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  1. WOW. I just 5 days Alive exceeded 1M despite the situation. The combination of good actors and a good story. Thumbs up to the Alive team. They create a history. Definitely SH and AI need a drama with a good plot or story. They will nail it. Hope and pray that the writers, directors and producers see this. Don't miss the chance. They can have in JTBC or TVN AND NETFLIX. Tovteam of Alive, Congratulations again.
  2. WOW! Congratulations to ALIVE especially to shin hye and ah in who worked really hard. I hope Shin Hye will be recognise throughout for her acting ability. I hope they enter this movie to some international festival. Definitely want Shin hye and ah in a drama. Hope today it reach 1 million. Pray for the safety of everyone.
  3. I have done requesting ALIVE to be on Nefflix. Dying to watch this movie. But I hope not so soon because I don't want the no of moviegoers be affected if they put it too early. The reason why I subscribe Netflix is because of MOA. Wish the no of movie goers increase and reach million by this weekend. Also hoping safety of those who go to the cinema. Good job Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In. I'm sure if they do a romcom with nice story will have high rating. Pray for everyone’s safety.
  4. Does anyone have an idea how's the sale of tickets today? Everyday feel very anxious and nervous at the same time. Pray and hope that Alive marks the history. Wanted badly to watch this movie.
  5. Wish and hope that Alive contunues to succeed. Pray for the heath of everyone. Everyone in the world stay safe.
  6. I prefer shin hye not to talk about her relationship. It's better to talk about her career, her movie or drama. It's really a big mistake to admit the relationship. It just give an advantage to the other side who's not really popular. How I wish she just date a none celebrity.
  7. I hope the Sisyphus The Myth will really be a good drama and Shinhye is the centre of the story as it's going to show in JTBC every Friday & Saturday. Their drama during this slots are really good and JTBC are showing all the good drama. I hope it won't disappoint us. Praying that despite the current situation Alive will do well.
  8. Just like hyun bin and son ye jin after the movie they did a drama. Hyun bin wished to work with son ye jin in a drama and it happened. Too Ah in wished to work with shin hye in a rom-com so after the movie I hope it will happen.
  9. Shin hey has chemistry with all the actors she worked with but I realised that her chemistry with older actors are explosive I mean not those flower boys. Somehow it's totally different. Really pray and wish Yoo Ah In and shin hye will work together in a drama, melo or romcom at 21 episodes. Can't deny their chemistry. and I don't mind if they be couple in real life. Shin hye needs someone who has a strong character like too ah in not flower boy. He's matured. Pray that their movie Alive will be a success. Sorry for the long run.
  10. I really want to see shown hye and yoo ah in, in a drama. They really look good and match together. Waiting for Alive. Hope it will become a hit. Pray for its success.
  11. Just find out that yoo ah in started at 2003 same as shin hye.i don't know why but it's first time for to have this feeling. I feel they really suit each other. I'm sorry to say until now I can accept the ONE. Sorry no offence.
  12. It's just a picture and press conference but their chemistry is WOW no words. How much more if they do a drama. Can't imagine it. I feel like Yoo Ah In suits shin hye’s looks and character. He looks confident and strong like I'll protect who's mine ant what's mine. Shin hye has the same character strong and confident. They suit each other. Shin hye needs someone who's strong and confident. Not flower boys. Waiting for their movie. And look forward for them to work in a drama.
  13. Even just the press conference can see the great chemistry between yoo ah in and shin hue how much more if they do a drama. I don't mind what kind of genre anyway both of the are good at it. Let's pray together for drama for them.
  14. Yoo Ah In and shin Hye must do a drama together. They look good together and both are good actors.praying that those directors and producers see these two together. With good script there will be no doubt it will be hit. Hope Alive will be a big hit. Because of the situation, I hope everything will be fine. Shin hey looks very chick today. Cool. They really match