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  1. Shin Hye is very pretty during the parade event. I hope she always styles her like that. She looks very elegant and sophisticated. Although her layered her with waves also suits the straight without fringe looks more gorgeous.
  2. Too sad the rating drop, but I'm loving it keeps you hanging and wait for the next episode. It give audience to think unlike other dramas that you know what's going to happen. I hope the rating goes up again. Can't wait for tonight ep.4
  3. Yes, I agree with CSW, the drama is not just fantasy, it has meaning. Like for example when he didn't listen to his brother and that was the last time he saw and that he regretted it but he can't turn back the time. Shin hue how a parent will sacrifice for their children. The scene between her and the father was tear me up. This drama will hold you unto your seat. I hope it continues. The actors/actresses are really showing their best
  4. Wow it looks so interesting . It’s for 10th anniversary special. Must be very good. Can’t wait for it.
  5. Watched Call last night. All the four women did a very job especially the two leads. Shin Hye’s changing of emotions are well portrayed. My daughter said she can’t believe Shin Hye saying cursing words. It was so real as though she’s used to say those. Definitely a must watch movie. It’s not just a movie there’s definitely something you’ll learn from it. When a person is desperate of something they will definitely do everything but we can’t go back to the past. Please watch and enjoy while supporting Shin Hye.
  6. I hope we won’t get disappointed in Sisyphus. Expected her role to be big. Unlike MOA she promoted so much and said her role is big but it was a disappointment .
  7. Shin hye really looks so gorgeous in Valentino event. Gorgeous is not enough.That hairstyle really suits her well. Hope she keeps it like that. Not always wavy with the fringe .
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