wanted, we had fun.

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  7. 5 hours ago, lolalarue said:

    @andreasofia16 Me too! Seemed like lots of plot in this episode too, can't wait until the subs come. 

    Does this show really only have 10 episodes? Does that mean it airs one episode a week or 2 episodes a week? 

    @lolalarue, I think is one episode a week. That means that it will  be a long journey, it's like a Japanese drama, one a week. We'll see.

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  8. 5 hours ago, zagigirl said:

    :wub: i like her...them...won't go there ;)

    No IB chingu...that male cute 'nurse'...he really likes her...she'll see that after a while....i'll ship them :wub:


    2 hours ago, angel2013 said:

    @Kasmic they maintained the ratings, they should develop the love story line more quickly, :) I wonder if we will get those fan cam scenes of their hand holding this week or next? SJ didn't say no to DJ's request's for dating although she didn't say yes either. I love how DJ is so openly caring and showing his intention, so I hope this push and pull thingy won't drag any longer.

    @zagigirl you're right, I totally forgot about Nurse Park! :sweatingbullets: awww then poor IB has no one? since ermmm SJ is already taken :P and I'm sure she didn't look at him in that way, more like noona watching over dongsaeng.

    @andreasofia16 I like your description, define her territorial limits :w00t: like I say earlier, I would like to see a jealous SJ too! But I bet DJ would be very happy with that.;)

    Hope I can find some time to catch the subs today later on! And while we know SJ should be safe from the awful thug but I hope she doesn't get injured any more in tonight's episode! maybe DJ might get hurt saving her and she accept him bec of this...hahaha #RDTK fighting!

    @zagigirl and @angel2013 don't worry about the male nurse... The Chinese girl will be his girlfriend. The Chinese girl has an infatuation with DJ, but her dream will be over quickly when she sees that DJ is drooling behind SJ... :w00t: And in this moment, the male nurse will lend his shoulder to her and he will win the girl. :rolleyes: We will see...:blush:

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  9. 1 hour ago, hell59 said:

    Please someone tell me what is the purpose of that girl, maybe from China, who is having a huge crush on KDJ that she stayed in the hospital as a helper/cleaning lady? Is she going to have a story line with him? I thought we already had our main OTP!

    @hell59  I think that she will help to SJ realize her love for DJ She's fighting with her feelings, so this girls can make her understand that anything can happen. Just thinking a possibility...

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  10. 7 hours ago, bahara said:

    Hi everyone . ..new member of this drama thread 

    Actually I didn't think that I may see this drama when I heard casting news cause I'm not lead actors fan or Writer's fan...seeing some tweet about this drama ; it's  successfull rating and one short video from YYS on this drama and decided to watch... I was really excited with just see 2 eps and now more Existed !  this drama is really diffrent in many way...

    Today I saw eps 3,4,5,6 together :)))   you can guess how much I like this drama amd excited  for upcoming eps...though this drama doesn't have that much love story as another ones may have...I like it so much..not Bcaz of techer kim or his mysterious life or Bcaz of DO family ...actually Bcaz of the character ' s Procces on this drama and their decision & relationship especially about lead male & female

    Sorry for the cut...


    @bahara, welcome to this amazing thread! This drama is really good. Enjoy the drama and the thread. :)

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  11. 2 hours ago, zagigirl said:

    Well...if you ask me...it would be more suitable then to do it on moday for ep 1-6 since week passed from last airing

    Wonder really...and really hope they won't air this over ep 8

    :lol:...i like your approach :D..think they do the same...talking about food while they operate ;)

    Hi chingu :)...if they continue the way they started you won't be sorry...drama is really good...glad to have you here :)

    @zagigirl, we are lucky, a very good drama finished and we have another good one to watch. We have almost two months ahead of this amazing drama. I hope that it stays the same or more interesting than it started. See you, my friend. :)

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